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Items 71 - 80

1964,  February 14  -  Time


Historical issue of Time with 5-pages cover story dedicated to "The Warren Commission- Probing Kennedy's Death" and with Marina Oswald photo on the cover page.

1964,  February 21  -  Life


Historical issue of Life dedicated to Lee Harvey Oswald.
On the cover, in a photograph taken by his wife, Lee harvey Oswald carries the rifle with which he shot President Kennedy and the pistol with whichhe shot officer Tippit.
Inside, article "Was Jack Ruby insane?" by Ernest Havemann and "Oswald: evolution of an assassin" by Donald Jackson

1964,  April 26  -  L'Espresso

Original. Italian Magazine "L'Espresso".

Article "Il Convegno sugli anni Kennedy - Il Tramonto della Nuova Frontiera"  (The Convention on the Kennedy years - The Fall of the New Frontier).

1964,  May 29  -  Life

Cover :
"Jacqueline Kennedy - she writes about her husband's mementos -  the one he liked more".
Article :
KENNEDY MEMORABILIA : Mementos of the President are put on exhibit : "These are the things I hope will show how he really was" by Jacqueline Kennedy.

1964,  July 3  -  Life


8-pages cover story:
"Bob Kennedy's week of trial and decision".
In the cover photo, Bob in a happy moment at home with his and his brother Jack's children

1964,  July 10  -  Life

Original.6-pages cover story:
"Oswald's Full Russian Diary".
LIFE presents a fascinating and historic document, the personal diary kept by Lee Harvey Oswald during his months in Russia. It is one of the most important pieces of evidence studied by the Warren Commission in its effort to unravel the character and motives of President Kennedy's assassin.
At Marina Oswald's request, many Russian names in the diary have been changed to prevint reprisals against Oswald's acquaintances.
The diary is printed exactly as Oswald wrote it, mispellings and all.

1964,  August 9  -  Domenica del Corriere

Italian Magazine "Domenica del Corriere".

Kennedy's Death told by a "maestro" of the folk ballad, Orazio Strano.

1964,  August 25  -  Look


8-pages cover story :"The ambitions of Bobby Kennedy" by Joseph Kraft.
In the same issue, a 5-pages article on "The Cuban crisis : how close we were to war" by Roger Hilsman.

1964,  September 16  -  Columbus Dispatch

Original Newspaper clip.

Mrs John F.Kennedy holds the hand of daughter caroline as they start off to the 6-year-old's new school, the Convent of teh Sacred Heart on New York's East 91st Street.

1964,  September 28  -  The New York Times


Historical issue of "The New York Times" dedicated to Warren Report conclusions, that were made public the day before.
The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, known unofficially as the Warren Commission, was established by President Lyndon B. Johnson on November 29, 1963 to investigate the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy that had taken place on November 22, 1963. Its 889-page final report was presented to President Johnson on September 24, 1964 and made public three days later. It concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing Kennedy and wounding Texas Governor John Connally and that Jack Ruby also acted alone when he killed Oswald two days later.

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