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F - My JFK Memorabilia

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1960 JFK Presidential Campaign button


Original. Small lapel button, approximately 1 inch diameter, utilized in 1960 JFK Presidential Campaign.

1961, January 20  -  Inauguration Invitation


Original Invitation to Inauguration of John F. Kennedy/Lyndon Johnson, on Friday January 20, 1961 in Washington With original envelope

1961, January 20  -  Inaugural Program

Original Official Inaugural Program of John F. Kennedy/Lyndon Johnson Inauguration, on Friday January 20, 1961 in Washington
With original envelope

1961  -  The exciting new Game of the Kennedys


"The Exciting New Game of the Kennedys", each player assumes the role of one member of the Kennedy clan and strive with each other in a contest for national prominence.
This game of intra-family power struggle was the product of the fertile imaginations of two young Harvard graduate,  Alfred C.Harrison Jr and Jack Winter.

1963  -  A Pictorial Biography of JFK and his family



Great biographical card collection of John F.Kennedy , from boyhood to presidency, in a pack with 42 historical news photos.

1963, November 22  -  James T. Tague signed photo


A picture taken as the assassination of JFK happened. It shows where James T. Tague was standing by the Triple Underpass in Dealey Plaza when a missed shot bullet hit the curb in front of him throwing debris in his face.
This 4 X 6 inch picture has been hand autographed and on the back has been hand written: 12:30 PM, 11/22/63, Dallas Texas, James Tague.

1963, November 25  -  JFK Funeral Card


Original official prayer card personally sanctioned by Jacqueline Kennedy to be given to those in attendance November 25th 1963 at the funeral mass for President John F. Kennedy at Saint Matthews Cathedral in Washington DC. Large beautiful black bordered card measures 5" X 3.5" ( actual size as photo below ) with a profile of President Kennedy on one side and a prayer and quote from his inauguration speech on the reverse side.

The Kennedy Car - 1961 Lincoln Continental - 1:43 model


The Presidential Parade Vehicle, dubbed X-100 by the US Secret Service, began life as a stock 1961 Lincoln Continental four-door convertible. Ford Motor Company and Hess&Eisenhardt, custom automobile builders of Cincinnati,Ohio, worked together to create the most modern open parade limousine of its day.

The X-100 carried no armour or weapons because the purpose of the car was to make the president more visible, not to provide protection.
That philosophy changed completely after November 22,1963.On that day, President John Kennedy was assassinated while riding in the X-100 through the streets of Dallas.


1963-11-25 Official Congressional Record Proceeding
John F Kennedy Assassination


Actual edition of the "Congressional Record" from November 25, 1963 from the House of Representatives and Senate proceedings discussing the assassination and burial of President John F. Kennedy.
Eight pages of comments from the floor of both houses. Interesting look inside Capitol Hill right after the assassination.


1963 - Commemoration JFK Plate


Commemoration Plate.
JFK Photo on the front.
Except from Inaugural Address on the back of the plate.

 This plate has been a gift from my dear friend Peppe Vitiello.

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