Epsom & Ewell Division 2 - Soccer
Season 2005-06
Under 15 Team

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November 13, 2005

Dorking Athletic - Oxshott Royals  3 - 4

Ollie as Oxshott goalkeeper in first half

Francesco as Oxshott goalkeeper in second half

Oxshott Royals players celebrating after a goal
Doking scoring his third goal : 3-4

Last opportunity for Doking

Comment from the Coach


It is good that we are winning the tight games - though we are making it a little too habit forming...

A 4-3 win was good and we will take itů.but it could have been so, so much more.

Think though today's game and the number of opportunities we had, especially in the first half.  We dominated play for 80% of the half - but every time they went forward, they looked menacing.  Most times we went forward, we squandered the chances we had.  We performed better in the second half as we started to move the ball a bit more and started to create more space up-front.  I was especially pleased with the team camaraderie around the goal-scorers (Rob, James G, Freddie and James H) after they had scored - a great sign for the team as a whole.  Each of these goals was quality - though we seemed to score the harder ones and miss the easier ones...

Raph played well especially as he started to lay-off off the ball more in the second half which started to open up the game a lot, Rob was very solid in defence again, James G provided good pace and ball delivery up front, James H again managed to find the space down the left and set up some great plays.  Man-of-the match today was Jack, a game full of poise and confidence.  Jack inspires confidence as he has the pace and balance to thwart many an attack and has the presence of mind to transform a defence play into attack - great game!



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