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Items 101 - 110

1969, August 1  -  Time


On the cover "The Kennedy debacle : a girl dead, a career in jeopardy".

Cover article on the mysteries of Chappaquiddick.

1969, August 4  -  Newsweek



On the cover "Senator Ted Kennedy - Should I resign?".

Cover article on the TV speech of Senator Kennedy after the tragedy  of Chappaquiddick.

1970, July 17  -  Life


On the cover "An intimate visit - Rose Kennedy at 80".

A visit with Mrs Kennedy at her home in Hyannis Port and some of her thoughts about her life and her family in conversation with Sylvia Wright.
Photographed by Leonard McCombe.

1970, August 7  -  Life

On the cover "Johnson and the Kennedys".
11-pages article by Kenneth O'Donnell.

Why JFK really picked Johnson as his running mate, how the feud between Johnson and Bobby Kennedy began and how Johnson tried to ditch Humphrey in 1964.

1971, November 29  -  Time



On the cover "Ted Kennedy : Could He Win in '72?".

6-pages of articles:
- The Non-Candidacy of Edward Moore Kennedy
- A Time Survey "Could he win in '72 despite Chappaquiddick?
- The Non-candidate's Wife

1983, November  -  Storia Illustrata

Italian magazine "Storia Illustrata".
9 pages article on the subject:"Dossier Kennedy - 20 yrs after Dallas"
Special reportage in the 20th Anniversary of JFK Assassination.

1983, November 20  -  La Sicilia

Italian Newspaper "La Sicilia", issued in Catania (Sicily).

Article "Was Kennedy killed from Mafia?", written by Erika Abramo in the 20th anniversary of JFK Assassination.

1986, November  - Life

USA magazine "LIFE".
Cover and 7-pages article about the wedding between Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Arthur Schlossberg.
"New England's simplicity.
Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg are married in a Cape Cod church

1987, April  - Storia Illustrata

Italian magazine "Storia Illustrata".
8-pages article from Ennio Carretto about "The Presidents's sins" : the scandals at White House, from A.Johnson to U.Grant, from W.Wilson to W.Harding, from H.Truman to J.F.Kennedy, from L.Johnson to R.Nixon.

1988, November 28  -  People Weekly

20 pages articles on the subject
"Where we were".
A quarter of century later, Americans remembered Nov.22,1963, a day that began innocently but, with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, would come to mark the end of an age.

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