Epsom & Ewell Youth League - Season 2006-07
Under 16 Team

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League Match
April 1
5, 2007

Oxshott Royals - Netherne  0 - 8

Oxshott Royals U16 before the start of the match - only 9 players today!!!!

Netherne U16 team

11:30am - Start of the match

I Half 10th min - opportunity for Netherne

I Half 12th min - another attack for Netherne

 I Half 14th min -

I Half 16th min -

I Half 17th min -

Francesco, Oxshott goalkeeper

I Half 24th min - good save by Francesco

I Half 25th min - first goal for Netherne   0-1

Delusion for the goal, after having resisted 25 mins in 9 players

I Half 26th min - second goal in one minute for Netherne   0-2
I Half 30th min - in the same action three good saves from Francesco

I Half 34th min - action of the third goal for Netherne

I Half 34th min - third goal for Netherne : 0-3

I Half 39th min - brave save from Francesco

I Half 40th min- Oxshott misses a clamorous opportunity at the last minute of first half

Oxshott captain, James, at end of first half

Oxshott coach, Darryl, at Half Time break

Half Time Break

Half Time break - Johnatan

Half Time break - Francesco

Half Time break - Callum

Half Time Break - Tom

Start of Second Half

II Half - Gareth

II Half - Tom

II Half - Rob

II Half 38th min- first goal on penalty conceded by Francesco in this season 0-7

II Half 40th min - second penalty at last minute for hand foul

II Half 40th min - final goal for Netherne :  0-8

 End of Match : weariness and delusion for Oxshott players

Rob - Man of the Match for Oxshott

Satisfaction for Netherne team
Comment from the Coach


A tough game on Sunday with the highest temperatures of the season coinciding with only having 9 players available.

We started very well with James unlucky not to get us on the board inside the first 20 seconds... We continued to dominate the first 25 minutes with some excellent possession play and some great attacking moves. We held an excellent defensive line and managed to catch Netherne out offside very regularly. But tellingly, we did not convert the opportunities we had - largely due to a physical lack of numbers.

However, the combination of heat and lack of player numbers combined to gradually wilt our degree of possession and ability to defend and we started to leak goals ending up losing 8-0. Whilst we could not have expected to win given we were so out-numbered, we did deserve to get on the scoreboard several times. We had more than 50% of possession, but where we lost it was short passages of play when our lack of numbers resulted in their players finding loose space. Andy and Rob (man-of-the-match) were superb in defence with a never-say-die attitude whilst James played a lone-hand up-front covering many miles at top pace despite the heat.


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