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JFK -Photos\Speeches\Documents CD

This eBook is a commemorative collection of photos, documents and speeches that outline the positive influences and tragic events that chronical Kennedy's life.

JFK -Presidential Library

A Special television series : "Presidential Libraries - History uncovered" on C-Span TV.
A first person view of the modern presidency from the men who held the office and those who served around them. With never- or rarely-seen film, video, recordings, and artifacts from inside the Presidential Libraries' vaults.
This is the complete episode dedicated to "JFK Presidential Library" in Boston.
John F.Kennedy : secretely recorded White House conversations on civil rights, the space race, and the Cuban Missile Crisis; rare films of JFK's early political career.

JFK wants to know
[Memos from the President's Office, 1961-1963]
Kennedy John Fitzgerald
[edited by Claflin Edward B.]

Reflecting rare autobiographical moments in John Kennedy's administration and the political events of the early sixties, this book outlines the education of a young president. From January 1961 to November 1963, John F. Kennedy offered a hope that postwar America could be both strong and considerate, pragmatic and visionary - the the United States could provide leadership for the world and the highest quality of life for its people. The official Kennedy writings presented here are those to key members of his administration.

John F. Kennedy [Quotes/Trivia]


A mini-book, with short biography and quotes from JFK.

John F. Kennedy American

Dollen Charles

In this biography of President Kennedy, Charles Dollen shows the forces that shaped the mind and heart of John Kennedy and his family and friends. The "real man" is presented top the reader along with an analysis of the important event of his life. 

John F. Kennedy and PT109

Abraham Philip

Before he was President of the United States, John F.Kennedy was a lieutenant in the U.S.Navy during World War II. As young captain of PT109 he had to deal with the dramatic night when his boat was sunk.  Kennedy's actions during this crisis changed him from a PT-boat skipper into a war hero. This book explores one of the most dramatic events of WWII : how John F.Kennedy saved his crew.

John F. Kennedy and PT-109

Tregaskis Richard

Before he was President of the United States, John F.Kennedy was a lieutenant in the U.S.Navy during World War II. As young captain of PT109 he had to deal with the dramatic night when his boat was sunk.  Kennedy's actions during this crisis changed him from a PT-boat skipper into a war hero. This was the book about that experience, published in 1962, when JFK was President.

John F. Kennedy and the politics of arms sales to Israel

Ben.Zvi Abraham

This book draws upon the collections of documents available in the Kennedy Presidential Library and the Israeli State Archives, many of which have only recently been declassified. It is a well-researched analysis that expertly fills an historical gap, provides rich theoretical insights beyond the case and has important implications for ongoing debates about US-Israeli relations.

John F. Kennedy on Leadership

Barnes John A.

Perhaps no figure in recent memory more fully personifies leadership than President John F.Kennedy. Leading the nation in a time of unprecedented turbulence, challenge and opportunity, Kennedy led his administration (and the country) with a courage and determination that even his harshest critics respected.
This book identifies eleven core principles that made Kennedy, both before and during his presidency, a unique and dominant force who would serve as the standard by which future leaders would measure themselves - and by which they would be judged.

John F. Kennedy - A Life in Pictures

Dhebier Yann-Brice & Verlhac Pierre-Henri

A celebration, in photographs, of the life of John F.Kennedy (1917-63), the thirty-fifth president of the United States. This is the first book to extensively illustrate the man as well as the icon, and to cover the glamour and success of his life from childhood and student days to congress, fatherhood,  presidency and the tragedy of his untimely death.

John F. Kennedy - America's Youngest President

Frosbee Lucy Post
illustrated by Al Fiorentino


Book of the series "Childhood of Famous Americans".
One of the most popular series ever published for young Americans, these classics have been praised alike by parents, teachers and librarians. With these lively, inspiring, fictionalized biographies - easily read by children of eight and up - today's youngster is swept right into history.

