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F - My JFK Memorabilia

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Items 91 - 100

Kennedy stamp - United States (1964)

This stamp, issued on May 29, 1964, paid tribute to John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, who was assassinated on November 22, 1963. The stamp features John F. Kennedy and the Eternal Flame.

Kennedy stamp - United States (1967)

This regular issue stamp, featuring president John F. Kennedy, was issued by the United States on May 29, 1967.

Kennedy stamp - United States (1979)

This 15 cent Robert F. Kennedy  US postage stamp was issued on January 12, 1979 at Washington DC.

The all teal blue square stamp has a profile portrait of Robert (Bobby) Kennedy. "Robert F. Kennedy USA 15c" is in the upper left corner.

Each stamp measures 1 1/4" tall x 1 1/4" wide (3.2 cm x 3.2 cm).

Kennedy stamp - Yemen (1965)

These 5 commemoration stamps were issued by the Kingdom of Yemen on April 5, 1965:

1/8 b. - Pres. Kennedy as a boy
1/4 b. - Pres. Kennedy as a naval officer
1/2 b. - Pres. Kennedy sailing with Mrs. Kennedy
4 b. - Pres. Kennedy in a rocking chair

Air Mail
6 b. - Portrait of Pres. Kennedy

Photo -  1943

Photo of LTJG Kennedy (standing at right) and his crew on PT-109 in 1943.
PT-109 was a PT boat (Patrol Torpedo boat) last commanded by Lieutenant, junior grade (LTJG) John F. Kennedy (later President of the United States) in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Kennedy's actions to save his surviving crew after the sinking of PT-109 made him a war hero, which proved helpful in his political career. The incident may have also contributed to his long-term back problems.
After he became President, the incident became a cultural phenomenon, inspiring a song, books, movies, various television series, collectible objects, scale model replicas, and toys. Interest was revived in May 2002, with the discovery of the wreck by Robert Ballard. PT-109 earned two battle stars during World War II operations.

Original photo 22x14cm from Photo Archive of USIS (United States Information Service).

Photo - June 12, 1944

Photo of Lt. John F. Kennedy, USNR, being awarded, while recuperating from back surgery, with the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, the second-highest noncombat award for heroism by the U.S. Navy to members of the Navy and Marine Corps, for "...extremely heroic conduct as Commanding Officer of Motor Torpedo Boat 109...".
The Medal was presented on June 12, 1944 to John F. Kennedy by Captain Frederick L. Conklin, Commandant of the Chelsea Naval Hospital, at the hospital in Massachusetts for Kennedy's heroics in the rescue of the crew of PT 109 during WWII on August 2, 1943 when the motor torpedo boat was struck by a Japanese destroyer.

Original photo 16x13cm from Photo Archive of USIS (United States Information Service).

Photo - June 27, 1953

Photo of United States Senator John F. Kennedy and his fiancée Jacqueline Bouvier shortly after the announcement of their engagement on June 25, 1953, on the lawn of the Kennedy residence during their weekend visit at Hyannis Port, Ma., on June 27, 1953.


Original photo 18x15cm from Photo Archive of USIS (United States Information Service).

Photo - February 16, 1961

4 Photos of a Press Conference of President John F. Kennedy at Washington on February 16, 1961.

Original photo 23x17cm from Photo Archive of Italian Newspaper "Il Tempo".


Photo - May 16, 1961

Photo of the meeting between President Kennedy and CEE Commission President Hallstein at Washington on May 16,1961.

The President and Dr. Walter Hallstein, President of the Commission of the European Economic Community, met at the White House on May 16,1961.
The President took the occasion to reaffirm the strong support of the US Government for the European Economic Community and the movement toward European integration as envisaged by the Treaty of Rome. The President and Dr. Hallstein were in full agreement that the European integration movement of the six signatory countries of the Treaty of Rome compements and reinforces the progressive development of a true Atlantic Community which will be given new impetus by the coming-into-force of the OECD.

Original photo 24x17cm from Photo Archive of Italian Newspaper "Il Tempo".


Photo - June 5, 1961

Photo of the dinner between President Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace,London on June 5,1961.

Original photo 18x24cm from Photo Archive of USIS (United States Information Service).



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