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1939, September 18 -  Time


Cover story dedicated to U.S. Ambassador at London Joe Kennedy. just after the start of War in Europe and the week after the "Athenia" (with 300 American aboard) was torpedoed by a German submarine.
It includes an article (and photo) of John F.Kennedy, 22 yrs old, meeting at Glaslow the survivors of the sunken S.S. Athenia.

1957, March 11 -  Life



Cover story dedicated to the a long article by Senator John F.Kennedy :
"Where Democrats should go from here".
Senator John F.Kennedy, already a leading candidate for the nomination in 1960, says his party will have to come out swinging on new issues if it hopes to lick the Republicans.

1958, Novembre 21 -  Life



Cover : Senator Jack Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline hold their 4-month-old daughter Caroline, one of the new additions  to a famous and fruitful family.
Article :
"Young Jack Kennedy, senator and Democratic Presidential possibility, is one of a brilliant family brood busting out all over under patriarch Joe Kennedy". 

1958, Novembre 24 -  Time


Cover story dedicated to the 7 Democratic Hopes for 1960 Presidential Election : Stevenson, Humphrey, Symington, Johnson, Meyner, Kennedy and Brown.

1960, March 28 -  Life


9-pages cover story dedicated to Primary election of Democratic Party "Hubert and Jack in Wisconsin".
Strategic Warpath in Wisconsin: the high-riding Kennedy bandwagon, challenged by Humphrey in the primary, heads for what could be its big test.

1960, July 11 -  Time

         "Like every other major politician Candidate Kennedy has a chorus of voices talking for him.... But Jack Kennedy's Presidential campaign , indeed his whole political life, has a quality rare in U.S. political history.
He speaks with the voice of the remarkable Kennedy family".

 Cover page of July 11,1960 issue of TIME, with "The Kennedy Family" : John F.Kennedy, his wife Jacqueline and his parents Joseph and Rose.

1960, July 25 -  Life


Cover "The demonstration for Jack Kennedy". Planned pandemonium breaks out at the Democratic National Convention in the Los Angeles Sports Arena as supporters of the Presidential candidate respond with time-honored
hoopla the moment their nominating speaker mentions the right name: in this case, John F.Kennedy!
Inside a 12-page article :
"The Democratic convention: how Kennedy's well-organized forces won their first-ballot victory at Los Angeles".

1960, July 25 -  Newsweek


A special section "CANDIDATES AND CRISIS" puts the President nominees - Kennedy,43, and Nixon,47, into global focus.

1960, October 17 -  Newsweek



Special Listening post survey "As These Six States Go, So Goes the Election".
Special Campaign "60 - The First-Lady-to-Be : 'Pat' Nixon or 'Jackie' Kennedy

1960, November 16 -  TIME 
[Election Extra]



This 16-pages special issue of TIME reports the final hours and the outcome of the election race - the story of what happened at the polls on November 8th, 1960. 
But these pages also mark the end of a longer story - the full colorful story of the campaign as if was unfolded in TIME throughout the year 1960.
For, in twelve cover stories, in scores of special weekly reports, TIME's readers in 121 countries have followed this dramatic campaign down to the final rally, the last hurrah.

1960, November 20 -  Lo Specchio



Italian magazine "Lo Specchio".
Jacqueline Kennedy interviewed just after the Presidential election. 


1960, November 21 -  Life



Historical issue of Life dedicated to Kennedy electoral victory.
On the cover, in Hyannis Port, the youngest-elected President in the history of the U.S. is joined by his mother, wife and sister Eunice, moments after electoral victory had been assured. 


1960, December 19 -  Life


Historical issue of Life dedicated to "The Kennedys and their son at Christening".

1961, January 15 -  Lo Specchio


Italian magazine "Lo Specchio".
"Many hot potatoes for Kennedy" is the title of a long article by John Hightower, written one week before the Inaugural Ceremony planned on Nov.20,1961,  about the several challenges of the new elected President .

1961 January  -  Life - Souvenir Edition


Special Souvenir edition, edited by Life, dedicated to the Jan.20
1961 Inaugural Spectacle.
As written in the first page :
"Our photographers met the challenge with excellence and in such abundance that it was impossible to include, in the story LIFE published in the Jan.27 issue, all of the memorable photographs that were taken. We want these pictures to see the light of the day. That is why this book was born".

1961, January 20 -  Time


Historical issue of Time with Jacqueline Kennedy on the cover page, in the week of Kennedy Presidency inauguration.
It includes a photographic insert "New cabinet Wives".

