Epsom & Ewell Youth League - Season 2006-07
Under 16 Team

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League Match
November 12
, 2006

Netherne Panthers - Oxshott Royals 7 - 3

Oxshott Royals U16 team

Netherne Panters U16 team
I One minute silence

Kick off of the match

I Half  1st min - missed opportunity for Oxshott

Francesco, Oxshott goalkeeper

I Half 3rd min - opportunity for Netherne

I Half 7th min - first goal for Netherne  1-0

I Half 11th min - good save for Oxshott

Dave and Darryl


I Half 17th min - second goal for Netherne : 2-0

I Half 26th min - after the first goal for Oxshott : 2-1

I H 34th min - a save of Netherne goalkeeper

I H 36th min - third goal for Netherne : 3-1


Half Time Break - Netherne Panthers

Half Time Break - Oxshott Royals


Half Time Break - Darryl

Kick-off of Second Half
II T II Half 1st min - Fourth goal for Netherne : 4-1
II II Half 7th min - Second goal for Oxshott : 4-2
II II Half 8th min - Fifth goal for Netherne : 5-2



II Half 24 min - Sixth goal for Netherne : 6-2

II Half 24 min - Seventh goal for Netherne : 7-2

II Half 29th min - Spectacular third goal for Oxshott, with James directly from corner : 7-3

 II Half 38th min - Good save for Oxshott

End of match : Francesco and James

End of match : Rob

End of match : Netherne Panters team

End of match : Oxshott Royals team



Jonathan, man-of-the-match
Comment from the Coach


A disappointing game today - as a 3-7 loss does not tell the true story of the match.

The simple fact is we are scoring enough goals to win more games - but we are just leaking too many goals - this is clearly evidenced by our goal difference. From the sideline (always a safe place to be...) it is clear we let the opposition have too much easy ball. We work hard to clear to ball from defence but concede possession too easily as we do not value possession as much as the opposition. So the ball is immediately coming back....therefore we spend too much time defending and the law of averages then means too many scrambled goals - we need to work on being very jealous with our possession...

We started the game at a disadvantage as we lost 3 players over the weekend due to injury and sickness - so we were left with just the bare 11 players - and they did themselves full credit playing and running hard all game without the chance to be rested - very proud of their collective efforts despite the scoreline. Whilst the referring was generally good in picking up the many infringements against us, sadly, the severity of the some of the tackles was not appropriately penalised.

James played a great captain's game today, a coolly taken one-on-one goal in the first half and a well floated goal from the corner in the second half. He also covered huge amounts of ground during the game to help cover defence. Gareth took a great goal from a superb header off a well-taken Greg(?) corner. Francesco made some courageous saves, especially late in the game. In what I feel was a personal-best performance today, Jonathan was man-of-the-match. He showed no signs of recent nagging injuries, played a good-physical in-front game, ran hard, tackled hard and exerted good central control whilst showing some great subtle ball touch. It was a pleasure to watch.

So, we just need to keep scoring those sorts of goals whilst not letting the opposition score as many - sounds very simple...





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