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Books 31 - 40
Covering the Body
[The Kennedy Assassination, the Media and the Shaping of Collective memory]
Zelizer Barbie

Images of the assassination of John F.Kennedy are burned deeply into the memories of millions who watched the events of November 1963 unfold live on television. Never before had America seen an event of this magnitude as it happened.
But what is it we remember? How did the near chaos of the shooting and its aftermath get transformed into a seamless story of epic proportions? In this book, Barbie Selizer explores the way we learned about and came to make sense of the killing of the president.
COVERING THE BODY (the title refers to the charge given journalists to follow a president) is a powerful reassessment of the media's role in shaping our collective memory of the assassination. At the same time, it shows how the media used the assassination coverage to legitimize their role as official interpreters of American reality.
Of the more than fifty reporters covering Kennedy in Dallas, no one actually saw the assassination. And faced with a monumentally important story that was continually breaking, most journalists had no time to verify leads or substantiate reports. Rather, they took discrete moments of their stories and turned them into one coherent narrative, blurring what was and was not "professional" about their coverage.
Through incisive analyses of the many accounts and investigations in the years since the shooting, Zelizer reveals how journalists used the assassination not just to relay the news but to address the issues they saw as central to the profession and to promote themselves as cultural authorities. Indeed, argues Zelizer, these motivations are still alive and are at the core of the controversy surrounding Oliver Stone's movie, JFK.
At its heart, COVERING THE BODY raises serious questions about the role of the media in defining our reality, and shaping our myths and memories. In tracing how journalists attempted to answer questions that still trouble most Americans, Zelizer offers a fascinating analysis of the role of the media as cultural authorities.

Crossfire - The plot that killed Kennedy
Marrs Jim

Veteran Texas journalist Jim Marrs pulls together a stunning wealth of facts and evidence to reveal the glaring defects in official versions of what happened that fateful day in November 1963 when president Kennedy was shot.
This book is a classic for those who believes in a conspiracy.

Dallas and the Jack Ruby Trial
Holloway Diane.

The question of why Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald was the central issue of his trial by Judge Joe B.Brown. With compelling immediacy and exhaustive detail, the judge's memoir is a vital contribution to the quintessential murder mistery of the 20th century. Diane Holloway expanded and adapted the memoir of Judge Joe Brown given to her by son, Judge Joe Brown,Jr.

Dallas Fifty years on : The murder of John F.Kennedy
Taylor Blaine

Book written in the 50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination.
From back cover:
JFK had won the Presidency in 1960 by a razor thin majority, and his re-election campaign for 1964 was expected to be as close. He began it in November 1963 with a kick-off multi-city, four-day swing across the important state of Texas. It was going unexpectedly well when shots were fired into his triumphant motorcade in downtown Dallas that ripped history apart, changing it forever The assassination of American President John F. Kennedy in 1963 came at the very height of both the Cold War following the Second World War and the Pax Americana that was thought to exist at the war's conclusion in 1945. The United States and its allies possessed a far greater number of nuclear weapons than their Soviet adversaries, but the latter could unleash World War 3 and a nuclear Armageddon that would destroy them all. The sudden and totally unexpected murder in broad daylight in an American city of one of the most popular presidents in history was the murder mystery of the 20th century. The Cold War could have become hot and nuclear within minutes. The murderer had to be found and vital questions had to be answered quickly. Who did it, why and who ordered Kennedy's assassination? Was the deed part of a conspiracy: foreign, domestic or both? Were none of the these questions part of the bloody puzzle and was it entirely possible that only one man was responsible? The questions remain to this very day and "Dallas Fifty Years On: The Murder of John F. Kennedy" reveals sensational new evidence, eyewitness accounts and top secret documentation.

Dealey Plaza - National Historic Landmark & The 6th Floor Museum

Hunt Conover

This book illustrated with more than seventy historic photographs and diagrams, provides an overview of the tragic events of November 22,1963, from the arrival of President John F.Kennedy in Texas through the shocking events that followed. Readers will find comprehensive tours of the Kennedy assassination site at Dealey Plaza and the exhibits in the Sixth Floor Museum, located on the sixth floor of the former Texas School Book Depository.

Dear Mrs. Kennedy
[The world shares its grief letters, November 1963]

Mulvaney Jay and
De Angelis Paul

In the weeks and months following the assassination of her husband, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy received more than one million letters. The impact of President Kennedy's death was so immense that people from every station in life wrote to her, sharing their feelings of sympathy, sorrow and hope.
More than just a compendium of letters, this book "Dear Mrs Kennedy" uses these many voices to tell the unforgettable story of those fateful four days in November, when the world was struck with shock and sadness. It vividly captures the months that followed as a nation - and a family - attempted to rebuild.
Filled with emotion, patriotism, and insight, the letters are a poignant time capsule of one of the seminal events of the twentieth century.
"Dear Mrs Kennedy" offers a diverse portrait not only of the aftermath of the assassination, but of the Kennedy mystique that continues to captivate the world.

Death in Dallas - The JFK Assassination

King Dean

The assassination of John F. Kennedy remains one of the most defining moments in American history. And decades after the tragedy, the controversy rages on. This book gives a fascinating into Kennedy’s life, the secrets behind the facade, and the details of his assassination.
Kennedy’s presidency was a mass of contradictions, public triumphs, dark secrets and endless controversy. This book exposes the truth behind his background, his rise to power, his adulterous womanizing and ultimately the bullets that took his life.

Death of JFK - Assassination and aftermath

The History Channel

Brilliant special from History Channel on the Death of the 35th President of the United States.
It is the Holy Grail of conspiracy theorists. More than 30 years after the fact, the assassination of John F. Kennedy remains a topic of intense debate. Did Oswald act alone? Was the Warren Commission pressured into releasing a false report? Is it possible that the CIA had Kennedy killed?
Join Mike Wallace for a point-by-point investigation of these and other questions surrounding the events of November 22, 1963. Extensive footage from the CBS archives plus clips from the world-famous Zapruder home movie bring the tragedy to life, while interviews with those who were there including reporters and government officials capture the chaos and grief of one of the most terrible moments in American history.

Deep Politics and the Death of JFK
Dale Scott Peter

"In his long awaited magnum opus... Scott does not offer a "who done it". Instead, he uses the assassination as a point of entry for an extended tour through little known, long buried, and truly disturbing regions of American politics"
Jonathan Marshall, Tikkun

  Definitive Proof : The Secrete Service Murder of President J.F.Kennedy
Dan Robertson

The material in this book, together with the evidence contained in the enhanced Zapruder film, tries to present evidence that President Kennedy was murdered by a federal agent by the name of William Greer, the driver of JFK Presidential Limousine in Dallas.

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