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Books 41 - 50
JFK : Una vita incompiuta
Dallek Robert
Italian translation of "An Unfinished life", one of the best biographies of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
JFK : Une Jeunesse Insouciante
Hamilton Nigel
French translation of "JFK: Reckless Youth".
  Wicker Tom

The theme that personality and circumstance dominate political life- that government consists primarily of "not measures, but men"- is the setting for Tom Wicker's compelling account of the presidencies of two of the last century's most astute politicians : JFK and LBJ.

  Murphy Derrick

An exam-focused study of the three main issues about JFK & LBJ, designed specifically for today's AS and A-level students. The three issues, which come up time and time again in the exams, are :
- Who was more effective in domestic reform?
- Who did more for black civil rights?
- Who was more responsible or US involvement in Vietnam?

JFK and Vietnam
Newman John M.

Did John F.Kennedy oppose-or promote- American intervention in Vietnam? What course did he pursue and why did he hide it from the public? What really happened on the battlefield and why did senior officials hide the facts from him?
In what may well be the most shocking and historically important work on the Vietnam War ever written, "JFK and VIETNAM" answers these questions and lifts the veil surrounding the struggle over intervention in the pivotal Kennedy years.

JFK Day by Day
[A Chronicle of the 1,086 Days of John F.Kennedy's Presidecy]
Golway Terry and Krantz Les

He was the most beloved president of modern times, with an approval rating as high as 83 percent. Yet few of us fully understand the presidency of John F.Kennedy.
Supporters hail him for the vision, vigor and compassion that he brought to the White House. They yearn for the "next John Kennedy" - as if he is the standard to which all presidents should aspire. Others mock his presidency, claiming he offered more flash than substance and that he accomplished little during his 34 months in office.
What is the truth?
"JFK Day by Day" brings us closer to that answer. The running timeline inside recounts the highlights of each of his 1,086 days in office. Longer stories detail and analyze the most important issues, events and decisions of his presidency - from inauguration to assassination. And other features cover events from his family life during his term. Hundreds of select images from the John F.Kennedy Presidential Library complement this visual chronology of his days in office.

JFK Films

The Film Legacy of John F.Kennedy's Presidential Reign.
96 mins of Camelot in one DVD.

JFK for a New Generation
Hunt Conover

Conover Hunt dedicates this book to people born after 1960 who not remember John Fitzgerald Kennedy. But in this volume Hunt provides valuable insights for readers of ALL ages into the origins of one of the nation's most powerful myths, the nature and chronology of the debate about Kennedy's accomplishments, and the birth of the controversy over his assassination in 1963.

JFK in Ireland
Tubridy Ryan

The idolised, handsome and glamorous John Fitzgerald Kennedy, great-grandson of Irish immigrants, was the first and only Irish-Catholic American to be elected President of the United States.
In this fully illustrated book, complete with never-seen-before photographs and stories, award-winning radio and TV presenter Ryan Tubridy tells the story of JFK's memorable four-day trip to his homeland in June 1963, five months before he was tragically assassinated.

This book has been a gift from my Irish collegue Maureen O'Shea. THANKS Maureen!

JFK - L'Uomo e il Mito
[Una biografia critica]
Victor Lasky

Italian Version.
Very detailed analysis, with many, many authoritative references footnoted, about JFK's political career in Congress and as President. Written and published before JFK's assassination on 11/22/1963 - so it is not influenced by "what could have been". A fascinating look at the other side of Camelot and a sobering read. regardless on one's opinion about JFK.
After his death, it was pulled off library shelves and out of bookstores.
The Italian version was published in 1964 in Italy.

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