Epsom & Ewell Youth League - Season 2006-07
Under 16 Team

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League Match
January 21
, 2007

Dorking Wanderers - Oxshott Royals 4 - 1

Oxshott Royals U16 team

Dorking Wanderers U16 team

Warm-up - Francesco

Referee with the two captains

11:00 - Start of the match

I Half 12 min - good save for Oxshott

I Half 13th min - goal for Oxshott with James  : 0-1

I Half 14th min - another opportunity for Oxshott

1H 15th min - Oxshott misses another opportunity

1H 16th min Dorking scores their first goal : 1-1

1H 17th min -great opportunity for Dorking - post

I Half 24th min - save by Francesco

Bosher and Benedict

I Half 27th min - another opportunity for Oxshott

I Half 32th min - Oxshott continues to miss big opportunities

I Half 34th min -
Half I Half 35th min - Dorking does not miss its opportunity with a man alone in front of the goalkeeper : 2-1

I Half 39th min - good save

Half Time Break - Francesco

Half Time break - Oxshott

Half Time break - Dorking

II Half 2nd min - another distraction at start of second half  of Oxshott defence, leaving a man alone in front of the goalkeeper : 

 II Half 5th min - a save for Francesco....

 II Half 5th min - ...and another one

II Half 19th min  - Ollie

Two different sizes
II Half 20th min - another big missed opportunity for Oxshott!

II Half 28th min - and another save for Francesco

II Half 39th min - usual story, man alone in front of the goalkeeper and 4th goal for Dorking : 4-1

Delusion after the 4th goal

Last save of the match

End of the match

James E, man-of-match
Comment from the Coach


A disappointing result for all of us today. Given the amount of possession and control we had, a 4-1 loss was hard to take. Looking around the players one by one, I believe we are a far better team than today's display suggested - we just did not click the way we can and should.

Our shortfalls were ones we have tried to address in the past:
- the talking was very spasmodic - hard for your team mates to make the right decisions when no-one is talking to the player in possession
- we had a lot of goal-front possession but lacked that defining edge to finish off the moves. We simply did not manage to convert the many chances we had, especially in the second half.
- fast breaks from the opposition splitting our defence too easily

On the positive side, Francesco made some excellent saves, Ollie played a good positional game and Jonathon made good use of the mid-field space to transition smoothly from defence to attack. Bosher played a solid first up game and will only continue to improve with match fitness. Man-of-the-match to day was James who played a typically tireless game setting up several chances > a highlight was his stunning first half long range goal (set up by an excellent pass from Tom).

Thanks to Andrew and Neil for running the line - quality job!


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