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Books 11 - 20

American Grotesque

Kirkwood James

James Kirkwood won the Pulitzer Prize for 'A Chorus Line'. "American Grotesque" is a detailed account of the Clay Shaw -Jim Garrison 'Kennedy Assassination' Trial in New Orleans and it indicts the mockery of the Clay Shaw trial with shattering force.

Anatomia di un Assassinio
[Storia segreta dell'omicidio Kennedy]

Shenon Philip

Italian version of  "A Cruel and Shocking Act".
From editor's comment:
A groundbreaking, explosive account of the Kennedy assassination that will rewrite the history of the 20th century's most controversial murder investigation
The questions have haunted USA for half a century: Was the President killed by a single gunman? Was Lee Harvey Oswald part of a conspiracy? Did the Warren Commission discover the whole truth of what happened on November 22, 1963?
Philip Shenon, a veteran investigative journalist who spent most of his career at The New York Times, finally provides many of the answers. Though A Cruel and Shocking Act began as Shenon's attempt to write the first insider's history of the Warren Commission, it quickly became something much larger and more important when he discovered startling information that was withheld from the Warren Commission by the CIA, FBI and others in power in Washington. Shenon shows how the commission's ten-month investigation was doomed to fail because the man leading it – Chief Justice Earl Warren – was more committed to protecting the Kennedy family than getting to the full truth about what happened on that tragic day. A taut, page-turning narrative, Shenon's book features some of the most compelling figures of the twentieth century—Bobby Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Chief Justice Warren, CIA spymasters Allen Dulles and Richard Helms, as well as the CIA's treacherous “molehunter,” James Jesus Angleton.
Based on hundreds of interviews and unprecedented access to the surviving commission staffers and many other key players, Philip Shenon's authoritative, scrupulously researched book will forever change the way we think about the Kennedy assassination and about the deeply flawed investigation that followed.
A Washington Post Notable Nonfiction Book of 2013

Appointment in Dallas:
the final solution to the assassination of JFK

McDonald Hugh C.

Conspiracy book.
from the Publishers:
"In June 1975, a reputable literary agent introduced Zebra Books to a man and a story. The story was hard to believe; the man was not.
High C.McDonald is a veteran law enforcement officer who supplied credentials which, to us, were outstanding.
We are aware that APPOINTMENT IN DALLAS is a controversial book. The story Hugh McDonald tells adds further doubt to the already questioned Warren Commission Report. There will be those who will try to smear McDonald's story. Andpheraps if this story was told by a man with credentials other than those of Hugh McDonald, it would be inconceivable.
Zebra is publishing APPOINTMENT IN DALLAS because we believe no one has the right to hold back a shred of information that may possibly throw even the faintest light on one of the darkest moment in our history".

Assassination and Commemoration
[JFK, Dallas and the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza]

Fagin Stephen

The shots that killed President John F.Kennedy in Novembre 1963 were fired from the sixth floor of a nondescript warehouse at the edge of Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas. That floor in Texas School Book Depository became a museum exhibit in 1989 and was designated part of a National Historic Landmark District in 1993.
This book recounts the slow and painful process by which a city and a nation came to terms with their collective memory of the assassination and its aftermath.

Assassination - The Death of JFK

CD Audio

This documentary recording recreates the death of President John F.Kennedy through the voices of eyewitnesses.
White House press secretary Malcom Kilduff describes the tense atmosphere anticipated in Dallas prior to the arrival of the President.  Congressman Earle Cabell and his wile Elizabeth report what they saw from the motorcade. Charles Bhrem, who stood 12 feet from the presidential limousine when the fatal bullet was fired, recalls the sounds of the three shots he heard. And so on!
This album also objectively presens the view of both sides in the raging controversy between members of the Warren Commission and its chief detractors, author Mark Lane and Edward Jay Epstein

Assassination Science

Fetzer James H.

Medical and Scientific Experts speak out on the death of JFK.

Assassination ! The World Stood Still

Cottrell John.

Here, as a permanent record, is an hour-by-hour account of what happened on that tragic day when President Kennedy met his death by an assassin's bullet and of the strange and turbulent aftermath of the event.
Side by side with this piece of contemporary history, are accounts of previous attempts - successful and unsuccessful - on the lives of other Presidents of the United States.

Assignment : Oswald

Hosty James P. Jr

 Book from the FBI agent assigned to investigate Lee Harvey Oswald prior to JFK assassination

Beyond the fence line

Quinlan Casey J. and Edwards Brian K.

 The Eyewitness account of Ed Hoffman and the murder of President Kennedy.
From the back cover of this book :
"On November 22,1963, President John Kennedy was murdered in front of hundreds of people in Dealey Plaza.
Ed Hoffman saw the man who fired the fatal shot that killed the President - and it was not Lee Harvey Oswald.
His eyewitness account destroys the government's version of a lone gunman shooting from the Texas School Book Depository".

Broken Silence

Brown Ray "Tex"
with Don Lasseter

 From the back cover of this book:
"After thirty years of silence, Ray "Tex" Brown reveals :
- why Lee Harvey Oswald couldn't physically have murdered JFK;
- the shocking private conversations between Ruby and Brown prior to his murder of Oswald
- the secret government bribes ordered by LJB that kept Brown from cooperating with the Warren Commission...
and many other explosive, never-before-revealed secrets behind the most controversial chapter in American history".

Frankly a not-credible book, in my opinion.

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