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Books 41 - 50

JFK and Mary Meyer. A Love Story.

Kornbluth Jesse

A Novel.
John F. Kennedy said he needed sex every three days or he got a headache. In the White House, he never had a headache. Kennedy met Mary Pinchot in 1935, when he was eighteen and she was sixteen. Twenty years later, when she was living in Virginia and married to Cord Meyer, a high-ranking CIA official, she was Jack and Jackie Kennedy’s next-door neighbor. In 1962, she was an artist, divorced, living in Washington—and Kennedy’s first serious romance. Mary Pinchot Meyer was more than a bedmate. She was Kennedy’s beacon light: his sole female adviser, spending mornings in the Oval Office, and, at night, discussing issues. After the 1964 election, Kennedy said, he would divorce Jackie and marry her.

After the assassination, Mary didn’t believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and she shared that view, loudly and often, in Washington’s most elite circles. Her ex-husband urged her to be silent, but when the report of the Warren Commission was released, she was even more loudly critical.

On October 10, 1964, two days before her forty-forth birthday, as she walked in Georgetown, a man shot her in the head and the heart. That night, Mary's best friend called her sister. “Mary had a diary,” she said. “Get it.”

The diary was filled with sketches, notes for paintings—and ten pages about an affair with an unnamed lover. Her sister burned it. In JFK and Mary Meyer: A Love Story, Jesse Kornbluth recreates the diary Mary might have written. Working from a timeline of Kennedy’s presidency and every documented account of their public relationship, he has written a high-octane thriller that tracks this secret, doomed romance—and invites readers to solve Mary’s murder.

JFK Memorial - Dallas


The assassination of President JFK is the most significant event in the history of Dallas,Texas. This horrible, shocking occurrence on November 22,1963 changed Dallas- and the world - forever.
The Kennedy Memorial, which was dedicated on June 24,1970 to honor the fallen President, is an integral part of the city's urban landscape and cultural heritage.
This booklet tells the history of the monument, from design to its restoration in 2000.


JFK - Original Soundtrack

Williams John

Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "JFK" by Oliver Stone.
Music composed, conducted and produced by John W
2. The Motorcade
3.Drummers' salute
4.Theme from JFK
5. Eternal father, strong to save
6. Garrisons obsession
7. On the sunny side of the street
8. The conspirators
9. The death of David Ferrie
10. Maybe September
11. Garrison family theme
12. Ode to Buckwheat
13. El Watusi
14. The witnesses
15. Concert #2 for horn and orchestra
16. Arlington
17. Finale
18. Theme from JFK

John F.Kennedy Sites in Dallas-Fort Worth

Doty Mark and Slate John H.

November 22,1963 is a date that will forever live in the minds and hearts of those who were witness to or touched by the assassination of President John F.Kennedy in Dealey plaza.
Surprisingly, the majority of sites associated with events surrounding that day still stand along the streets and in the neighborhoods of th greater Dallas-Fort Worth region.
From Fort Worth's Hotel Texas to the Texas Theater and the Old Municipal Building in Dallas, this book explores and cocuments the buildings, neighborhoods and places with a direct connection to the assassination and its figures, both major and minor, in one of the darkest chapters in American and Texas history.
The historic images in this volume camefrom the collections of the Dallas Municipal Archives, "Dallas Morning News" and other sources.

JOURNALS 1952-2000

Schlesinger Artur M., Jr

A landmark publication in the history of American letters and a unique opportunity to celebrate the legacy of one of the great public intellectuals of our time.

For more than a half century, Arthur Schlesinger Jr was at the vital center of American political and cultural life.
From his entrance in political leadership circles in the 1950s through his years in the Kennedy White House and up until his very last days, he was that rare thing, a master historian who enjoyed an extraordinary eyewitness vantage on history as it was being made.
For most of his adult life, Arthur Schlesinger Jr dutifully recorded his experience and opinions in journals that, before this book, had never been seen. Edited by his oldest sons, they offer remarkably fresh and lucid observations on a half century of public life, and a rare and privileged view into the mind of one of America's most distinguished men of letters.

Kennedy's Ghost

Stevens Gordon

This is not 22 November 1963, but now. This is Kennedy's Ghost, a nerve-shredding thriller of kidnap, conspiracy and assassination.

Kick Kennedy's Secret Diary

Braudy Susan

Historical fiction diary.
At the dawn of the Blitz, American Ambassador Joseph Kennedy rushes his family from England back home to Bronxville - but his beautiful rebellious daughter Kathleen ("Kick") has bigger plans. Ignoring air raids and family banishment Kick returns to her forbidden sweetheart in London.
Everybody adored fun-loving Kick Kennedy except her cold mother Rose who loved being very-rich and very-Catholic and the Ambassador's wife. Kick Kennedy's Secret Diary is an intimate peek behind the spurious facade of America's royal family. This historical fiction diary is the whirlwind story of JFK's little sister and favorite person-- she's a bobby dazzler with an awesome trail of swooning British suitors.
Ambitious and daring and the star of every party, Kick earns the nickname la petite questionneuse for asking many many questions, such as "Will God desert me if I marry a good Anglican?" Ever pushing boundaries Kick struggles to balance her strong faith and family loyalty with a marriage proposal from the Anglican and kind William Cavendish, heir to the most powerful duchy in England. As his wife, Kick would one day be second only to the Queen herself.
Kick and her beloved Billy-o marry knowing she may alienate her family forever. But when her loyal husband of two weeks disappears on the battlefield, Kick struggles to make a life for herself alone in London where sexual awakening lurks.
Praised by author Michael Wolff (Fire and Fury) for exhibiting the "literary charm of Penelope Lively" and the "romantic fervor of Barbara Cartland," Kick Kennedy's Secret Diary is damn good fun. Readers will love Kick's cheeky adventures with Winston Churchill, Aly Khan and the ribald Pamela Digby Churchill.
Caught between her father's political ambitions and her mother's rejecting jealousy, Kick's defiance is a treat for lovers of historical fiction: her struggles to be her own person inspire.

Killing the Dream

Posner Gerald

James Earl Ray and the Assassination of Marthin Luther King, Jr.
After thirty years, this book re-examines the assassination of Marthin Luther King,Jr, based on explosive new interviews, confidential files, and previously undisclosed evidence. It not only uncovers the errors of previous investigations -both private and governmental- but resolves the speculation about whether the FBI, CIA or Mafia was involved in the death of Dr. King.

La donna piu' bella del mondo
[Vita, morte e segreti di Marilyn Monroe]

Cappi Andrea Carlo

Italian book.
Biography about Marilyn Monroe and the secrets of her life and death.


Harrington William

Italian version (1997) of the book "Columbo: The Grassy Knoll" (1993).
After the murder of controversial talk-show host Paul Drury, Lieutenant Columbo must unravel the thirty-year-old mystery of the assassination of President Kennedy, a crime whose perpetrator Drury had been about to expose on his final show.

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