Epsom & Ewell Youth League - Season 2006-07
Under 16 Team

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League Match
February 4
, 2007

Oxshott Royals - Warren Mead B 2 - 6

Oxshott Royals during their warm-up, in a very foggy day

Oxshott Royals U16 team

Warren Mead B U16 team

Captains and referee in the fog

11:20 Start of the match

Limited visibility

I Half 7th min - first save for Oxshott


1Half  9th min - clamorous missed opportunity for Oxshott Royals

I H 11th min - brave save for Francesco

I Half 12th min -Francesco after Warren scored their first goal 0-1


Corner for Warren

I Half 20th min - Andy arrives and Oxshott team plays in 11

I Half 22th min - second goal for Warren  : 0-2

I Half 23th min - another opportunity for Warren

I Half 25th min - an attack for Oxshott

I Half 29th min - third goal for Warren0-3

I Half 30th min - good opportunity for Warren

I Half 33rd min - unlucky attack for Oxshott

I Half 35th min - first goal for Oxshott, with James -  1
Joy for James's goal

I Half 39th min - disallowed goal (offside) for Warren

Half Time Break

Half Time Break

Half Time Break

Start of second half

Ready for a corner

II Half 3rd min - very good save by Francesco

II H 4th min - attack from Warren Mead

II H 8th min - Warren scores their 4th goal :  1-4

II H 13th min - opportunity for Oxshott

II H 14th min - fifth goal for Warren :

II H 15th min - sixth goal for Warren : 1-6




II H 26th min - Oxshott in attack

Very muddy Francesco

II Half 32th min - istinctive save by Francesco

II Half 39th min - second goal for Oxshott  : 2-6


End of the match


Johnny, Man-of-the-Match
Comment from the Coach


We were always going to be up against it today when we had 4 selected players injured/sick on Saturday/Sunday morning - Greg stepped in to fill the void (many thanks Greg) so we started the game with 10 players before making it 11 mid way through the first half. Compounding this was we had to play several players out of position which meant new player relationships had to be learnt fast. No subs also placed a lot of pressure on those playing in terms of match fitness.

Despite these set-backs, I feel we played well for over half the game, but we showed passages of ill-discipline, players wandering to new positions and a lack of cohesion that frankly should not happen in a side such as ours. There were moments when I felt very proud of team performance, then moments where I was wondering if it was the same side. The final score-line of 6-2 against us could have easily been better if we had taken our chances up front but even more importantly, Warren Mead's scoreline should/could have been less if we had played with more team camaraderie and passion.

The key really is constructive talking on the pitch - when there was talking, it was not generally positive - it was more criticising team-mates rather than accepting responsibility for a missed tackle etc. It is a rare person who responds positively to constant criticism - we need to channel frustration into constructive delivery on the pitch - work with your team mates to lift collective performance rather than put them down.

Despite the glitches, we had some good passages of play - Callum's set-up for James's goal was sublime, Andy's long range lob that found Greg for our second goal was either one of the best bits of visionary play I have seen, or a rather lucky lob - we'll go for the former.... Man-of-the-match today was Johnny, a display full of hard running, commitment for the loose ball and some excellent breaks - a near certain goal was only stopped by a particularly sticky mud patch... Well done Johnny, an excellent performance


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