Epsom & Ewell Division 2 - Soccer
Season 2005-06
Under 15 Team

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January 29, 2006

Oxshott Royals - Dorking Athletic  5 - 2

Important victory for Oxshott Royals Under 15 Team
from left : Francesco,Jack, Andy, Raph, Tom, Rob, Fred, James G, Martin, Mo, Callum, Jonathan, Matt, James H

Oxshott team before the start of the match

Dorking team entering on the ground

Oxshott scoring 1-0 with Freddie

Celebrating 1-0

Good save from Dorking goalkeeper

Freddie and Callum

Callum scoring 2-0 : cross or shot?

Callum celebrating 2-0

Oxshott captain, James G, with ref

James G. scoring 3-0 for Oxshott

Raph scoring 4-0 for Oxshott

Dorking scoring 1-4 in the final minutes of first half

Ref with Oxshott coach Darryl

First half break

Francesco saving a penalty

Francesco and Rob celebrating after the saved penalty

Francesco saving on a free kick in last minutes

 Francesco as Man of the Match

Raph, scoring two goals today



Darryl congratulating his team at the end of the match
Comment from the Coach


Disappointed that you all had to go through the antics of the Dorking Manager today - not what the game is all about.  But we came through that with pride and integrity to record a 5-2 win to continue us on our winning way.

The whole team (and supporters…) kept their cool under a lot of pressure from their manager/linesman - the ref did a fair job under intense pressure and did the right thing in reporting the Dorking Manager.  Their tactics of unsettling us had a few moments of success but our better cohesion and character soon saw us through.  Special mention for Neil doing a great job on our line despite all the distractions!

Onto the game itself…we played well, moved the ball around well in the mid-field and took time to set up some good opportunities - though we should have taken 3-4 goal opportunities in the second half.   We had goals today from Freddie, Callum, James G and Raph with 2 - Callum's was a special delight - was it a cross or was it a shot…..only Callum will ever know!! 

Matt brought in good variety with some telling throws - we will need to adapt our play more to his length.  A few injuries meant we had to shuffle around a bit towards the end but you all collectively raised your game.  Great efforts today from Jack in defence with very instinctive judgement, Martin played his critical lynchpin role in the centre and Raph created good opportunities in the mid-field.  Man-of-the-match today was Francesco - there were a few critical junctions in the game today where Fran made the difference.  He excelled under intense pressure by keeping out a critical penalty that could have started to swing the match and kept his cool in several late goal line skirmishes - great effort.  

Well done - proud of today's effort.



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