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"Kennedy Memorabilia" :  26  items

1961, January 20  -  Inauguration Invitation


Original Invitation to Inauguration of John F. Kennedy/Lyndon Johnson, on Friday January 20, 1961 in Washington With original envelope

1961, January 20  -  Inaugural Program

Original Official Inaugural Program of John F. Kennedy/Lyndon Johnson Inauguration, on Friday January 20, 1961 in Washington
With original envelope

1961  -  The exciting new Game of the Kennedys


"The Exciting New Game of the Kennedys", each player assumes the role of one member of the Kennedy clan and strive with each other in a contest for national prominence.
This game of intra-family power struggle was the product of the fertile imaginations of two young Harvard graduate,  Alfred C.Harrison Jr and Jack Winter.

1963  -  A Pictorial Biography of JFK and his family


Great biographical card collection of John F.Kennedy , from boyhood to presidency, in a pack with 42 historical news photos.

1963, November 25  -  JFK Funeral Card


Original official prayer card personally sanctioned by Jacqueline Kennedy to be given to those in attendance November 25th 1963 at the funeral mass for President John F. Kennedy at Saint Matthews Cathedral in Washington DC. Large beautiful black bordered card measures 5" X 3.5" ( actual size as photo below ) with a profile of President Kennedy on one side and a prayer and quote from his inauguration speech on the reverse side.

1963-11-25 Official Congressional Record Proceeding
John F Kennedy Assassination

Actual edition of the "Congressional Record" from November 25, 1963 from the House of Representatives and Senate proceedings discussing the assassination and burial of President John F. Kennedy.
Eight pages of comments from the floor of both houses. Interesting look inside Capitol Hill right after the assassination.


1963 - Commemoration JFK Plate

Commemoration Plate.
JFK Photo on the front.
Except from Inaugural Address on the back of the plate.

 This plate has been a gift from my dear friend Peppe Vitiello.

1963 - JFK - A Memorial Album



"A Memorial Album" - LP

A Memorial Tribute produced and broadcast by Radio Station WMCA New York on Friday November 22, 1963.
Narrated by Ed Brown, Produced by Martin Plissner and Ed Brown.

1964 - KENNEDY Half Dollar


The Kennedy half dollar, first minted in 1964, is a currently struck fifty cent coin issued by the United States Mint.
Intended as a
memorial to the assassinated President John F. Kennedy, it was authorized by Congress just over a month after his death.
Within hours of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, Mint Director Eva Adams called Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts, informing him that serious consideration was being given to depicting Kennedy on one of the larger silver coins: either the silver dollar, half dollar, or quarter dollar. Adams called Roberts again on November 27 and authorized the project, stating that the late president's widow, Jacqueline Kennedy preferred that he be depicted on the half dollar, replacing the previous design of Benjamin Franklin. Kennedy's reasoning was that she did not want to replace George Washington on the quarter.
Use of existing works by Mint sculptors Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro allowed dies to be prepared quickly, and striking of the new coins began in January 1964.
The coins vanished from circulation soon after their release in April 1964 due to collectors, hoarders, and those interested in a memento of the late president.
The Treasury Department made the coins available to the public beginning on March 24, 1964. A line a block long formed at the department's windows in Washington to purchase the 70,000 coins initially allocated for public sale. Although the department limited sales to 40 per customer, by the end of the day, the coins were gone, but the line had not shortened. Banks in Boston and Philadelphia quickly rationed supplies, but still sold out by noon. Sales in New York did not begin until the following day, and rationing was imposed there as well, to the disgruntlement of the head of the coin department at Gimbels, the largest dealer in the city, which had hoped to sell the coins at a premium.

JFK Paperweight


JFK Paperweight, bought at The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Dallas.
The images in the paperweight are mint-condition U.S. postage stamps.

JFK Cufflinks


Cufflinks with JFK image (1964), bought at shop "Collezionismo a 360 gradi" (www.collezionismoa360gradi.it)
Via Etnea 504 - Catania.

 "Presidents of the United States" cards

A complete set of informative picture cards featuring every American President from George Washington up to G.W.Bush. Each card has a full-color reproduction of the President's official White House portrait (or photograph) on one side with text about the man and the important events of his term on the reverse.

 "First Ladies of the United States" cards


This companion pack to "Presidents of the United States" features America's First Ladies. Each card  has the First Lady's color portrait or historic photograph on one side with text about the woman, her times, and her life with the President on the reverse.

 "Presidents of the United States" 
Photographs, signatures and dates of terms



"Presidents of the United States" : Photographs, signatures and dates of terms, reproduced on antiqued parchment that looks and feels old.
Bought at shop of "Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza" in Dallas.

Watch with J.F.Kennedy photo


Watch with JFK pic in the center.

Kennedy family crest

"Kennedy" family crest, with the Irish origin of the name.

 JFK Commemorative Medallion

 Official solid bronze Commemorative Medallion for John F.Kennedy (1917-1963), 35th President of United States of America.

 JFK Inaugural Address

 Copy of Inaugural Address (January 20,1961) of John F.Kennedy (1917-1963), 35th President of United States of America.
Reproduced on antiqued parchment that looks and feels old.

