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1939, September 18 -  Time


Cover story dedicated to U.S. Ambassador at London Joe Kennedy. just after the start of War in Europe and the week after the "Athenia" (with 300 American aboard) was torpedoed by a German submarine.
It includes an article (and photo) of John F.Kennedy, 22 yrs old, meeting at Glaslow the survivors of the sunken S.S. Athenia.

1957, March 11 -  Life



Cover story dedicated to the a long article by Senator John F.Kennedy :
"Where Democrats should go from here".
Senator John F.Kennedy, already a leading candidate for the nomination in 1960, says his party will have to come out swinging on new issues if it hopes to lick the Republicans.

1958, Novembre 21 -  Life



Cover : Senator Jack Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline hold their 4-month-old daughter Caroline, one of the new additions  to a famous and fruitful family.
Article :
"Young Jack Kennedy, senator and Democratic Presidential possibility, is one of a brilliant family brood busting out all over under patriarch Joe Kennedy". 

1958, Novembre 24 -  Time


Cover story dedicated to the 7 Democratic Hopes for 1960 Presidential Election : Stevenson, Humphrey, Symington, Johnson, Meyner, Kennedy and Brown.

1960, March 28 -  Life


9-pages cover story dedicated to Primary election of Democratic Party "Hubert and Jack in Wisconsin".
Strategic Warpath in Wisconsin: the high-riding Kennedy bandwagon, challenged by Humphrey in the primary, heads for what could be its big test.

1960, July 11 -  Time

         "Like every other major politician Candidate Kennedy has a chorus of voices talking for him.... But Jack Kennedy's Presidential campaign , indeed his whole political life, has a quality rare in U.S. political history.
He speaks with the voice of the remarkable Kennedy family".

 Cover page of July 11,1960 issue of TIME, with "The Kennedy Family" : John F.Kennedy, his wife Jacqueline and his parents Joseph and Rose.

1960, July 25 -  Life


Cover "The demonstration for Jack Kennedy". Planned pandemonium breaks out at the Democratic National Convention in the Los Angeles Sports Arena as supporters of the Presidential candidate respond with time-honored
hoopla the moment their nominating speaker mentions the right name: in this case, John F.Kennedy!
Inside a 12-page article :
"The Democratic convention: how Kennedy's well-organized forces won their first-ballot victory at Los Angeles".

1960, July 25 -  Newsweek


A special section "CANDIDATES AND CRISIS" puts the President nominees - Kennedy,43, and Nixon,47, into global focus.

1960, October 17 -  Newsweek


Special Listening post survey "As These Six States Go, So Goes the Election".
Special Campaign "60 - The First-Lady-to-Be : 'Pat' Nixon or 'Jackie' Kennedy

1960, November 16 -  TIME 
[Election Extra]



This 16-pages special issue of TIME reports the final hours and the outcome of the election race - the story of what happened at the polls on November 8th, 1960. 
But these pages also mark the end of a longer story - the full colorful story of the campaign as if was unfolded in TIME throughout the year 1960.
For, in twelve cover stories, in scores of special weekly reports, TIME's readers in 121 countries have followed this dramatic campaign down to the final rally, the lat hurrah.

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