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Books 41 - 50
  Did the Mob kill JFK?
Discovery Channel

Based on historian Lamar Waldron' startling book, this programme presents compelling evidence that the Mafia was behind the assassination of President John F.Kennedy. After almost half a century in the shadows an FBI informant has come forward to give an explosive, never before seen interview that gives details of the very man who ordered the hit. This man shared a prison cell with Carlos Marcello, the notorius New Orleans godfather, who confessed to him that he had orchestrated the president's murder.
"Did the Mob kill JFK?" backs this up as it tracks Marcello's links with both Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswald's assassin, Jack Ruby. It also draws on the testimony of historians, investigators and eyewitnesses, including an interview with former Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden, who claims an aborted attempt on the President's life in Chicago early in November was covered up. This simply is a must-watch for all those intrigued by the mistery that surrounds the assassination of John F.Kennedy.

Documentari su Omicidio JFK


  Dr. Mary's Monkey
Haslam Edward T.

On the cover : "How the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics".
On the backcover : "When New Orleans native Ed Haslam began his modest investigation into the curious life and shocking death of the brilliant Tulane medical professor Dr. Mary Sherman, he couldn't have imagined that this inquiry would connect some of the city's most prominent citizens to "lone nut" Lee Harvey Oswald, to the Mafia, and to forces high inside the U.S. Government - nor that these new discoveries would ultimately change our understanding of a fateful November day in Dallas. But they have!".

Ecco chi ha ucciso John Kennedy
Verdegiglio Diego

This is the most complete book on the subject ever written in Italian. For completeness of investigation and analysis, it is the Italian equivalent of Posner's "Case Closed", arriving at the same conclusion : Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone killer of JFK. A must-to-have book for all the Italians who want to know all of  JFK Assassination.

Eddie Barker's Notebook
Barker Eddie & Dempsey John Mark

November 22nd,1963. The date alone brings to mind a thousand images and a rush of emotion even to people who were not alive at the time of John F.Kennedy's assassination.
As news director and anchor of KRLD-TV, Channel 4, then the CBS affiliate in Dallas, Eddie Barker stationed himself as the Trade Mart where Kennedy was to speak. Of course, the President never arrived. And so, Barker found himself ad-libbing on the air, knowing that something terrible has happened but not exactly sure of what is was. When a doctor acquintance from nearby Parkland Hosptal whispered the awful news in his ear, Eddie made what has been called "the greatest snap evaluation of a source in broadcasting history". Eddie Barker became the first reporter to announce to America that John F.Kennedy was dead.
Certainly Barker's reporting on the assassination and all the other events closely associated with it are at the heart of this book. But this is also a book by one of the true pioneers of local television news.
From the embryonic days of local TV news, swiping stories from the local newspapers and holding up wire-service photos on camera, to the days of true electronic news gathering, Eddie Barker was there. Barker is one of the handful of broadcast journalists who shaped what we take for granted today as local news. 

Encyclopedia of JFK Assassination
Benson Michael

This is an indispensable one-volume reference source for students, researchers, and general readers investigating the circumstances surrounding President Kennedy's death.

Enemy of the Truth
[Myths, Forensics and the Kennedy Assassination]
Fiester Sherry P.

From Jim Marrs' Foreword :
"Sherry Fiester, a longtime student of forensic science, who separates scientific fact from informed speculation and uninformed theories, is now sharing her expertise. She undertakes to break out JFK assassination myths from demonstrable forensic fact, not an easy task considering the obfuscation and deceit long documented in the JFK case. Right off the bat, Fiester lays to rest the myth that the Dallas Police Department exercised all due diligence in following accepted protocols in the acquisition, handling and securing of assassination evidence. They did not."

Eyewitness to History
Brennan Howard L.
 Cherryholmes J.E.


Among the hundreds of people who waited in Dealy Plaza for the JFK motorcade to pass, only one person was able to identify Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman firing from the Texas School Book Depository. Howard Brennan was seated directly in front of the building and was able to get a clear view of the assassin as he fired at the President's car.
Other than the Warren Commission, and a brief statement to CBS, he refused all other interviews. In 1983 his pastor, the Rev.Edward Cherryholmes convinced Mr Brennan that he should tell his story so that future generations will know the truth. Shortly before his death in December of 1983 from heart disease, he read the finished manuscript as told to Rev.Cherryholmes.
This copy of the book is signed by Rev.Edward Cherryholmes.

Falling Chips
[A deconstruction of the Single-Bullet Theory of the JFK Assassination]
Remington Rodger

Rodger Remington ia ranked an emeritus professor of history at Aquinas since his retirement in 1997, following 34 years of faculty service. In this book he tries a deconstruction of the Single-Bullet Theory of the JFK Assassination.

False Mystery
Essays on the Assassination of JFK]
Salandria Vincent J.

From back cover:
"This volume assembles, for the first time, the historic work of Vincent J.Salandria.
One of the "first generation" critics of the Warren Commission, Salandria's article in the Novembre 2, 1964 'Philadelphia Legal Intelligencer' was the first published article to critically review the conclusions of the Warren Report.
It and subsequent articles demonstrated the fallacy of the Commission finding that a single, unassisted gunman shot and killed the thirty-fifth President of the United States, and advanced the notion that a "false mystery" has allowed the greatest crime of the twentieth century to remain officially unsolved."

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