Epsom & Ewell Youth League - Season 2006-07
Under 16 Team

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League Match
October 29
, 2006

Oxshott Royals - Stoneleigh Athletic  0 - 3

The two captains and the referee

Kick-off of the match


 Oxshott in attack


I Half -18min Stoneleigh missing a great opportunity

Oxshott captain losing his shoe


I Half 21st min- Stoneleigh scoring their first goal : 0-1

I Half - 33rd min -Oxshott in attack trying to draw

Half Time Break for Oxshott Royals team

Half Time Break for Stoneleigh Athletic team

Coach Darryl in half time break

Gareth & Matt


Kick-off second half

II Half 1st min - immediately another opportunity for Stoneleigh

Andy, Man-of-the-Match, slightly injured

II Half - 15th min - Francesco anticipates Stoneleigh player

II Half - 19th min - Stoneleigh close to the second goal

II Half - 20th min - Oxshott in attack

II Half - 21st min - Stoneleigh scoring their second goal : 0-2

II Half - 27th min -Third goal for Stoneleigh : 0-3


Stoneleigh trying to score the fourth goal

Oxshott team at the end of the match


Comment from the Coach



Normally I would not feel too comfortable about a 3 nil loss but today I did...

Stoneleigh are the top side, who beat us 6-1 last time we meet - in a scoreline that did flatter us on the day as we were run ragged.

This time, we held them for most of the first half before we conceded a pretty soft goal. Then in the second half we conceded another soft goal and they managed one excellent goal from a corner play. In between these goals, we defended strongly, started to head the ball more consistently, used space out wide and generally showed signs of working more cohesively. Possession was near 50/50 - a vast improvement on the first game Where we fell down was turning possession into goals - we had numerous chances but generally we were not able to convert the opportunities.

Some very solid performances today - Fran had an excellent first half when his reactive skills kept us in the game, Matt flowed smoothly around the pitch creating several opportunities, Ollie had some good touches and Rob ran hard and defended well. Man-of-the-match today was Andy who apart from having a very concerning ability to ahhhhh, get winded in the very lower stomach most matches..., played a very controlling game in defence - heading with confidence and passing coolly under pressure - next game you may need to wear a cricket box Andy...



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