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Books 31 - 40
In Love with Night : the American romance with Robert Kennedy
Steel Ronald

Drawing on his striking interpretation of Kennedy's character, award-winning historian Ronald Steel examines the life against the legend. It is that legend - one that Kennedy consciously created- that has made him the vessel of the nation's frustrated dreams. Those deams have created the enduring myth of "what might have been".

In the Kennedy Style
Baldrige Letitia

When Jacqueline Kennedy told her social secretary, Letitia Baldrige, that she planned to make some changes to White House entertaining, neither of them could have foreseen what would follow. Within a few short years, Jacqueline Kennedy's natural elegance and taste would completely transform how the White House - and America- entertained. With French cuisine in the State Dining Room and Pablo Casals playing in the East Room, Jackie created some of the most memorable occasions in White House history and set a standard for hospitality that the whole country would emulate.
In this book Letitia Baldrige and White House chef Renč Verdon have collaborated to recreate some of the most famous evenings of that storied era.

Jack and Bobby
Murphy Tom

No two brothers have captured the nation's admiration or had as profound an effect on the U.S. national spirit as John F.Kennedy and Robert F.Kennedy.
This book is a photographic tribute to the lives and legacies of these two immortal American figures. Rare and archival photos show the brothers at work, at play, and at home, in public and in private.

Jack and Jackie
Andersen Christopher

The most intimate and revealing look ever at America's storybook couple. Containing stunning, never-before-released details of their life beyond the public eye - the most provocative book ever written on the remarkable Kennedys - this book is an astonishing chronicle of passion, pain and infidelity.

Watney Hedda Lyons

Book published in 1991.
From back cover:
"The life and loves of the most famous and desiderable woman in the world.
Jackie Kennedy Onassis, beautiful, fabulously wealthy yet somehow tragic, has left an indelible impression on her time. Yet despite the glare of publicity that surrounds her, she remains a mystery.
What is she really like? Will she marry again? and who?".

Elfriede Jelinek

Italian version.
This is the theatratical monologue written in 2002 from the 2004 Nobel Prize-winning Austrian writer Elfriede Jelinek, with her irreverent, sharp-eyed imagining of the inner life of former first lady Jackie Kennedy. The one-woman play,  is called simply "Jackie" but the script calls for such chameleon-like mood changes that maybe the title should have been pluralized.
Jelinek has created a witty, sardonic creature, rather than the demure-seeming public Jackie familiar to Americans. Using a heavy dose of irony, she poetically presents fresh ideas about the uses of power and femininity (not feminism). Her examination of the authenticity of a woman who lived in a faked media bubble, controlled by handlers and public expectations, becomes quite poignant at times, as when Jackie muses that she is "only air and deep pain."
With a fresh, non-American perspective, Jelinek makes clever, cynical observations about a life that was seemingly lived in the public eye. "I am completely private by being completely public," Jackie notes. In the end, Jelinek provides a bittersweet view of an iconic American figure that we were all familiar with, yet didn't really know at all.

Jackie : Beyond the Myth of Camelot
Kelleher K.L.

Discover the books Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis loved to read during her White House years, and as a book editor.

Jackie after Jack
Andersen Christopher

She captured the world's imagination as First Lady. Without JFK, she achieved a kind of global fame rarely known in XX century. Yet, in spite of it all, and the billions of words written about her, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis still remained veiled in mistery and mystique. This book draws on newly uncovered information, accompanied by dozens of rare photographs. The result is the real Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis, revealed as never before.

Jackie as Editor
[The Literary Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis]
Lawrence Greg

An absorbing chronicle of a much-overlooked chapter of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's life - her nineteen-year editorial career.
History remembers Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis as the consummate first lady, the nation's tragic widow, the millionaire's wife and, of course, the quintessential embodiment of elegance. Her biographers. however, tend to skip over an equally important stage in her life : her nearly twenty-year-long career as a book editor. "Jackie as Editor" is the first book to focus exclusively on this remarkable woman's editorial career.

Jackie Kennedy
[Protagonista del suo tempo]
Dherbier Yann-Brice & Verlhac Pierre-Henri

Italian edition.
An From Pierre-Henri Verlhac and Yann-Brice Dherbier, the editors of the best-selling John F. Kennedy: A Life in Pictures, comes its companion about Jackie Kennedy—a visual voyage through the life of Jackie, also known as Jackie Bouvier, Jackie Kennedy, Jackie Onassis.
 This volume features the most exquisite photographs, many of which are previously unpublished, ever taken of America’s legendary First Lady, as well as a biography and personal notes.

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