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A - My books related to JFK Assassination

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Books 91 - 100

JFK - L'ultimo mistero

National Geographic

Italian version of "JFK : The Lost Bullet".
They are among the most infamous home movies ever made, capturing an event that changed history. But do these humble 8-millimeter films reveal the whole story of John F. Kennedy s assassination?
National Geographic reveals these home movies as never before ... restored to a state more pristine than the day they were exposed to the Dallas sunshine of November 22nd, 1963. Join a team of pioneering investigators as they bring the home movies to life and expose the hidden secrets of the crime of the century.

JFK - Sulle tracce degli assassini
Garrison Jim

Oliver Stone's movie JFK is based on this book written from Jim Garrison, District Attorney of New Orleans in 1963.

JFK - The case for Conspiracy
Groden Robert J.

Robert Groden has helped Oliver Stone in the preparation of the movie JFK. He is now a "professional" among the Conspiracy believers. I bought this small booklet in Dealy Plaza at Dallas.

JFK - The CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate J.F.Kennedy
Prouty L.Fletcher

L.Fletcher Prouty served as the chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy years. He was directly in charge of the global system designed to provide military support for the clandestine operations. His theories inspired the movie "JFK" to Oliver Stone.  

JFK - The documented screenplay
Stone Oliver & Zachary Sklar

The Book of the Film, including 97 reactions and commentaries, and 340 Research notes.

JFK - The Last Dissenting Witness
Sloan Bill
 with Jean Hill

This book is the gripping story of Jean Hill's incredible ordeal which began when she saw a gunman on the famous grassy knoll fire the shot that exploded the president's skull.
Working as a key consultant on the Oliver Stone film "JFK", Hill was inspired to finally tell her full story. In this story we learn about Hill's years of death threats, official intimidation and harassment by the FBI and the Warren Commission. In this highly personal story, Hill reveals her furtive romance with a married Dallas police officer in the presidential motorcade, and her struggle to keep her sanity, her career and her life together as a single mother of two children while being caught up in the greatest murder mystery of the century.

JFK - The Second Plot
Smith Matthew

The author does not believe the official explanation that Oswald was the sole assassin. According to him, eyewitness accounts, film shot at the time and acoustic, medical and photographic evidence all point to a second gunman and to a conspiracy.

JFK - Un caso ancora aperto
Stone Oliver

Movie in VHS  (Italian) and DVD (Italian-English-French)

JFK : Assassinio a Dallas
Fracassi Franco and Turi Gianandra

In Italian, published with issue #6-1995 of Italian magazine "Avvenimenti".
Summary of all key facts in the world in 1963, with JFK Assassination as pivotal fact of the year.

JFK : Breaking the News
Aynesworth Hugh

If you think you knew everything interesting to know about the Kennedy assassination, then think again. Storied investigative reporter Hugh Aynesworth has finally weighed in with the book his colleagues have been asking him to write for decades. "Breaking the News" is the definitive story of the assassination and his aftermath, providing over 200 photographs and artefacts from Aynesworth's personal archive.

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