Epsom & Ewell Youth League - Season 2006-07
Under 16 Team

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League Match
February 18
, 2007

Alexandra United - Oxshott Royals 9 - 3

Oxshott Royals during their warm-up

Oxshott Royals U16 team

Alexandra United U16 team

Captains and referee

10:00 Start of the match

I Half 4th min - first save for Oxshott


1Half  5th min - from a corner, Alexandra scores their first gol, thanks to an Oxshott's own-goal :

I H 5th min - Francesco after 1-0

I Half 8th min

I Half 9th min - second goal for Alexandra  : 2-0
I I Half 12th min - third goal for Alexandra , with the second own-goal for Oxshott : 3-0

I Half 13th min - fourth goal for Alexandra , with a nice lob : 4-0

Francesco after the 4th goal conceded in 8 mins

I Half 20th min - save for Oxshott

I Half 27th min - first goal for Oxshott with James : 4-1

I Half 30th min - action of the fifth goal for Alexandra :

Just after having conceded the fifth goal

I Half 33th min - second goal for James and Oxshott: 5-2

Celebration after the second goal

I Half 35th min

I Half 37th min - brave save

Half Time Break



Start of Seconf Half

II Half 9th min - goal disallowed to Alexandra for offside

II Half 15th min - third goal for James and Oxshott :

Joy (and hope of a miracle?) for Oxshott team

II Half 19th min - Francesco slightly injured in a save but...

...Alexandra continues the action and scores the sixht goal : 6-3

II Half 24th min - brave save

II Half 28th min - Oxshott fails an easy opportunity

II Half 34th min - seventh goal for Alexandra7-3

II Half 35th min - eighth goal for Alexandra8-3

after the goal

II Half 38th min - nineth goal for Alexandra9-3

II Half 39th min - Alexandra fails the opportunity for the tenth goal

End of the match
Comment from the Coach


Well, a 3-9 loss is far from pretty and we did not deserve to win, but we equally did not justify a scoreline like that...

We had a bout 20 minutes of collective "madness" during the game - 15m in the first half and 5m in the second when we went AWOL and let in 8 goals in rapid succession. The rest of the game we actually played pretty well....but our lapses cost us too dear - too early.

The same issues still tend to let us down:
- if a goal or 2 is let in, we start to disintegrate and focus our energy on ourselves rather than the other team. If something goes wrong, accept it, learn from it...and fix it. Talk amongst yourselves more to understand what is going on around you - there are some excellent football brains out there - use them.
- we get the ball into goal scoring positions, often doing a lot of great work to get there, then fail to finish off. Go the whole 100% to complete what you start. The difference between the best teams and the also-rans is taking advantage of the opportunities when they do come up.

The first point is simply individual discipline that only you can fix on the pitch, the second is largely around confidence - goals breed confidence whereas a lack of the same leads to hesitation and a lack of "hunger" - just contrast Drogba and Shevchenko about a month ago...

As always, it is best to focus on the positives... the second half of the first half we showed good fighting qualities to get 2 goals on the board and get us firmly back into the game. We built on this during the first 2/3rds of the second half with an excellent, consolidating performance, holding possession, displaying good hunger for the ball and working well across mid-field. It was great to have Gareth back after injury. 3 goals today from James (with good variety) was an excellent performance lifting the season tally to 18. Tom played a deft game out wide and was justly tied in the "parent poll" for man-of-the-match with Andy who got the nod for a determined effort with good leadership of the defense.



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