Epsom & Ewell Youth League - Season 2006-07
Under 16 Team

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League Match
December 10
, 2006

St Helier - Oxshott Royals 9 - 0

Oxshott Royals U16 team

St Helier U16 team

10:00am - Kick-off of the match

I Half 1st min - First opportunity is for Oxshott


I Half 2nd min - first goal for St Helier 1-0

I Half 9th min - Francesco's save

I Half 10th min - second goal for St Helier 2-0

I Half 17th min

I Half 18th min - Jack S and Callum

I Half 19th min - third goal for St Helier 3-0

I Half 21th min - Jonothan

I Half 22th min - Callum

I Half 24th min - Francesco's save

Half 26th min - Francesco's save

I Half 27th min - fourth goal for St Helier 4-0

Delusion for Oxshott captain...

... and joy for St Helier players



I Half 32nd min - fifth goal for St Helier 5-0

I Half 35th min - Francesco's save
I I Half 37th min - sixth goal for St Helier 6-0

Half Time Break

II Half 2nd min - Francesco's save

II Half 3rd min -

II Half 5th min

II Half 9th min - Francesco's save

very muddy field...

II Half 10th min - Francesco's save on a free kick

II Half 11th min - Francesco's save but...

... jut at the end of the action... the seventh goal for St Helier: 7-0

II Half 14th min - Francesco's save

II Half 15th min - eight goal for St Helier  8-0

II Half 25th min - nineth goal for St Helier  9-0

...after the goal

II Half 30th min - Francesco's save

II Half 36th min

II Half - 4oth min - Francesco saves another penalty : till now no-penalty-scored to Francesco in the season!

Jack, Man-of-the-Match


End of the match

Francesco with a young Italian supporter
Comment from the Coach


A tough match today. No-one likes to lose a match 9-0 - but were were up against the best side in the competition and whilst clearly outclassed on the day, we had many chances to get on the board too - but just could not manage that last effort.

I was particularly pleased with the final 10 minutes, this is when our heads could have really dropped, but there was a surge of spirit, confidence and determination that had St Helier chasing us for a change and several near-efforts that on a better day, would have gone in. Very, very proud of that spirit.

We tried many things today and I was very pleased with how everyone responded. We turned defenders into strikers and visa versa - providing a bit of a change and the fact that you left the pitch with some smiles still shows that you enjoy the game - let's take that spirit into our next game against Warren Mead at home and we will start to get the wins that we deserve.

Francesco kept his remarkable no-penalties-scored record going today - stunning effort Fran! Ollie had the ball on a string in the last 10 minutes in defence. Jack E again put in a very solid defensive effort. Man-of-the-match today was a tough effort - had to call on the parents on the sidelines for their views - even that proved difficult as they were locked between James and Jack - both players gave 100% today playing in different positions and running hard all day. In the end, Jack got the vote by a nose providing extra resilience in mid-field coupled with some scything runs late in the game on goal.


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