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Postcard "The Eternal Flame"

Postcard "The Eternal Flame" during winter, bought at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.
The Eternal Flame burns bright as the sun sets behind Arlington House.
Initially used at Arlington National Cemetery in 1963 to commemorate President Kennedy, it was the first time an individual was given such an honor.

Postcard "A JFK Assassination Seminar"


Postcard to advertise "A JFK Assassination Seminar" at Youngstown State University on Saturday December 7,2013.
The Seminar was in conjunction with "Specter of treason :The Oswald Trial".

Postcard "Childhood's End"

Postcard with the lyric of the song "Childhood's End".

Words : Rick Ryan.
Music : Melissa Ryan.

 "Childhood's End," a new song written by Rick Ryan, pays tribute to President John F. Kennedy & describes the impact that his death had on a generation of our nation's youth.

Rick, a self-described "life-long lyricist/songwriter" who lives in the Los Angeles area, says...

"I'll never forget that Friday afternoon (November 22, 1963) when I was an 11 year old Irish Catholic kid living in Belmont, Massachusetts. In the ensuing years, I've come to realize the loss of President Kennedy in such a senseless & brutal manner affected me more than I ever knew."

Rick tells us that writing this song brought out hidden emotions & moved him to tears. He says that his purpose in writing "Childhood's End" is to reflect on how the events of November 22, 1963 "changed our country forever."

Boston Card "The Kennedy Connection"  (The Boston Omni Parker House)

Boston has many Kennedy Connections.
The Boston Omni Parker House is a famous Boston Landmark rich in Boston history since 1855. It was there that a young JFK made his first speech when he was 6 years old.
In 1923, former Boston Mayor John ("Honey Fitz") Fitzgerald was being celebrated with a Parker House party. JFK was asked by legendary politician Clement Norton to say "This is the best grandfather a child ever had". the crowd loved JFK's words and it went down in history as "Jack Kennedy's first public speech".
Twenty-three years later, John F.Kennedy announced his 1946 candidacy for the U.S. Congress. In the early fifties, then-Senator John F.Kennedy held his bachelor party at the Omni Parker House. His friends presented him with an oil painting of the July 1953 cover of LIFE magazine, depicting Jack sailing off Hyannis with fiancee Jacqueline Bouvier.
The Boston Omni Parker House is located at 60 School Street on the Freedom Trail and within walking distance to Faneuil Hall, Beacon Hill and Boston's Financial District.

Boston Card "The Kennedy Connection"  (Ye Old Union Oyster House)

Boston has many Kennedy Connections.
One favourite is "Ye olde Union Oyster House".
When JFK was both a Congressman and a Senator, he frequently ate and socialized in local restaurants and clubs.
Not too far from his residence on Bowdoin Street was "Ye olde Union Oyster House". He often seated at table 18 while enjoying one of his favourite meals, Lobster Stew.
The booth was marked with a commemorative placque in May of 1977.

JFK - 2012 Calendar

A 16-Month 2012 Calendar with photographs and Statements of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of United States.

JFK - 2013 Calendar


A 16-Month 2013 Calendar with photographs and Statements of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of United States.

JFK Library - Entry tickets

Entry tickets to JFK Presidential Library & Museum in Boston (August 16, 2009).

JFK Library pen

Pen bought at John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston.

Fragment of Grassy Knoll fence at Dealey Plaza-Dallas

This memorabilia is a fragment of Grassy Knoll fence, taken close to the Triple Underpass, from Diego Verdegiglio (author of book "Ecco chi ha ucciso John F.Kennedy") on August 8,1992.

The grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza is a small, sloping hill inside the plaza that became infamous following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The knoll was above Kennedy and to his right (west and north) during the assassination on November 22, 1963.
This north grassy knoll is bounded by the former Texas School Book Depository building along the Elm Street abutment side street to the northeast, Elm Street and a sidewalk to the south, a parking lot to the north and east and a railroad bridge atop the triple underpass convergence of Commerce, Main and Elm streets to the west.




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