ACS Cobham - International School
Season 2006-07
Junior Varsity Team
JV Soccer Tourney
November 4, 2006

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Presentation Cerimony


Fifth Team - JV Girls  : ACS Hillingdon

Fourth Team - JV Girls  : ACS Cobham

Third Team - JV Girls  : ACS Egham

Second Team - JV Girls  : TASIS

First Team - JV Girls  : ASL

JV Girls - ASL Team

JV Girls - ACS Egham Team

Fourth Team - JV Boys  : TASIS

Third Team - JV Boys  : ACS Hillingdon

Second Team - JV Boys  : ASL

ACS Cobham -JV Boys Team

First Team - JV Boys  : ACS Cobham
End ACS Cobham JV Boys Team celebrating the Victory

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