1961, January 20 -  Washington Star



The Washingtom Star's 1961 Inaugural Edition.
Friday January 20,1961.
Washington (USA)

1961, January 22 -  Domenica del Corriere

            Original. Italian Magazine.

Cover page dedicated to the transition between Eisenhower and Kennedy at White House. Picture by Walter Molino.
Sunday January 22,1961.

1961, January 27 -  Life


Original.Historical issue of Life dedicated to Kennedy Presidency inauguration.
On the cover, President John F.Kennedy and the First Lady drive to the White House after the inaugural ceremony at the Capitol, accompanied by Senator John Sparkman of Alabama, chairman of the Joint Congressional Inaugural Committee. 


1961, January 27 -  Time



Historical issue of Time dedicated to Kennedy Presidency inauguration.
On the cover
the precise moment in which JFK raised his right hand and took the oath as the nation's 35th President.


1961, January 31 -  Le Ore

Italian magazine "Le Ore".

Two articles :

-a 8 pages article with the huge challenge that Kennedy has to face in US and in the world after the election.
- a 4 page articles about Alicia Purdom, who declares she had a love story with JFK, just few months before he married Jaqueline.


1961, February 19 - Domenica del Corriere


Original. Italian Magazine "Domenica del Corriere".

One page article (in Italian)
"Kennedy sarebbe sempre stanco se fosse ammalato come dicono".
(Kennedy would always be tired if he was sick as they say)


1961, June 9 - Time

 Cover page of June 9,1961 issue of TIME, with "President Kennedy


1961, June 18 - Domenica del Corriere


Original. Italian magazine.
 Cover and last page of June 18,1961 issue of Italian magazine "Domenica del Corriere".
Drawing from the famous Italian  artist Walter Molino about the historical meeting in Vienna between US President Kennedy and Soviet Union Prime Minister Kruschev, with their wives. 


1961, August 4 -  Life


From page 2 about the cover story :
"What the President's speech means to you : it means suspense, sacrifice and the will to fight. Burdens shared by a soldier, a general and a lonely President".
It refers to JFK's speech of the previous week, when he asked for 217,000 more men in uniform who would serve an average of two years and he ordered the draft call "doubled and tripled" to get them. The draft would first hit volunteers and uncalled single men under 26, then would start taking younger ones.


1961, September 24 -  Domenica del Corriere

             Original. Italian magazine.

Double central page :
"We did the horoscope to the men who have in their hands the destiny of the world".

1962 Horoscope for Krusciov, John F.Kennedy, McMillan, De Gaulle, Adenauer, Nehru and Fanfani.


1961, November 18  -  The Saturday Evening Post

Philadelphia(US) published magazine.

Exclusive report with the full story of President John Kennedy's World War II adventures as a torpedo-boat skipper. (Part 1 of 5), by Robert J.Donovan.

1962,  January 5  -  Time

Historical number of TIME, with JFK as "The Man of the Year".
TIME's choice to paint the President on his own seventh appearance on TIME's cover, was Italy's famous portrait painter, Pietro Annigoni,51, who made headlines in years past with his paintings of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and Princess Margaret. Fot three days in mid-December, Annigoni sketched and painted in the President's Oval Office, for about seven hrs each day.
The President struck Annigoni as a man "who is always asking and always listening".

1962,  January 21  -  L'Espresso

   Original. Italian Magazine "L'Espresso".

Article "Kennedy punta sul MEC" ("Kennedy focuses on Common Economical Market"), about Kennedy's speech in front of the Congress on on "State of the Union 1962".
Article signed by journalist A.Gam.

1962,  January 28  -  L'Espresso

  Original. Italian Magazine "L'Espresso".

Article "Castro e i Conservatori condizionano Kennedy" (Castro and Conservatives influence Kennedy"), about the meeting of OSA (Organizzazione Stati Americani) at Punta del Este, Uruguay, in January 1962.

1962,  February 16  -  Time

The President's Brother : A Growing role in Foreign Policy.

1962,  April 22  -  L'Espresso



Original. Italian magazine.

Cover article "Kennedy ha coraggio. E Fanfani?"  ("Kennedy is brave. And Fanfani?").
In the article they compare the brave attitude of President Kennedy against Steel Companies in US, with the cautious approach of Prime Minister Fanfani in Italy.


1962,  August 5  -  Lo Specchio



Original. Article from an Italian magazine.