John F. Kennedy - Biography

Milton Joyce

In this book, Joyce Milton presents an insightful assessment of the 35th President's life and legacy.

John F. Kennedy - Commander in Chief
[A profile in Leadership]

Salinger Pierre

John F.Kennedy's presidency has been well examined, but a frequently overlooked yet crucial component of it was his leadership of the United States armed forces.
In this book Pierre Salinger, press secretary and confidant to the president, provides an insightful view of this side of John F.Kennedy. He shares his unique understanding of all the major events of the Kennedy administration that had a military component.

John F. Kennedy - His Life and Legacy
[Introduction by Caroline Kennedy]

Sommer Shelley

A voracious reader of biographies, President Kennedy has fittingly been the subject of many volumes himself. When asked why he enjoyed reading biographies, President Kennedy replied it was because they answer the question "What's he like?".
In attempting to answer that question, author Shelley Sommer presents John F.Kennedy in his many roles - as a boy, a young man, a war hero, a politician, a husband, a father, and finally a President.
This look at John F.Kennedy, illustrated with photos from the Kennedy Family Collection and the Kennedy Library, gives young readers a look at a dynamic man whose personality and politics helped to shape the twentieth century and continue to influence American life today.

John F. Kennedy - Portrait of a President

Sidey Hugh

This dramatic study had almost been completed when Kennedy was assassinated. Written without the piety of mourning or the wisdom of hindsight, by Time Magazine's correspondent at the White House, it details the three dynamic years which crowned a short but fruitful life and conveys, with the immediacy of a dispatch from the front, the image of one man opening up a New Frontier in government.

John F. Kennedy Quotes
[100 Thoughtful Quotes By US President John F. Kennedy]

Kennedy John F.

100 Thoughtful Quotes By US President John F. Kennedy (Kindle edition).

John F. Kennedy - The Making of a Leader

Upadhyay Ritu

"TIME for Kids" Biographies.
Take a close-up look at John F.Kennedy, America's youngest elected President. Interviews with experts and lively writing deliver the accurate reporting you expect from "TIME for Kids".
Historical and contemporary photographs capture the life of this popular leader and show how he influenced our world today.

John F. Kennedy visto da vicino

Rossi Francesco

Italian book, written from Italian journalist Francesco Rossi, after years of research on John F. Kennedy's politics and history of United States after second world war.

John F. Kennedy : War Hero

Tregaskis Richard

In 1943, Lieutenant John Fitzgerald Kennedy, skipper of PT-109, was on night patrol when a Japanese destroyer crashed into his boat and cut her in two. Alone and adrift in enemy waters, Lieutenant Kennedy repeatedly risked his life to save his surviving men from capture or death.
Here is a magnificent and inspiring story : a full and authentic account of the World War II service of the future President of the United States, and the heroic action for which he received the Navy and
Marine Corps Medal.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy reads the "Declaration of Independence"

Kennedy John Fitzgerald

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum released a 1957 recording of Senator John F. Kennedy reading the Declaration of Independence in full, which was made exclusively for New York radio station WQXR's 1957 July 4th observance.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy 's Birthplace
[A Presidential Home in History and Memory]

von Hoffman Alexander

John F.Kennedy National Historic Site in Brookline, Massachusetts preserves and interprets the 1917 birthplace of the nation's 35th President. The house was the first home shared by President Kennedy's father and mother, Joseph P. and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, from 1914 to 1920. The historic house, grounds, collections and neighboring Brookline community document the formtive years of the prominentKennedy family and permit exploration of the early influences which shaped the character and ambitions of John F.Kennedy.
The site was repurchased by the family as a memorial to President Kennedy in 1966 and refurnished to its circa 1917 appearance under the close supervision of the rpesident's mother, based on her recollections. Many pieces in the collection are original to the family's tenure in the house; other are Kennedy family pieces, appropriate antiques, or period reproductions selected for interpretive value.
Following the refurnishing, the Kennedy family donated the birthplace to the National Park Service in 1969. (In 1967 Congress passed legislation authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to acquire te Brooline property.
The National Park Service commissioned this book for two reasons. The first was to situate Joe and Rose Kennedy within Brookline's Beals Street neighborhood to provide a better understanding of the spheres in which the Kennedy family members lived, worked and played. The second was to analyze the significance of the creation of the site as a memorial to the recently assassinated president.

