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Books 51 - 60
Fatal Hour
[The Assassination of President Kennedy by Organized Crime]
Blakey G.Robert and Billings Richard N.

Conspiracy book.
From back cover :"FATAL HOUR is the most powerful and convincing scenario to date of the Mafia's involvement in the assassination of President John F.Kennedy. The new evidence is more compelling. The personal connections are truly startling. And the possible motives suggest a vast network of power, hatred and violent retribution.
Previously published in hardcover as 'The Plot to Kill the President'." 

Flashback - The untold story of Lee Harvey Oswald
Lewis Ron

Oliver Stone has written :
"An incredible story of Mr Lewis's very intimate relationship to Lee Harvey Oswald - a story I have come, through long acquaintance with Ron Lewis, to believe. And a story that will forever change your perception of who Lee Harvey Oswald really was. Chilling, human, almost an Elmore Leonard quality to their relationship"

Four Days in November
Stuart Mel

The  John Kennedy assassination according to the findings of the Warren Commission. This documentary is a treasure of footage and timeline details both recounted through the steady venerable voice of Richard Basehart. An intimate portrait of a man and his grieving family as much as it is a moving image document of the assassination of the 35th President of the United States.
Nominated for Best Documentary Feature Academy Award in 1965.

Four Days in November
The New York Times

The original coverage of the John F.Kennedy Assassination by the Staff of "The New York Times", still generally considered the most complete of its day. Almost miraculously, "Times" reporters, writers, and editors produced 250 columns or about 200,000 words, on and about the very first day. The other three days were no less exhaustive, and "The NY Times" covered the news, from the assassination to the transition of power to the funeral. This commemorative volume provides a poignant, firsthand account and a detailed chronology of the events that took place in Dallas and Washington from November 22 to November 25,1963.

Four Days in November
[The Assassination of President John F.Kennedy]
Bugliosi Vincent

"Four Days in November" is an extraordinary exciting, precise and definitive narrative of the assassination of President John F.Kennedy on November 22,1963, by Lee Harvey Oswald. It is drawn from "Reclaiming History : The Assassination of President John F.Kennedy", a monumental and historic account of the event and all the conspiracy theories it spawned, by Vincent Bugliosi, legendary prosecutor of Charles Manson and author of "Helter Skelter". For general readers, the carefully documented account presented in "Four Days" is utterly persuasive : Oswald did it and he acted alone.

From an office building with a high-powered rifle
Adams Don

A report to the public from an FBI agent involved in the official JFK investigation.
As a rookie FBI agent in November 1963, Don Adams was assigned to investigate a possible threat against the president, nine days before the assassination. An informant had alerted authoritiees to a meeting at a national right-wing convention, at which Joseph Milteer, a radical racist, had threatened the president. Later, in a recorded conversation, Milteer spoke of a plot to kill the president "from an office building ith a high-powered rifle".
After two decades of his own research and study, here is Don Adam's testimony.

From Love Field : our final hours with President John F.Kennedy
Connally Nellie & Herskowitz Mickey

Nellie Connally was in the car that morning with her husband, Texas Governor John Connally, Jacqueline Kennedy and President John F.Kennedy sate behind her in the backseat. In fact, Nellie was talking with the President when the first shot rang out.
Ten days after the assassination, Nellie wrote down notes so that her future grandchildren would know what happened to the Connalys on November 22,1963. Inspired by these notes and dedicated to sharing the truth of that horrible day, Nellie has gone back in time and fleshed out the thought and feelings she had recorded and clung to so privately.
This book is the extraordinary story of a woman who so often remained in the background but who in time of crisis came into her a wife, a mother and a friend.

He was my brother
Oswald Robert L

The brother of Lee Harvey Oswald writes about : -Marguerite Oswald's extraordinary influence on her son's life, -the nightmare of November 22,1963 and the aftermath, -the questions left iunanswered by the Warren Commission Investigation, -the attempts by the FBI to frighten Marina Oswald, -the evidence that convinced him of his brother's guilt.

Head Shot
[The science behind the JFK Assassination]
Chambers G.Paul

From inner cover:
"The Kennedy Assassination was the crime of the century. Nearly fifty years have passed since that tragic November day, yet a steady stream of conspiracy and theoretical books still abound.
"Head Shot" scientifically resolves one of the most enduring mysteries in US nation's history. Drawing on a fifteen-year career as an experimental physicist for the US Navy, Dr G.Paul Chambers has produced the first work on the subject to use the laws of physics and motion to :
- identify the real murder weapon
- prove the locations of the assassins
- demonstrate a conspiracy beyond any doubt."

High Treason
[The Assassinaton of President Kennedy and the new evidence of Conspiracy]
Groden Robert J.
Livingstone Harrison Edward

Conspiracy book.
From back cover:
"The evidence is chilling. The photographic proof is graphic and disturbing. The facts can no longer be denied. HIGH TREASON challenges everything we have been told about the motives behind President Kennedy's murder. For there is now convincing evidence that, from the fateful day in Dallas through two decades of speculation, a massive conspiracy ordered JFK's demise and sabotaged the investigation that followed. It is a cover-up that continues to this day.
Robert J.Groden, coauthor of "JFK:The Case for Conspiracy",and Harrison Edward Livingston reveal the dark heart of a deadly conspiracy".

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