Epsom & Ewell Youth League - Season 2006-07
Under 16 Team

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League Match
November 26
, 2006

Warren Mead B - Oxshott Royals 2 - 0

Oxshott Royals U16 team

Warren Mead B U16 team

Warm-up of Oxshott Team

Warm-up -Oxshott team

Warm-up - Oxshott goalkeeper, Francesco

Kick-off of the match, with Warren Mead manager as referee!

I Half 1st min - opportunity for Oxshott

I Half 3rd min - good instinctive save for Oxshott

I Half 5th min - another save from Francesco


I Half 8th min - a good opportunity for Tom


I Half 26th min - save with a foot

I Half 26th min - another good save in the same action

I Half 30th min

I Half 32th min - good save by Gareth

I Half 33rd min
Half I Half 35 min - Warren Mead scoring their first goal with two players in evident offside!!!   1-0

Darryl protesting with the referee

But referee does not change idea and confirms 1-0

I Half 38th min - Brave save for Oxshott

I Half 44th min (= 4min stoppage time!!) - Second goal for Warren: 2-0

Delusion for Oxshott players...

... and joy for Warren Mead players

Half Time Break : Oxshott team

Half Time Break : Mo and Gareth

Half Time Break : Francesco

Start Second Half


II Half 12th min - missed opportunity for Oxshott

Corner Kick for Oxshott

Several attacks from Oxshott Royals, but with no goal
II Half 29th min - face to face with the goalkeeper...
... and it is a penalty faul

II Half 29th min - Warren fails the penalty, with the ball hitting the post, confirming the very positive penalty tradition for Francesco

Vain final assault for Oxshott

End of the Match

Francesco and Matt


Rob, Man-of-the-Match

End of the match

Another very generous match for James, the captain
Comment from the Coach


A 2-0 nil today was disappointing but in context of one of the worst referring performances I have seen, not a game to get disheartened about.

Warren Mead were not able to field an accredited referee today, so their manager filled in. It started off ok but soon de-generated into a game lacking central control, Andrew's off-side flag being totally ignored for their first goal when they had 2 off-side and many foul tackles missed.

But having said that, we need to score goals to win games and that we did not do today.

We played one of our better end-to-end games today, where we fell down was not converting the many chances we had into goals - we simply must put away the balls when we have possession inside the box. The mid-field did a good job of supporting the clearances from defence - more body effort and positional play was very evident - this bodes well.

We had excellent performances today from Gareth in defence despite a bit of verbal abuse from his opposite number, a good return from Benedict and some good short, sharp bursts from Mo. Man-of-the-match today was Rob who was full of running (no rugby on Saturday must have helped...), positioned himself well and cleared many dangerous balls.


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