John F.Kennedy's North Carolina Campaign

Tucker John Allen

On September 17, 1960, Sen.John F.Kennedy, the Democratic nominee for president, flew to Greenville for a campaign rally on the campus of East Carolina College. Kennedy's ECC rally was part of a marathon daylong blitz that continued statewide through Greensboro and Charlotte.
The campaign intended to go as far west as Asheville but due to inclement weather concluded with dinner at the governor's mansion in Raleigh and a rally at Reynolds Coliseum.
With photographs as key primary sources, this book explores what happened that day, why it happened, and its significance in North Carolina's political history.

"Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye"

O'Donnell Kenneth P.& Powers David F.
with Joe McCarthy


Millions of Americans respected and loved President Kennedy. Kenneth O'Donnell and David Powers not only loved Kennedy, but knew him better for a longer period of time than almost all of the other men and women involved with his political career. This is  a record of the affection and devotion of two men to one of the most important figure of our time . 


Sorensen Theodore C.
Edition 1966

Edition 2009

As The New York Times wrote "This book is the nearest thing we will ever have to the Memoirs Kennedy intended to write".
And Theodore C. Sorensen, special counsel of the late President, said "I have tried to tell the story of JFK as I know he would have liked to tell it himself".


Sorensen Theodore C.

Italian edition.

As The New York Times wrote "This book is the nearest thing we will ever have to the Memoirs Kennedy intended to write".
And Theodore C. Sorensen, special counsel of the late President, said "I have tried to tell the story of JFK as I know he would have liked to tell it himself".


Lord Logford

Italian version (1977) of Kennedy's biography (1976) by Lord Longford.
Francis Aungier Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford, 1st Baron Pakenham, KG PC (5 December 1905 – 3 August 2001), known to family as Frank Longford, and known as Lord Pakenham from 1945 to 1961, was a British politician and social reformer. A member of the Labour Party, he was one of its longest serving politicians, and was a cabinet minister on several occasions between 1947 and 1968.
In the book KENNEDY, Lord Longford, who was considered Anlo-Irish aristocracy rather than British, found a subject that combined several of his interests -Ireland, America and religion.
"I was fascinated first because Kennedy was a Catholic who had at last broken through, and that intrigued me as Catholic convert. And I have always been interested in American history.Form me it's romantic" Lord Longford said in 1976, when his book was published.


Gadney Reg

In this book and in the major television series of the same title, Reg Gadney, who has researched the Kennedys for several years, scrupulously and accurately tells the story of the thousand days of Kennedy presidency.


Perret Geoffrey

In Italian.
Italian version of the book  "Jack a life like no other".
Geoffrey Perret's book is both the first comprehensive one-volume biography of JFK and the first account of his life based on the extensive and important documentary record that has finally become available, including Kennedy's personal diaries, hundred of hours of taped conversations from the White House, recently declassified government documents, extensive family correspondance, and crucial interviews sealed for nearly 40 yrs.


Gala Marilena

In Italian.
Biography of the Presiden who has become the myth of all young generations.
Introduction by Carlo Rossella.


Michelot Vincent

In French.
' A man does what he has to do , despite the impact on his life, obstacles, dangers and pressure , which is the basis of all human morality . '
Heroes of the Second World War,  Massachusetts senator at the age of thirty-five years , John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963) , who invented a new form of leadership, and whose presidency marked by the missile crisis Cuba, the involvement in Vietnam and the rise of the civil rights movement was that of a tilt between two worlds and two political orders , remains , even today, one of the most charismatic figures of the twentieth century.
Teaching that ' lead and learn are inseparable ' , he never sacrificed his political beliefs as that "mankind should put an end to the war , otherwise it would put an end to mankind ". 
Vincent Michelot , professor of political history of the United States at Sciences Po and author of numerous books on the United States , is one of the great commentators of contemporary American politics.


