ACS Cobham - International School
Season 2006-07
Junior Varsity Team
JV Soccer Tourney
November 4, 2006

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ACS Cobham - ACS Hillingdon  0 - 0

ACS Cobham JV team

Captains and Referee

Kick-off of the match

Corner for ACS Cobham team

ACS Cobham bench

Free kick for ACS Cobham team


ACS Cobham Subs warming up

families, Subs and ACS Cobham JV Girl watching the match

Disallowed goal for ACS Hillingdon

Half Time Break - ACS Cobham JV Team

Half Time Break - ACS Hillingdon JV Team

ACS Cobham goalkeeper, Stephen

Attack from ACS Hillingdon

Missed opportunity for ACS Cobham

ACS Hillingdon gollie

Last opportunity for ACS Hillindon on corner

End of the match : 0-0

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