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Items 81 - 90

1964,  October 2  -  Life


Historical issue of Life dedicated to Warren Report conclusions.
The Commission's 10-month trail to a verdict on the assassination of President Kennedy, and the facts and photographs that were weighed in evidence.

1964,  October 2  -  Time


Historical issue of Time, with a 9-page special section dedicated to Warren Report conclusions.

From the article:
" The Warren Commission took 10 months before finally submitting its report to the President last week. In the agonizing interim, there were complaints that the Commission was deliberately desultory - perhaps trying delay until past the November elections.
In its final form, the Commission's report was amazing in its detail, remarkable in its judicious caution and restraint, yet utterly convincing in its major conclusions.
The wonder was not the Commission took such long  time to complete its report, but that it did so much so swiftly."

1964, November 8  -  Epoca

Italian Magazine "Epoca"..
Two articles dedicated to Lyndon Johnson, in the week of US Presidential election:
"Il Presidente lo hanno fatto cosė" (This is how they created the President) by Raymond Cartier (6 pages)
"Questo č Lyndon" (This is Lyndon) by Guido Gerosa (5 pages).


1964  November  -  Look

In this Memorial issue of "Look" is evoked the living JFK - from tender family man to politician - seen through many eyes. Photos an text in this Memorial Book, published in a month of remembering (Nov.64), have been adapted from material appearing in the November 17 issue of Look.


1965, September 8  -  Tempo

Italian magazine.
Open letter from the writer Giovanni Arpino to Jacqueline Kennedy.


1965, September 26  -  L'Europeo

Original. Italian magazine.
10 days articles:
- Third part of "1000 thousands days with Kennedy" from Arthur Schlesinger. (7 pages)
- Interview with Pierre Salinger, White House Press Secretary with John F.Kennedy, from Oriana Fallaci (3 pages).

1965, October 27  -  Tempo

Italian magazine.
Cover 4-page article by Alberto Traldi : "Will Jacqueline Kennedy marry a cinema director?"


1966 March  -  Science Digest

JFK's handwriting, says author, reveals "exploratory flights of his imaginative mind and the restless impatience of his emotional nature". It also depicts "a dynamic and courageous leader capable of sensitive responses".

1966, August 23  -  Look

Robert F.Kennedy on the cover of magazine "Look".
Inside a 4-pages article:
"Suppose God is Black". South Africa's dilemma: a bright future weighed down by dark cruelty. Here is a personal reporton the land of "apartheid", where even the churches are segregated.

 by Senator Robert F.Kennedy

1966, November 25  -  Life

In a special 14 pages coverage, "Life" present new insights into the tragedy the took place in Dallas on Nov.22, 1963:

Amid heightening controversy over the Warren Report, Governor Connally examins for LIFE the assassination film. That Oswald acted alone is a "Matter of Reasonable Doubt".


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