Epsom & Ewell Youth League - Season 2006-07
Under 16 Team

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League Match
December 17
, 2006

Oxshott Royals - Warren Mead A 5 - 2

Oxshott Royals U16 team

Warren Mead A U16 team

13:20am - Kick-off of the match

I Half 1st min - First opportunity is for Oxshott

I Half 2nd min - opportunity for Warren

I Half 10th min

I Half 11th min

I Half 15th min - Francesco's save for Oxshott

I Half 17th min - first goal for Oxshott 1-0

Oxshott celebrating after first goal

I Half 20th min - second goal for Oxshott 2-0

Oxshott celebrating after second goal


I Half 31st min - Warren scoring their first goal 2

Warren players celebrating their first goal

I Half 32nd min

I Half 34th min- great save from Francesco on a free kick for Warren...

..and 30 seconds after(I Half 35nd min)third goal for Oxshott 3

Second personal goal for Rob


I Half 40th min - last opportunity in first half for Warren

Francesco at start of Second Half

II Half 4th min -after fourth goal for Oxshott  4

II Half 11th min - Warren scoring their second goal 4-2

Francesco after having conceded the second goal

II Half 15th min - Francesco's save

II Half 20th min - another save


II Half 40th min - after the fifth goal scored at last minute 5-2

Rob, Man-of-the-Match

Francesco at end of the match
Comment from the Coach


That's better - a 5-2 win is a great way to finish off 2006!

It was an excellent game today, played in great spirit by both sides and referred to a high standard by the stand-in ref after ours let us down at the last minute - must be the Xmas spirit!

We had a good discussion before the game to try to address the things that had not been working for us of late - we made some significant positional changes and had a good team roll-out numbers wise - a luxury which enabled us the chance to mix it up a bit by rotating players around.

We started with good confidence and managed to dominate play - but we went unrewarded for quite a while before James released Rob with an excellent cross which Rob finished off clinically - Rob added another by showing excellent bustling commitment to power through with James also scoring a typical running goal off a move started deep in defence by Ollie.

We turn into the second half 3-1 up and managed another goal from each of Rob and Callum whilst conceding 1 to end the game with a well deserved 5-2 victory.

Defence supported us well today with Jack E showing he is settling in well with some excellent coverage, Ollie showed some good positional play. Midfield was more committed than recently evidenced by Jack S's cross pitch runs and Matt's increasing influence. Man-of-the-match was relatively easy in the end as we had a major positional change in Rob pushing forward from the backline to striker in a move calculated to bring more urgency to our goal-scoring > Rob rewarded our confidence finishing with 3 excellent goals earning him the award this week.

We now have a few weeks off -
Take a well deserved rest team > it has been a tough first half season but you have finished it off commendably well - we now have something to build on for the second half of the season.


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