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Books 11 - 20

Averting The Final Failure
[John F.Kennedy and the Secret Cuban Missile Crisis Meetings]

Stern Sheldon M.

The Cuban missile crisis was the most dangerous confrontation of the Cold War and the most perilous moment in human history.
Sheldon M.Stern, longtime historian at the John F.Kennedy Library, here presents a comprehensive narrative account of the secret ExComm meetings, making the inside story of the missile crisis completely understandable to general readers for the first time.

Battling Wall Street - The Kennedy Presidency

Gibson Donald

In this intriguing and penetrating analysis, Don Gibson looks at Kennedy's own speeches, writings and actions, and contrasts them with those of his enemies - the Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, and the corporate and banking magnates themselves who truly despised the President. Gibson makes a compelling case that President Kennedy was always on the side of social progress.

Bay of Pigs declassified

Kornbluh Peter

Finally available to the public, th report of the Central Intelligence Agency's own internal investigation of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.
Includes : -the full text of the Inspector General's report; - Richard Bissel's defense of the CIA; - Biographies of key participants; -a complete chronology.

C'etait...l'Amerique de Kennedy
[En 1963, le reve se brisait]

"Paris Match" - "L'Histoire"

In French.
On 22 November, America will make a tribute to the former President John F. Kennedy.
November 22, 1963, he was assassinated in Dallas : a death that still remains mysterious.
The magazine "L'Histoire" is associated with "Paris-Match" to edit a special edition of 112 pages which evokes the man Kennedy and changes in USA it has imposed.
The President continues to fascinate 50 years later. This special issue discusses some secrets surrounding JFK as his family life, sexuality and its links with the mafia.
It also reviews the major events, such as nuclear war between the USSR and the USA that was grazed in 1962 or the promise he made to his fellow citizens to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade of the 60's.
This special edition is illustrated with beautiful pictures from the image archive of Paris Match.

Collision with History
[The search for John F.Kennedy's PT 109]

Ballard Robert D.

Highlighted by 80 illustrations, both historical and modern, as well as such documents as JFK's own letters from the Pacific war zone to his family and the eyewitness accounts of men who fought alongside him aboard the dashing but dangerous 'Mosquito Boats', "Collision with History" is at once an exciting account of war and survival at sea, a behind-the-scenes look at cutting-edge undersea research, and a fascinating portrait of a remote corner of our planet still haunted by the ghosts of the greatest conflict the world has ever seen.

Come si fa il Presidente

White Theodore H.

Italian version of the famous book "The Making of the President 1960" by Theodore H.White.

More than a year before the election of John F.Kennedy, Theodore H.White began to explore the secret planning and private aspirations of seven men, each of whom, in his own way, found his dreams tormented by the power that might be his in the White House. By spring, Mr White had begun to follow the open candidates as they plodded through the snows and early jousting of the primaries. Continuing through the conventions, the campaigns and the final drama of election night, he fashioned a work of contemporary history that highlights the decisions, the acts, the accidents, that created an American President, and also the cold political realities of a country upon whose decision the world of freedom waited.

Con Kennedy

Salinger Pierre


Pierre Salinger, press secretary and confidant to the President, provides an insightful of John F.Kennedy presidency. A great book (in Italian).

Conversations with Kennedy

Bradlee Benjamin C.

Ben Bradlee first came to know John Kennedy well when they were Washington neighbors in 1958. They remained good friends and off-the-record confidants until President Kennedy's death. They also had a more professional relationship governed by Bradlee's job covering the capital for Newsweek. With Kennedy's knowledge, Bradlee kept notes of their intimate conversations. These records are the basis for this behind-the-scenes record of the human side of JFK presidency.

Crisis : Behind a Presidential Commitment

Drew Robert

"CRISIS : behind a Presidential commitment" is the first and only film ever shot candidly of a President making decisions during a crisis. It came about after President Kennedy screened Robert Drew's film "PRIMARY" and asked Drew what he wanted to do next. "Make a film on a President in crisis" Drew said. Three years later, Drew was doing just that.
CRISIS is the most intimate and engaging film of John and Bobby Kennedy ever made, when in June 1963 they faced one of the gravest racial confrontations of the 20th century .

Death of a Generation

Jones Howard

When John F.Kennedy was shot, millions were left to wonder how America and the world would have been different had he lived to fulfill the enormous promise of his presidency. Now, based on convincing new evidence -including a startling revelation about the Kennedy administration's involvement in the assassination of Premier Diem - Howard Jones argues that Kennedy intended to withdraw the great bulk of American soldiers and pursue a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Vietnam.

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