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Books 51 - 60
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - Friend of the Arts
Gormley Beatrice
illustrated by Meryl Henderson

One of the most popular series ever published for young Americans these classics have been praised alike by parents, teachers and librarians. With these lively, inspiring, fictionalized biographies - easily read by children of eight and up- today's youngster is swept right into history.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - The Making of a First Lady
Lowe Jacques

This book is Lowe's intimate reminiscence of this extraordinary woman and her husband as they began their march into history - from the lonely, anonymous days on the endless campaign road to the moment  of ultimate victory.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Book - A portrait of an American Icon
Tracy Kathleen

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis - better known as Jackie O. to the tabloids, "the deb" to the Kennedy Clan and the 35th First Lady to historians - is easily one of the most recognizable presidential wives. She remains the model of the proper American woman. But what was Jackie O. hiding behind those big, dark shades?
From the New York society upbringing to her time in the White House to her days spent as a Doubleday editor, this book is the ultimate biography of a woman everyone recognized but few knew.

Janet & Jackie  [The story of a Mother and Her Daughter, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis]
Pottker Jan

Despite hundreds of books and thousands of articles on Jackie Kennedy, surprisingly little is known about her mother's role in her life and achievements. Often dismissed as a social climber who faded into the woodwork after she divorced Jackie's father - the dashing, disreputable "Black Jack" Bouvier - and married the rich Hugh D.Auchincloss, Janet not only played a pivotal part in Jackie's own wedding to JFK, but often served as a stand-in for Jackie during the White House years, and helped her cope with John and Caroline after the assassination.
This book explores this fascinating mother-daughter relationship and is filled wit histories that shed new light on the personal life of an American icon.

JFK & Jackie - Unseen Archives

Hill Tim

The President and First Lady were a golden couple, enjoying the kind of celebrity normally reserved for Holliwood stars.  This book charts the rise to power of a political giant. It also recounts the key moments in a marriage which survived betrayal and tragedy. The detailed commentary, together with more than 400 photos, gives a fascinating insight into the public and private faces of JFK and Jackie.

Joan, the Reluctant Kennedy

David Lester

For Joan Bennet Kennedy, debutante and model from an upper-middle-class Bronxville family, life in the Camelot era was glamorous at first, but the glamour soon began wearing thin. Her background, training, and temperament had inadequately prepared her to be a member of the highly competitive Kennedy clan. The tragedies came one after another : the assassinations; Ted's near-fatal airplane crash, and then Chappaquiddick, Joan's crisis point. Lester David writes with sensitivity, insight and sympathy of this young woman, the reluctant Kennedy.

John and Caroline

Spada James

They were the youngest children to live in the White House in over a century - Caroline just 3 and John Jr a newborn when their father took the oath of office.
In this book, we see their adolescence, their sorrows at senseless losses in the family, their first forays into romance, their efforts to establish themselves as responsible adults, their happy marriages and Caroline's motherhood.

Just Friends and Brave Enemies

Kennedy Robert F.

This is a fascinating and often humorous personal story of the Kennedy's trip in February 1962. From tense Berlin, from Tokyo to Djakarta and Bandung in Indonesia, wherever walls of misunderstanding divide to conquer, the vigorous message of the Free World was carried to the hearts and minds of people around the world by Attorney General and Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy.

Just Jackie : Her Private Years

Klein Edward

This book is the story of a woman who struggles to recapture her old life with all its power and glory, only to discover that the key to her happiness lies where she least expects it - in the simple pleasures of family, friendship, work and nature.
Edward Klein, a friend of Joaqueline Onassis for many years, takes us behind the public image to give us a story that has never been told before.

Kennedy 5 Giugno 1968 - Quasi una Leggenda

Leonardo Valente

Italian book.
Book about Bobby Kennedy, written few days after his assassination in Los Angeles on June 5,1968.

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