Francisco Martinez Hoyos

In Spanish.
Spanish Biography of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of United States of America.
Thanks to my Chinese friend and collegue Yu Zhou who gave me this book as a gift for my Kennedy collection.



In Italian.
"Mondadori Comics- Historia-Biografie"
Kennedy's biography in comics.

Kennedy - La più grande biografia illustrata   [2 vol.]

Barbara Luigi

One of the best illustrated Biography of John F.Kennedy and his family.  [in Italian]

Kennedy - A time Remembered
Lowe Jacques

Jacques Lowe's book begins with the early days of the Kennedy and Fitzgerald clans in America and ends with the assassination of the second Kennedy brother, Robert F. Kennedy ('Bobby') on June 6,1968. Based on the personal photographic archives of the author and those of the Kennedy family and the White House. The book is a true evocation of the Kennedy Years, from Camelot through to America's darkest hours. It is a powerful and inspiring memoir.

Kennedy - [Miniseries TV in two parts]

Academy Award winning Martin Sheen takes the title role in KENNEDY, the 2 part mini series that has been seen in over 65 countries. Filmed entirely on location in America, KENNEDY looks at the Presidential years, from the night before his election in November 1960 to the afternoon of his assassination on 22nd November 1963. The series not only examines the political events of Kennedy's years in the White House but also looks at his family and private life during the same period.

Kennedy 1963 - 2003

The Italian Chamber of Deputies has dedicated an exhibition to the memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, on the fortieth anniversary of his tragic death. This book is the official catalogue of the exhibition, focusing on the Italian trip that President Kennedy made in July 1963, to Rome and Naples.

Kennedy and his Women
Sciacca Tony

Everyone knows that politics makes strange bedfellows, but in the case of John F.Kennedy, no one knew those bedfellows included Marilyn, Jayne, Mariella, Judy, Joan, Nancy, Inger, Mary and more. For the charismatic President had some amazing domestic affairs - and they have become the talk of every columnist from coast to coast.
Tony Sciacca, long time Kennedy observer, reveals in this book the intimate details behind the headlines and tells all the stories - even those the press hadn't dare to uncover.

Kennedy and the promise of the Sixties
Rorabauch W.J.

This book explores life in America during that brief promising moment in the early sixties when John F.Kennedy was President.  The early sixties were a period of marked political, social and cultural change. The old was swept away, and the United States began to become the country that it is today.

Kennedy & Castro - The Secret History
Discovery Channel

It was the Cold War, the world was divided into warring camps and Cuba was the flashpoint that could ignite World War III.
Fidel Castro was everything the United States feared, a revolutionary leader just 90 miles from the coast of Florida. He was teh Soviet bloc's toehold in the Western hemisphere adn the Americal government were intent on overthrrowing the Cuban regime. In fact, they even plotted to assassinate Castro.
President John F.Kennedy was obsessed with Cuba. His administration suffered its most humiliating defeat in 1961 when CIA backed Cuban exiles invaded the island in a vain attempt to topple castro's government. Later, Kennedy approved Operation Mongoose, a huge secret programme to destabilise Cuba through propaganda and sabotage. However, even as Kennedy was trying to destroy Castro, newly uncovered documents reveal that  secretely he was reaching out to him. Behind their hostile public face, the two leaders were eager to create peace and had secret negotiation to that goal.
The catalyst behind the whole process as Lisa Howard, a pioneering ABC television journalist all but forgotten today.
Only now, has this Secret History been revealed and Lisa Howard can begin to claim her legacy.

Kennedy in Berlin
Daum Andreas W.

