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1961, January 31 -  Le Ore

Italian magazine "Le Ore".

Two articles :

-a 8 pages article with the huge challenge that Kennedy has to face in US and in the world after the election.
- a 4 page articles about Alicia Purdom, who declares she had a love story with JFK, just few months before he married Jaqueline.


1961, February 19 - Domenica del Corriere


Original. Italian Magazine "Domenica del Corriere".

One page article (in Italian)
"Kennedy sarebbe sempre stanco se fosse ammalato come dicono".
(Kennedy would always be tired if he was sick as they say)


1961, June 9 - Time

 Cover page of June 9,1961 issue of TIME, with "President Kennedy


1961, June 18 - Domenica del Corriere


Original. Italian magazine.
 Cover and last page of June 18,1961 issue of Italian magazine "Domenica del Corriere".
Drawing from the famous Italian  artist Walter Molino about the historical meeting in Vienna between US President Kennedy and Soviet Union Prime Minister Kruschev, with their wives. 


1961, August 4 -  Life


From page 2 about the cover story :
"What the President's speech means to you : it means suspense, sacrifice and the will to fight. Burdens shared by a soldier, a general and a lonely President".
It refers to JFK's speech of the previous week, when he asked for 217,000 more men in uniform who would serve an average of two years and he ordered the draft call "doubled and tripled" to get them. The draft would first hit volunteers and uncalled single men under 26, then would start taking younger ones.


1961, September 24 -  Domenica del Corriere

             Original. Italian magazine.

Double central page :
"We did the horoscope to the men who have in their hands the destiny of the world".

1962 Horoscope for Krusciov, John F.Kennedy, McMillan, De Gaulle, Adenauer, Nehru and Fanfani.


1961, November 18  -  The Saturday Evening Post

Philadelphia(US) published magazine.

Exclusive report with the full story of President John Kennedy's World War II adventures as a torpedo-boat skipper. (Part 1 of 5), by Robert J.Donovan.

1962,  January 5  -  Time

Historical number of TIME, with JFK as "The Man of the Year".
TIME's choice to paint the President on his own seventh appearance on TIME's cover, was Italy's famous portrait painter, Pietro Annigoni,51, who made headlines in years past with his paintings of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and Princess Margaret. Fot three days in mid-December, Annigoni sketched and painted in the President's Oval Office, for about seven hrs each day.
The President struck Annigoni as a man "who is always asking and always listening".

1962,  January 21  -  L'Espresso

   Original. Italian Magazine "L'Espresso".

Article "Kennedy punta sul MEC" ("Kennedy focuses on Common Economical Market"), about Kennedy's speech in front of the Congress on on "State of the Union 1962".
Article signed by journalist A.Gam.

1962,  January 28  -  L'Espresso

  Original. Italian Magazine "L'Espresso".

Article "Castro e i Conservatori condizionano Kennedy" (Castro and Conservatives influence Kennedy"), about the meeting of OSA (Organizzazione Stati Americani) at Punta del Este, Uruguay, in January 1962.

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