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Items 121 - 130

1997, November 17 -  Time

Cover Story : A new book purports to tell what really went on in the Kennedy years.
History : A arts-and-More-Warts Look at Camelot.
In a new book, famed investigative report Seymour Hersh rounds up all the rumors about the seamy side of President Kennedy and his Administration - but he presents little hard evidence for either the old stories or his new ones.
CRITIQUE : A Historian's Judgement.
Alan Brinkley, a professor of American History at Columbia University, finds Hersh's book flawed on many points.
1999, July 26 -  Time

Commemorative Issue :
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, jr - 1960-1999.

"He was the Prince of American exuberance, the apparent proof that the burden of tragedy could not rein in charisma, drive and gumption. Now, suddenly, with the vanishing of a plane, his name is among those touched by a dynastic curse."

1999, August 2 -  People

Historical issue of PEOPLE: "Charmed life, Tragic Death"
Remembering John F.Kennedy, Jr. (1960-1999)

Seven articles :
Cover : Family, friends and a nation mourn John F.Kennedy Jr,  his wife Carolyn  and her sister Lauren Bessette.
Gallery : Somehow, a simple snapshot of JFK Jr often seemed to convey so much more.
In Love : In Carolyn Bessette he found his one true love.
Camelot : With two children set loose, the White House suddenly seemed like a real home.
With Jackie : Raising decent, gracious children was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's greatest achievement.
Kindred Spirits : Caroline Kennedy  Schlossberg knew him best.
Essay : At 38, John Fitzerald Kennedy Jr had grown into the man we hoped he would be. 

1999, August 2 -  Time


IN MEMORIAM Special Issue for John F.Kennedy, Jr.
Three articles :
MEMORIAL :"He had every gift but lenght of years".
Once again, Ted Kennedy rises to the sad occasion. And a nation, which could not help thinking what might have been, says goodbye to a young man whom everyone considered family.
THE LAST DAY: From Baseball to a Graveyard Spiral...
His final 24 hrs started with a Yankees gameand unfolded almost routinely until coastal haze changed the script.
KENNEDYS : Much was given, and much required...
Founding father Joe started the tradition of public service, and his wife Rose gave it a religious cast.To the first generation, service meant politics, but many younger family members do the public good through nonprofit work.

2001 March - Histoire Evenement
Histoire Evenement

March 2001

Long article (in French) supporting the conspiracy theory.

2001 May  -  George

Original. Farewell Issue.
Last issue of the magazine founded by John F.Kennedy Jr, the son of the 35th President of The United States.

2001 August, 13  -  Time


On the cover
"Camelot Lives!
The Kennedy brand is back :
Politics. Public Service. Dysfunction.
It's all in the family".

8-pages articles from pag.24:
They are back. Four members of the clan are running for office in the U.S.
Five others floated trial balloons, then popped them. When the family business beckons today, the name cuts both ways. A third generation struggles with the legacy of Camelot."


2003, October 22  -  Paris Match

Paris Match

22 October 2003

Long article (in French) supporting the conspiracy theory and accusing Vice President Johnson.

2003, November   -  Saga Magazine

8-page article.
Forty years after JFK's assassination, a remarkable cache of photographs has emerged from the collection of the photographer who shadowed the emerging president from the earliest days of his campaign, Jacques Lowe. In the article, Hugh Sidey describes how Lowe came to be aboard the Kennedy bandwagon and Thomasina Lowe, the photographer's daughter, tells how she completed the task her father had begun.

2003, November 19  -  L'Express


19 November 2003

Long article (in French) dedicated to JFK, in the 40th anniversary of his death.

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