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Books 21 - 30
Case Closed
Posner Gerald

Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of JFK:
After almost 40 yrs, Case Closed finally succeeds where hundreds of other books and investigations have failed : it resolves the greatest murder mistery of our time: the assassination of JFK.

Case Open
Weisberg Harold

"No one knows more about the assassination of President Kennedy than Harold Weisberg" so said the FBI in Open Court. Harold Weisberg -a former OSS and Senate Investigator- wrote and published "Whitewash" in 1965, the first book criticizing the conclusion of the Warren Commission. Since then, he has written and published seven books on President Kennedy's assassination. "Case Open" is a book Mr Weisberg felt compelled to write in order to prove that, in his opinion, Gerald Posner, in his "Case Closed", had proved nothing.

Chi ha ucciso Kennedy?
[Le prove della congiura]
Weisberg Harold

Italian version (1967) of the famous conspiracy book "Whitewash. The report on the Warren report" (1965), about JFK Assassination.

Chi lo ha ucciso?
Cortesi Paolo

Italian book about JFK Assassination.

Clay Shaw Trial Transcripts

On March 1, 1967, New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw was arrested for conspiracy in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. The arrest followed an investigation by the office of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, and the murder of prime suspect David Ferrie. Nearly two years later, the case went to trial (see the Orleans Parish Grand Jury transcripts for grand jury testimony during the intervening period).
The trial opened with witnesses from Clinton, Louisiana, who described an event wherein they witnessed Shaw and Oswald together. There was also testimony on the question of whether Clay Shaw was Clay Bertrand, an alias for the man Dean Andrews told the Warren Commission tried to hire him to defend Oswald after the assassination. Ultimately, the case for a murder conspiracy hung on the testimony of Perry Russo, who described being at a party with Shaw, Ferrie, and Oswald, in which a murder plot involving triangulation of gunfire was discussed.
The trial lasted about three weeks, and went to the jury on the evening of February 28, 1969. In the wee hours of March 1, almost exactly two years after his arrest, Clay Shaw was acquitted.

Conspiracy Files : The JFK Assassination
Discovery Channel

It's been more than 45 yrs since John F.Kennedy was gunned down while driving past Dallas's Dealey plaza, and most Americans are still not sure who was responsible.
The majority believes Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, infact recent polls show that up to 70% feel it was part of a broader plot. Was it a shadow government of the rich and right wing that ordered Kennedy killed? Did Cuban exiles or even Fidel Castro organize the murder? Or was it a plot by a national or international agency? The CIA perhaps? The FBI? Or the KGB? This programme delves into many of the various conspiracy theories that surround this infamous assassination and aims to find exactly which theory seems the most plausible.

Conspiracy of One
Moore Jim

"The definitive book on the Kennedy Assassination"
"With publishers rushing to release sensational books without substance, it takes nerve to reverse that trend. 'Conspiracy of One' is a return to sound thinking and research. It is a must read chronicle of an investigation...its conclusions are most thought-provoking".

Contract on America
Scheim David E.

Conspiracy book.
Author David E.Scheim offers what he thinks it is a chilling underwood scheme to control the government of the United States of America through fear, extortion and cold-blooded murder...a terrifying conspiracy that,he thinks, didn't end on a Dallas street on Nov.63, but continued unabated to his days (he wrote the book in 1988).

Coup d'Etat in America
[The CIA and the Assassination of John F.Kennedy]
Alan J.Weberman
Michael Canfield

Conspiracy book.
From back cover:
"The first edition of "Coup d'Etat in America" was published in 1975. Since its publication virtually all Kennedy assassination researchers use this book's information.
Now master sleuths Weberman and Canfield tie it all together with over50 pages of new research and evidence".

Covering the Body
[The Kennedy Assassination, the Media and the Shaping of Collective memory]
Zelizer Barbie

Images of the assassination of John F.Kennedy are burned deeply into the memories of millions who watched the events of November 1963 unfold live on television. Never before had America seen an event of this magnitude as it happened.
But what is it we remember? How did the near chaos of the shooting and its aftermath get transformed into a seamless story of epic proportions? In this book, Barbie Selizer explores the way we learned about and came to make sense of the killing of the president.
COVERING THE BODY (the title refers to the charge given journalists to follow a president) is a powerful reassessment of the media's role in shaping our collective memory of the assassination. At the same time, it shows how the media used the assassination coverage to legitimize their role as official interpreters of American reality.
Of the more than fifty reporters covering Kennedy in Dallas, no one actually saw the assassination. And faced with a monumentally important story that was continually breaking, most journalists had no time to verify leads or substantiate reports. Rather, they took discrete moments of their stories and turned them into one coherent narrative, blurring what was and was not "professional" about their coverage.
Through incisive analyses of the many accounts and investigations in the years since the shooting, Zelizer reveals how journalists used the assassination not just to relay the news but to address the issues they saw as central to the profession and to promote themselves as cultural authorities. Indeed, argues Zelizer, these motivations are still alive and are at the core of the controversy surrounding Oliver Stone's movie, JFK.
At its heart, COVERING THE BODY raises serious questions about the role of the media in defining our reality, and shaping our myths and memories. In tracing how journalists attempted to answer questions that still trouble most Americans, Zelizer offers a fascinating analysis of the role of the media as cultural authorities.

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