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D - My Miscellaneous books related to JFK

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Books 21 - 30

Executive action

Donald Freed & Mark Lane

Novel written by Donald Freed and Mark Lane.
Written in the form of novel, it details the three months leading up to the JFK Assissination, and describes a high-level conspiracy involving Texas oil interests, the Military and Intelligence agencies, and incorporates Lane's own research as well as elements from Jim Garrison's New Orleans investigation of the Assassination and the plot outlined in the book "Farewell America."
It details a trained assissination team supervised by a "technician" who is overseen by a CIA case officer who reports to high ranking Intelligence officer. The novel also includes an Oswald impersonator and is well-written using a series of scenes by dates, as if it were a play or screen-play.

Frame 232

Mara Wil

Novel written by Wil Mara.
"On Nov.22,1963 President John F.Kennedy was assassinated. In the years since, several photos have been discovered that show a woman standing not more than thirty feet feom the President's limousine, holding what appears to be a video camera. Thi woman has since become known as "the Babushka Lady". Yet her true identity, her camera and the footage she shot have never been found.
What if...half a century later, her film surfaced.. and it contained the final piece of evidence needed to solve the greatest crime of the twentieth century?"

Ho ammazzato JFK

Montalban Manuel Vasquez

Novel written by Manuel Montalban in 1970.
This book is an almost experimental and visionary novel.
Italian version.


I Grandi Enigmi della Guerra Fredda

Michal Bernard

Book, in Italian, about 5 big mysteries of Cold War :
1. Otto John, due volte transfuga, un traditore?
2. L'aereo che ha fatto fallire la conferenza al vertice
3. Il poker atomico di Cuba  (Cuba atomic poker)
4. Chi ha assassinato i fratelli Ngo?
5. Gli spari di Dallas  (Dallas shots)

I have a dream
[Writings and Speeches that changed the world]

Martin Luther King Jr

On August 28,1963 Martin luther King Jr stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial looking out over thousands of troubled Americans who had gathered in the name of civil rights and uttered his now famous words "I have a dream...". It was a speech that changed the course of history.
This anniversary edition honors Martin Luther King Jr's courageous dream and his immeasurable contribution by presenting his most memorable words in a concise and convenient edition.
As Coretta Scott King says in her foreword "This collection includes many of what I consider to be my husband's most important writings and orations".

I have a dream
[L'autobiografia del profeta dell'uguaglianza]

Martin Luther King Jr

Italian version.
Ideal Autobiography of Martin Luther King, through a collection of his writings and speeches, collected and edited from Clayborne Carson, founder and director of the Martin Luther King Research and Education Institute.

I Love Music - 1960-64

3CD Box

3CD Box with the  music of the Kennedy Presidency years- 1960-64
Johnny Kidd&the Pirates-The Shadows- The SWinging Blue Jeans- The Searchers- Gerry&the PAcemakers- Manfred Mann- Helen Shapiro- Cilla Black-Cliff Richard and many more


I Padroni del Mondo - America

Biagi Enzo

In Italian.
Very interesting book written from one of the best Italian journalists, Enzo Biagi, about his travels in USA and his interviews.
In the cover a photo of President John F.Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline.



Mayer Robert

A spirited novel written by Robert Mayer.

"Dictating from heaven, JFK tells his story...a piece of celestial kiss and tell!".


Il successore

Burdick Eugene

IL SUCCESSORE is the Italian version of the book "The 480", a political fiction novel by Eugene Burdick (1964).

The plot evolves around the political turmoil after John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963. In the novel, a fictitious charismatic character, John Thatch, an engineer, is seeking nomination for the Republican Party candidate at 1964 presidential elections. He is described as being contaminated with the "political virus". A handful of political professionals is promoting his nomination, in confrontation with the Party establishment. There exist apparent parallels between Thatch and Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., a write-in hero at New Hampshire primary.
The novel criticizes the socio-political effects on society at large from the use of computers to run massive simulations, which predict the public reaction to certain (proposed) political moves before implementing them. Such simulations make it easy to manipulate the public consciousness.
The 480 in the title denotes the number of groups (by party affiliation, socioeconomic status, location, origin, etc.) that the computer simulation uses to classify the American electorate. The full list of these is reproduced in the Appendix, claimed by the author to be the true list used by the Simulmatics Corporation (real name) in Senator John F. Kennedy's Presidential campaign in 1960.
The Simulmatics Corporation was created by MIT Professor Ithiel de Sola Pool, who provided a non-fiction backup to "The 480" in "Candidates, Issues, and Strategies: A Computer Simulation of the 1960 Presidential Election," MIT Press, 1964 (with co-authors Robert P. Abelson and Samuel L. Popkin). They built their model from 130,000 archived interviews in Gallup and Roper polls over a ten-year period. Based on its output, they advised Kennedy that he would benefit from a strong civil rights stand and that he had nothing to lose, and much to gain, by attacking religious bigotry and dealing frankly with his Catholicism.

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