Andreas W.Daum's study not only fills a gap in the historiography of German-American relations, but also constitutes a methodological innovation, for it is far more than just a history of John F. Kennedy's legendary visit to Berlin.
This is going to be the classic study of JFK's visit to Berlin!

Kennedy shock
Palazzolo Lanfranco

Italian book, very critic about Kennedy life and Presidency.

Kennedy vs Lodge
Whalen Thomas J.

In November 1952, Dwight D.Eisenhower won the presidential election by a lanslide vote. In Massachussets, however, a relatively unknown and inexperienced Congressman John F.Kennedy narrowly defeated incumbent Henry Cabot Lodge,Jr. In this book, Thomas J.Whalen provides a penetrating analysis of this pivotal campaign and tells the fascinating story of a political duel between two families that spanned nearly half a century.

Kennedy's kitchen cabinet and the pursuit of peace
[The Shaping of American Foreign Policy, 1961-1963]
Goduti Philip A., Jr

John F. Kennedy's advisors were enormously influential in the shaping of American foreign policy at a crucial time. After struggling in his first year as president, Kennedy employed the guidance of a core group including McGeorge Bundy, Robert Kennedy, Robert Mcnamara, Maxwell Taylor and Theodore Sorensen. This "kitchen cabinet" led to strong leadership in confronting serious challenges arising from the Soviet Union, Cuba, Southeast Asia and Berlin.

Kennedy's Wars
Freedman Lawrence

In this book, noted historian Lawrence Freedman draws on the best of Cold War scholarship and newly released government documents to illuminate Kennedy's approach to war and his efforts for peace.

La Biografia di Kennedy
Barbara Luigi

Biography, in Italian, of the President of the "New Frontier".

La mia sfida
John F.Kennedy

Italian translation of all the speeches of the more loved American President of the Post-War period.

La Nuova Frontiera
[Scritti e Discorsi 1958-1963]
John Fitgerald Kennedy

Italian book.
Collection of 8 important speeches of John F.Kennedy from 1958 to 1963 :
"1. Una nuova idea di Presidenza - 14/1/1960
2. La Nuova Frontiera -  15/7/1960
3. Noi e Khrushev - 26/8/1960
4. Un Mondo Nuovo - 20/1/1961
5. Indipendenza e Interdipendenza  - 4/7/1962
6. Una Nuova idea di Pace  - 10/6/1963
7. Ich bin ein Berliner  - 26/6/1963
8. Una Nazione di Immigrati  - 1958

L'alba della nuova Europa
[Diario europeo 1945]
John F.Kennedy

Italian book.
In the summer of 1945, an energetic, thin, and somewhat frail young man traveled to Europe- England, Ireland, France, and Germany- as a reporter for the Hearst newspapers. His assignment was to cover the situation in Europe after the surrender of Germany, following his attendance at the San Francisco Conference, which established the United Nations. The young man was a seasoned world traveler, a veteran of World War II, and a well-educated professional who had introductions to world leaders and friends in high places. The young man was John F. Kennedy, age 28, and during the trip he kept a diary. In it he recorded his impressions of the future of western democracies, the economic conditions in Europe following the devastation of the war, as well as his predictions on the emerging cold war.
John F. Kennedy's 1945 diary offers us an intimate look at the well-reasoned young man who would be President.

L'America di Kennedy
Colombo Furio

Italian book.
Furio Colombo was an Italian journalist working in US in the period 1960-64 and he had the opportunity to meet and know JFK and his staff (A.Schlesinger, T.Sorensen, R.Kennedy). He wrote this book after the Dallas tragedy.

Let the word go forth
Selected and with an introduction of
Sorensen Theodore C.

The Speeches, Statements, and Writings of John F.Kennedy  -1947 to 1963.
In one volume, the writings and speeches of JFK reveal a man and President and portray an era as no historian or biographer could.Here are the words that propelled a nation and moved the word.

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