Epsom & Ewell Youth League - Season 2006-07
Under 16 Team

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League Match
January 14
, 2007

Roundshaw Colts - Oxshott Royals 3 - 3

Oxshott Royals U16 team

Roundshaw Colts U16 team

Warm-up - Francesco

Warm-up - Tom

Referee with the two captains

13:30 - Start of the match

I Half 3rd min - opportunity for Roundshaw, saved by Francesco

I Half 10th min - shot out of target for Roundshaw

1H 13th min Oxshott players complaining with referee for the penalty

1H 13th min Missed penalty for Roundshaw. In two years Francesco has a record of ZERO goals conceded out of 7 penalties

I Half 21st min - Roundshaw scoring their first goal 1

Roundshaw players celebrating their first goal

I Half 29th min - save by Francesco
I I Half 31st min- Oxshott scoring with a long range shot by James : 1-1

Oxshott players celebrating James after his goal

I Half 37th min -another opportunity for Oxshott

I Half 38th min -

I Half 39th min -

Half Time Break

Half Time Break - Francesco

Half Time Break - Francisco

II Half 4th min - save by Francesco

II Half 6th min - Tom scoring the second goal for Oxshott : 1-2

 Oxshott team celebrating their second goal


 II Half 8th min - corner for Roundshaw....

 ...and their second goal : 2-2

 II Half 14th min : Gareth (n.43) scoring the third goal for Oxshott with a quality header  2-3

Team celebrating Gareth after the third goal


II Half 19th min - brave save by Francesco, but then, on the rebound, Roundshaw will score their their third goal : 3-3

 Slight injury at an eye, in previous action,  for Francesco

II Half 28th min - Francisco, new player for Oxshott Royals

II Half 30th min -

II Half 39th min - last minute of the match and last opportunity

End of the match : the two goalkeeers

Tom, Francisco, Rob, Matt and Jack S

Jack E, man-of-match
Comment from the Coach


After a rusty start, we emerged with a hard fought 3-3 draw today which whilst we had opportunities to win, was probably a fair result.

I spoke to the Roundshaw Manager at length before the game and he confirmed they had basically re-built their side from a couple of weeks prior to our Cup game. They are now a good side as their recent results testify - which places today's good result in perspective bearing in mind we lost the cup game.

It took us a good 20-30m to start finding our rhythm and once we did, our game started to flow. We had several good opportunities before James slotted a long range shot. Tom pounced on a free ball from a well placed corner to score followed by Gareth with a quality header - again from a corner play. Pleasing to see a bit more opportunity taking coming from the corners guys.

However, we showed the classic signs of not having played for a month - our talking was minimal, we were a bit slow to release the ball at times and defensively, we left some large gaps as our co-ordination slipped. But these aspects will come good as we re-build match fitness.

Francesco kept his remarkable penalty defence record in place after a rather dubious penalty decision went against us - great effort Fran!

Man-of-the-match today was Jack E - another solid and convincing display showing good vision and calmness under pressure.


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