ACS Cobham - International School
Season 2006-07
Junior Varsity Team
JV Soccer Tourney
November 4, 2006

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ACS Cobham - TASIS (The American School in England)  2 - 0

ACS Cobham JV Team before the start of the match

TASIS JV Team before the start of the match

Opportunity for ACS Cobham

Francesco, ACS Cobham goalkeeper

Good save by Francesco for ACS Cobham

Half Time Break : 0-0     ACS Cobham JV Team

Half Time Break : 0-0     TASIS JV Team

Start of the second Half

Penalty in favour of ACS Cobham

Michael scoring the penalty for ACS Cobham :

Post for ACS Cobham

Matt scoring the second goal for ACS Cobham : 2-0

Celebration after the 2-0 goal

Last opportunity for TASIS

End of the match : 2-0 for ACS Cobham

ACS Cobham JV Soccer Team

Joy for the victory of the JV Tourney

Winning Team : ACS Cobham JV

A lucky day for Francesco

Team going to the Presentation Cerimony

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