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Books 11 - 20

Billie Sol "The Man who knows who shot JFK"

Estes Pam

Pam Estes, Billie Sol's daughter, tells the story of his troubles and triumphs as a participant.
A child when the first scandal broke in the early sixties, she was too young to understand what was happening to her family.
An adult when the government pursued her father during his parole period, she and other members of her family were threatened with indictment for allegedly helping him elude his federal investigations.
Read the Epilogue for daddy's conclusions about who shot JFK.

Campaigning & The Presidency 1982-1974


The Campaigns & Campaigners for The Nation's Highest Office and the crucial decisions they made that changed the course of U.S. & World History.
10 1/2 Hrs Packed into 155 MP3s on 1 CD.

Candidate Images in Presidential Elections

Hacker Kenneth L.

This books presents a compendium of up-to-date theory and research on image-making in U.S. Presidential elections. The contributors to the work, among the best-known in the field of political communication, describe  and explain how presidential election results hinge on voter perceptions of the candidates and how candidates seek to project the images through to attract votes.

CIA targets Fidel


Declassified in 1994, this secret report was prepared in 1967 for the CIA on its own plots to assassinate Cuba's Fidel Castro. Under pressure in 1967 when the press were probing the alliance with the Mafia in these murderous schemes, the CIA produced this remarkably frank, single copy report stamped "secret- eyes only".
Included in the book is an exclusive commentary by Division General Fabian Escalante, the former head of Cuba's counterintelligence body.


Sorensen Ted

In this gripping memoir, John F. Kennedy's closest advisor recounts in full for the first time his experience counseling Kennedy through the most dramatic moments in American history.

Da Kennedy a Watergate
[Quindici anni di vita americana]

Colombo Furio

Italian book.
 Fifteen years of American history, from 1960 to 1974, as seen by famous Italian journalist Furio Colombo.

Dallas - Then and Now

Fitzgerald Ken

It would be a travesty if Dallas were only ever remembered in conjunction with a single vile moment in American history that transpired on November 22,1963 , resulting in the assassination of President John F.Kennedy. Instead it should be remembered for the determination and perseverance of those who have fought and labored to build a city of over one million people. Chosen from over one million early photographs catalogued by the Dallas Library, the images included in this book illustrate how a modern city grew from a single log cabin.

Dallas, 22 Novembre 1963

Braver Adam

Italian version of the book "November 22, 1963: A Novel" by Adam Graver.
This novel chronicles the day of John F. Kennedy's assassination and explores the intersection of stories and memories and how they represent and mythologize that defining moment in history. Jackie's story is interwoven with the stories of real people intimately connected with that day: a man who shares cigarettes with Jackie outside the trauma room; a motorcycle policeman flanking the motorcade; Abe Zapruder, who caught the assassination on film; the White House servants waiting for Jackie to return; and the morticians overseeing President Kennedy’s autopsy.

Dealey Plaza

Abbott Arlinda

Long before Nov.22,1963 the Dealey Plaza site was an important Dallas landmark. It was at this location in 1841 that John Neely Bryan founded what would become the city of Dallas. This book covers the story of this place.

Dearest Madame

Hunt Irma

U.S. Presidents have always been human, and even in the days  when women's public influence was limited, their private influence was, as it is now, equal to men. In this book there is the story of seven women who were loved by- but not married to- seven American Presidents (G.Washington, T.Jefferson, G.Cleveland, W.Harding, F.D.Roosevelt, H.Eisenhower and J.F.Kennedy).

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