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1963 JFK Assassination Documents and Warren Commission Report



A Certain Arrogance

Evica George Michael

Conspiracy Book. "The Sacrificing of Lee Harvey Oswald and the Cold War Manipulation of Religious Groups by US Intelligence."
"In eight interrelated essays, the late George Michael Evica begins with the spectacle of Earl Warren deflecting and quickly burying an inconvenient FBI report on Oswald, then launches the reader into a world of lies, deception and cynical manipulation, where spymasters of the U.S. and Soviet Union actually worked together when their espionage industry was threatened by dreaded peace initiatives."

A cruel and shocking act
[The secret history of the Kennedy assassination]

Philip Shenon

From back cover:
A groundbreaking, explosive account of the Kennedy assassination that will rewrite the history of the 20th century's most controversial murder investigation
The questions have haunted USA for half a century: Was the President killed by a single gunman? Was Lee Harvey Oswald part of a conspiracy? Did the Warren Commission discover the whole truth of what happened on November 22, 1963?
Philip Shenon, a veteran investigative journalist who spent most of his career at The New York Times, finally provides many of the answers. Though A Cruel and Shocking Act began as Shenon's attempt to write the first insider's history of the Warren Commission, it quickly became something much larger and more important when he discovered startling information that was withheld from the Warren Commission by the CIA, FBI and others in power in Washington. Shenon shows how the commission's ten-month investigation was doomed to fail because the man leading it – Chief Justice Earl Warren – was more committed to protecting the Kennedy family than getting to the full truth about what happened on that tragic day. A taut, page-turning narrative, Shenon's book features some of the most compelling figures of the twentieth century—Bobby Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Chief Justice Warren, CIA spymasters Allen Dulles and Richard Helms, as well as the CIA's treacherous “molehunter,” James Jesus Angleton.
Based on hundreds of interviews and unprecedented access to the surviving commission staffers and many other key players, Philip Shenon's authoritative, scrupulously researched book will forever change the way we think about the Kennedy assassination and about the deeply flawed investigation that followed.
A Washington Post Notable Nonfiction Book of 2013

A Farewell to Justice
[Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination, and the case that should have changed history]

Mellen Joan

Significantly revised and updated, the groundbreaking examination of one District Attorney's quest for the truth.

Working wuith thousands of previosuly unreleased documents and drawing on mor than one tousand interviews, with many witnesses speaking out for the first time, Jaon Mellen revisits the investigation of New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison, the only public official to have indicted, in 1969, a suspect in President John F.Kennedy's murder.

A Heritage of Stone

Garrison Jim

This is the first book written by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison about his investigation on JFK Assassination.

A mother in history

Stafford Jean

Biography of Mrs Marguerite Oswald, mother of Lee Harvey Oswald .

A Rose by many other names
[Rose Cherami & the JFK Assassination]

Elliott Todd C.

She had many aliases, but the one that made her infamous was Rose Cherami.
A known prostitute and drug courier, Rose Cherami, was picked up by authorities in Eunice, Louisiana some 48 hrs BEFORE the assassination of John F.Kennedy.
She claimed to have been in the company of men who were on their way to kill the President in Dallas that Fiday.
Born Melba Christine Marcades, she is a key piece of the puzzle that is the Louisiana connection to the JFK Assassination - but has survived as an enigmatic shadow for 50 yrs.
Immortalized by Oliver Stone in the opening scenes of his history-shaking film, "JFK", Cherami here becomes the main focus for the first time.
"A Rose by many other names" reveals how she bacame, just minutes after the assassination, the center of the first, non-publicized investigation into the President Kennedy's murder.

A Secret Order
[Investigating the High Strangeness and Synchronicity in the JFK Assassination]

Albarelli H.P. Jr

From back cover :
"H.P.Albarelli's A Secret Order is a stunning, surprising and shocking journey down one of history's deepest and most confusing rabbit holes : the assassination of President John F.Kennedy. No event in the history of the United States has been more studied, investigated and written about than the grisly murder of the 35th President of US. Credibly and consistently, Albarelli reveals many new details surrounding the assassination that not only set the official stories - along with ample conspiracy theories - on their heads, but perhaps even redefine the term "conspiracy theory" in the process.
A Secret Order offers readers amazingly fresh insights into alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and his much-ignored boyhood sojourn in New York City, as well as unique and mesmerizing portraits of many of the overlooked characters surrounding the assassination. Albarelli's revelations about Lee Harvey Oswald's time in Mexico City are intriguing and further explain what actually occurred there. Also revelatory is the author's astounding information on the nexus between behavior modification and assassinations."

A Simple Act of Murder

Fuhrman Mark

"A Simple Act of Murder" is the investigation that this case should have had from the beginning. America's most famous detective, Mark Fuhrman - who has cracked some of the best known and most puzzling crimes in American history - cuts through the myths ad misinformation to focus on hard evidence.

Act of Treason
[The role of J.Edgar Hoover in the Assassination of President Kennedy]

Mark North

Conspiracy book.
In this meticulously researched classic of the JFK conspiracy genre, Mark North argues that President John F. Kennedy died as the result of a plot masterminded by Louisiana Mafia chieftain Carlos Marcello—and, more importantly, that FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover learned early on about the plan but did nothing to stop it. Hoover warned no one—not the Dallas police, not the Secret Service. His motives, North suggests, stemmed from a fervent hatred of Kennedy and fear that the President would eventually fire him. He is documented as a close confidant of Vice President Lyndon Johnson—a man Hoover "controlled" due to blackmail and scandals. Hoover’s day–to–day running of the FBI, his strange personality, and his backroom dealings are brought to life using an extensive collection of press clippings, government documents, and other original sources.

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