Article "La corte degli Utopisti intorno al Presidente"  ("The court of Utopists around the President").
In this article the journalist Benjamin Price is critical on the foreign policy of Kennedy Administration, that according to him is influenced from the circle of his "Utopist" advicers.


1962,  September 7  -  Life



Cover "On her pony Macaroni: the fun of being Caroline Kennedy".
 4-page article "Caroline becomes a celebrity at age 4".

Extract : "Leading the fairy tale life small girls everywhere dream about, Caroline Kennedy is fast becoming something of a world figure, a charming hostess and sportswoman. This she demonstrated in Ravello,Italy where she and her mother have just finished a three-week holiday.
Caroline entertained young friends who spoke no English and, despite the ubiquitous Secret Service men and paparazzi, maintained a remarkable poise. An earthquake that shook the area did not even faze her. When she got seasick on a yatch, she calmly took a launch back to shore." 

1962,  September 28  -  Time


Cover Story Article "Teddy and Kennedyism".

Extract : "From old Joe on down , the Kennedy Clan had every reason to be excited. For the youngest of the nine Kennedy children, the chubby little boy ho used to waer bangs, has just scored a stunning political triumph. Seeking the Democratic Senate nomination in Massachussets, he amassed 69% of the vote, humiliated State Attorney General Edward J McCormack by a margin of  559,251 to 247,366. At 30, and just three years out of Law School, he was one of the hottiest political properties outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. "

1962, November 2  -  Time

Extensive coverage of the Cuban crisis, with the evidence that led to action.

1963, February 2  -  Tempo


2-pages Cover story "Quello che si sono detti Kennedy e Fanfani".
Article about the Jan.16,1963 meeting at White House between USA President John F.Kennedy and Italian Prime Minister Amintore Fanfani.

1963, April 26  -  Life


8-pages Cover story "Charming Album of Jackie growing up".
Album of the sunny young life time of the First Lady, who was expecting (in April 1963) her third baby.

1963, June 30  -  L'Espresso

Original. Italian Magazine.
Article from Antonio Gambino  "Kennedy aiuta Kruscev contro Mao" (Kennedy helps Kruscev against Mao), about the political implications of the  agreement signed on June 20,1963 in Geneva between USA and Soviet Union to create a direct phone connection (Red Line) between White House and Kremlin.

1963, August 9  -  Long Branch Daily Record


Friday August 9,1963.
Long Branch (Monmouth County), New Jersey, (USA).
"The new baby Boy of President and Mrs John F.Kennedy died early today, the White House announced at 4:26am Eastern Daylight Time.
Pierre Salinger, White House press secretary,   placed the time of death at 4:04am Eastern Daylight Time.
The struggle of the baby boy to keep breathing was too much for his heart."
"Kennedy Baby dies in hospital in Boston"
"President with son at time of his death".

1963, August 16  -  Life

"Kennedy Baby in Hospital".
Before the shades come down, doctors are seen treating Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, rushed to Boston's Children's Hospital when only hours old.
The President's third child had been born that afternoon by Caesarean section. Five weeks premature and weighing only four pounds 10 ounces, the baby developed respiratory trouble that is not uncommon in such cases. But the baby's system could not overcome the difficulty, and neither the devoted care nor the nation's prayers could save the President's son.

1963, November 22  -  The Dallas Times Herald

Friday November 22,1963.
Dallas (USA)


1963, November 22  -  Valley Times

Friday November 22,1963.
San Ferdinando Valley,California (USA)


1963, November 23  -  The Dallas Morning News

Saturday November 23,1963.
Dallas (USA)

1963, November 23  -  Aftenposten (Oslo)

Saturday November 23,1963.
Oslo (Norway).

Aftenposten (Norwegian for "The Evening Post") is Norway's largest newspaper.  It is based in Oslo.

1963, November 23  -  The Washington Post

Saturday November 23,1963.
Washington (USA)

1963, November 23  -  Daily Herald

Saturday November 23,1963.
English Newspaper (London-UK).

1963, November 23  -  Daily News - New York

Saturday November 23,1963.
Daily News - New York's Picture Newspaper.
New York (USA).

1963, November 23  -  The Daily Telegraph

Saturday November 23,1963.
English Newspaper (London-UK).

1963, November 23  -  The Times

Saturday November 23,1963.
English Newspaper (London-UK).
Obituary for President John F.Kennedy "Courage and idealism at the White House"

Special thanks to Holly Powell, who gave me this newspaper!

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