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Items 111 - 120

1988, November 28  -  People Weekly

20 pages articles on the subject
"Where we were".
A quarter of century later, Americans remembered Nov.22,1963, a day that began innocently but, with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, would come to mark the end of an age.

1990, April-May  -  Memories

6 pages articles on "The Making of a President" in 1960, by William A.Henry III and Burt Meyers.

1991, June  -  Caliber

Original. Issue#22.
Caliber Comics was an American comic book publisher founded in 1989 by Gary Reed. Featuring primarily creator-owned comics, in the next decade Caliber published over 1300 comics and ranked as one of the America's leading independent publishers. Caliber ceased publishing in 2000.

"The Brain of JFK" is a 6-pages comics strip written by Raye and Scoffield..

1991 December  -  Life


"A new movie about the assassination reopens an old controversy."

Article on JFK Assassination, just after the Oliver Stone's movie "JFK".

1993, November 17  -  Semana


Original. Spanish magazine "SEMANA".

Four pages article for the 30 years Anniversary of JFK Assassination.
"Se cumplen treinta anos del asesinato de John F.Kennedy".

1993, November 20  -  The Independent


Original. English Newspaper  "THE INDEPENDENT".

Full page article for the 30th Anniversary of JFK Asassination.

1994, July 15  -  Life

Special Commemorative Edition.
"A life in pictures - Remembering Jackie".
From the Editor :
"Life and Jackie : A case of love at first sight - that's really the only way to describe it. LIFE and Jacqueline Kennedy met in July 1953, and from that time to the end of her life we wooed her with a passion and persistence unmatched by any other publication."

Thanks to Frank Kampert who gave me this as a gift!

1995, March  -  Life


Cover "Memories of an Era : Rose Kennedy. 1890-1995".
LIFE remembers (12 pages):
"Rose Kennedy navigated a century of extraordinary triumphs and unimaginable tragedies. A life - and an era - recalled in pictures".


1995 October  -  JFK-Deep Politics Quarterly 
[Vol01 Num01]

In this issue:
- Deep Politics: Some further thoughts
- Coalition on Political Assassinations- National Conference
- Interview: Jerrol Custer
- Reflections: November 22,1963
- Why another Newsletter?
- Dallas Police Dept Archives
- Possible Secrete Service Propaganda
- The Mary Woodward turnaround
Excerpt: A commission without Commissioners


Inaugural Issue of the 40-pages Quarterly Newsletter "JFK - Deep Politics Quarterly", founded by Walt Brown.
Volume One, Number One.

The "JFK/DEEP POLITICS QUARTERLY" is published four times a year in January, April, July and October and is dedicated to the ongoing study of the assassination of President Kennedy and related topics of intelligence operations, other assassinations and parapolitics.

1995 November  -  George

Inaugural Issue of the magazine founded by John F.Kennedy Jr, the son of the 35th President of The United States.

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