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Books 21 - 30

Forever Young [My Friendship with John F.Kennedy, Jr]

William Sylvester Noon, with Robert Huber

For the first time, Billy Noonan takes us inside the Kennedy compound, where we glimpse America's prince struggling with what it meant to be the son of a man he hardly remembered. As an adult, JFK Jr would embrace his father's legacy and character in order to define his own destiny. With intimate accounts and never-before-seen photos, Noon reveals his friend as a man committed to his family, but determined to live his life on his own terms.

Grace and Power [The Private World of the Kennedy White House]

UK edition                           US Edition
Bedell Smith Sally

Over the forty years since the horrific assassination in Dallas, the appeal of John and Jackie Kennedy, a uniquely glamorous presidential couple, frozen in eternal youth by the terrible and sudden truncation of their reign, has if anything only deepened.
Until now, however, no single book has gone beyond the gossip and conspiracy theories to tell the whole story of the Kennedy White House - soberly, comprehensively and compellingly. In a major work of history Sally Bedell Smith now does just that. "Grace and Power" is a compassionate and poignant chronicle of pivotal historical events seen from the inside out, behind the headlines and the carefully staged television appearances.

Hostage to Fortune : The letters of Joseph P.Kennedy
Edited by
Smith Amanda

Amanda Smith has done a superb job of compiling, editing, and interpreting her grandfather's private letters, diaries and other papers, presented here for the first time. "Hostage to Fortune" provides a window of one of the most intriguing and elusive Americans of the twentieth century.

I fratelli Kennedy
Marina Borghese

In Italian.
Small book (114 pages - 10 chapters) on John and Bob Kennedy, issued by "Edizioni Messaggero di S.Antonio-Padova"

I Kennedy
Gianni Bisiach

In Italian.
The story of a dinasty.

I Kennedy - Gloria e tragedia di una grande famiglia
Biagi - Melega- Pancera - Venč

In Italian.
Book on "Glory and tragedy of a great family", written by Enzo Biagi, Gianluigi Melega, Mario Pancera and Gianfranco Venč.

Il Senatore
Burke Richard E.

Richard Burke started as Ted Kennedy's driver in 1971 and then became even personal assistent of the Senator. In this book he decribes what he has seen "Sex, business and politics at Kennedy house".
Italian version.

Il sogno spezzato
Veltroni Walter

A selection of of the best speeches and writings of Robert F.Kennedy.

Italian version.

In Love with Night : the American romance with Robert Kennedy
Steel Ronald

Drawing on his striking interpretation of Kennedy's character, award-winning historian Ronald Steel examines the life against the legend. It is that legend - one that Kennedy consciously created- that has made him the vessel of the nation's frustrated dreams. Those deams have created the enduring myth of "what might have been".

In the Kennedy Style
Baldrige Letitia

When Jacqueline Kennedy told her social secretary, Letitia Baldrige, that she planned to make some changes to White House entertaining, neither of them could have foreseen what would follow. Within a few short years, Jacqueline Kennedy's natural elegance and taste would completely transform how the White House - and America- entertained. With French cuisine in the State Dining Room and Pablo Casals playing in the East Room, Jackie created some of the most memorable occasions in White House history and set a standard for hospitality that the whole country would emulate.
In this book Letitia Baldrige and White House chef Renč Verdon have collaborated to recreate some of the most famous evenings of that storied era.

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