 Jacqueline Medallion - Arlington National Cemetery

 Official commemorative medallion for Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, (1929-1994), wife of the 35th President of United States of America, from Arlington National Cemetery.

 JFK Medallion - Arlington National Cemetery

 Official commemorative medallion for John F.Kennedy, (1917-1963), 35th President of United States of America, from Arlington National Cemetery.

JFK Library pen

Pen bought at John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston.

Fragment of Grassy Knoll fence at Dealey Plaza-Dallas

This memorabilia is a fragment of Grassy Knoll fence, taken close to the Triple Underpass, from Diego Verdegiglio (author of book "Ecco chi ha ucciso John F.Kennedy") on August 8,1992.

The grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza is a small, sloping hill inside the plaza that became infamous following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The knoll was above Kennedy and to his right (west and north) during the assassination on November 22, 1963.
This north grassy knoll is bounded by the former Texas School Book Depository building along the Elm Street abutment side street to the northeast, Elm Street and a sidewalk to the south, a parking lot to the north and east and a railroad bridge atop the triple underpass convergence of Commerce, Main and Elm streets to the west.


Fragment of "Texas School Book Depository" at Dealey Plaza-Dallas

This memorabilia is a fragment of the sign "TEXAS SCHOOL BOOK DEPOSITORY",  taken from Diego Verdegiglio (author of book "Ecco chi ha ucciso John F.Kennedy") on August 8,1992, while they were replacing it on the front of the building.

The Texas School Book Depository, now known as the Dallas County Administration Building, is a seven-floor building facing Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, United States. It is located 411 Elm Street on the northwest corner of Elm and North Houston Streets, at the western end of downtown Dallas. The building is notable for its connection to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. An employee, Lee Harvey Oswald, shot the president from a sixth floor window on the southeast corner. The structure is a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark.


Mosses and lichens from JFK's gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery

This memorabilia is mosses and lichens from JFK's gravesite, close to Eternal Flame, at Arlington National Cemetery, taken from Diego Verdegiglio (author of book "Ecco chi ha ucciso John F.Kennedy") on August 1993.

The John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame is a presidential memorial at the gravesite of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, in Arlington National Cemetery. The permanent site replaced a temporary grave and eternal flame used during President Kennedy's funeral on November 25, 1963. The site was designed by architect John Carl Warnecke, a long-time friend of President Kennedy's. The permanent John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame grave site was consecrated and opened to the public on March 15, 1967.


Box of matches from JFK Presidential Library and Museum at Boston

This memorabilia is a box of matches bought at JFK Presidential Library and Museum at Boston.


Perfume "Eight & Bob"

Albert Fouquet, the son of a Parisian aristocrat, was part of the elite French society in the early twentieth century and a perfume connoisseur. In a room on the upper floor of the family chateau, Fouquet created and perfected various essences for his own personal use aided by Philippe, the family butler. At social events he would surprise everyone with an exquisite fragrance that became increasingly in demand within the exclusive social circle he frequented. However, Fouquet continually rejected proposals to market his fragrance. One night during his summer vacation in 1937 on the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur), Albert met and got on very well with a young American student who was touring France in a convertible: John F.K. Within minutes of being introduced, JFK was captivated by the essence that Albert wore. John’s charm and congeniality persuaded Albert to leave him a sample of his cologne with a note at the hotel the following morning:
"In this bottle you will find the dash of French glamour that your American perdonality lacks".
On returning from his vacation, Albert received a letter from John in the U.S. thanking him for the kind gesture and informing him of the success his perfume was enjoying among his friends. He requested that Albert send him eight samples, “and if your production allows, another one for Bob”.Without fully understanding the request, Albert decided to send a box with sufficient samples to offset the transport costs. His perfectionism extended not only to the fragrance but everything surrounding it. He didn’t fill the order until Philippe found some beautiful glass bottles in a Parisian pharmacy that Albert considered suitable for his cologne. Finally, he ordered several boxes decorated with the same pattern as the shirt that JFK was wearing when they met, and then labeled the bottles and boxes with John's amusing request: “EIGHT & BOB”. Albert was surprised a few months later when he began receiving letters from America with requests from various Hollywood directors, producers, and actors such as Cary Grant and James Stewart. Everyone wanted the “EIGHT & BOB” cologne they had apparently discovered through John's father, who had maintained relationships with well-known stars because of his previous business ventures in the movie industry.

Unfortunately, the success of his cologne would not spread much further. In the spring of 1939, Albert died in an automobile accident near Biarritz (France). Philippe, the only person who could handle the orders, would only continue with the work for a few months, since the start of World War II forced him to leave his job with the Fouquet family. In the final shipments, Philippe hid the bottles inside books that he carefully cut by hand to prevent the Nazis from seizing the cologne.
Decades later, the formula for “Eight & Bob” has been completely recovered, along with its carefully crafted production process. Once again, it has become one of the most exclusive colognes, preferred by the world’s most elegant men.
I purchased it at Shop "Sabina Scents" at Sorrento(NA).



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