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D - My Miscellaneous books related to JFK

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Books 71 - 80
President John F.Kennedy and the Berlin Wall
Peter M.Olsen

Novel written by Peter M.Olsen.
As written in his preface note "This story is part fictional, part historical fact and part non-fictional narrative".

Presidential Campaign TV Ads - VolI - 1952-1964

22 Commercials selling Candidates for the Presidency
On one hour long DVD Video

Kochmann Rachel M.

A picturial guide of Presidents' Birthplaces, Homes and Burial sites, including Presidential Libraries.

Presidents and Famous Americans

Volume 12 of "The American Heritage Book of Presidents and Famous Americans", dedicated to John F.Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Qui a tue' le President?
Jean-Pierre Pecau, Fred Duval and Fred Blanchard.

Jour J is an French Alternate History graphic novel series co-authored by Jean-Pierre Pécau, Fred Duval and Fred Blanchard. Each volume is stand-alone and explores a different counterfactual scenario, depicting how history could have turned out some years after the point of divergence.
Volume 5, Qui a tué le Président? (Who killed the President?) takes place in 1973, 13 years after Richard Nixon won the presidential election against John Kennedy and is beginning his fourth term.

Remembering America
[A voice from the Sixties]
Richard N. Goodwin

An advicer and speechwriter in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, Richard N.Goodwin was an intimate collegue and friend of the leading public figures of the day - John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy - and an active participant in national politics. After the hardships of the1960 presidential campaign, he helped form the new Kennedy administration, conceived the Alliance for Progress and after the assassination of the President he was among the very few Kennedy men invited by Lyndon Johnson to join his circle of advicers.
Goodwin originated the Great Society concept, and in this memoir he portrays the master politician at closest range.
The alarming deterioration of Johnson's mind and spirit, and the acceleration of the war in Vietnam, led Goodwin to break with the Johnson administration and join Eugene McCarthy  in New Hamshire in a campaign to end that war. A dramatic chroncile of Goodwin's journey through the sixties, "Remebering America" is a memoir of the hopes, dreams and ideals of an extraordinary decade and of the inspiring men and women who sought to realze them.

Sette giorni a Maggio
Knebel Fletcher & Bailey Vharles W. II

Italian version of  the novel "SEVEN DAYS IN MAY", written in 1962 during JFK Presidency.
"Seven Days in May" is an authentic classic political thriller of the first rank. Authors Baily and Knebel present a scenario in which an unpopular President is targeted by America's top military brass for an actual military takeover of the government. The story is complex, but vividly presented with an authenticity that is both disturbing and plausible. The reader is brought to understand that it could happen here, and the story suggests how such a scenario could come about in these United States.
The novel is well-written and fast-paced, never drags, and absolutely holds the reader's interest throughout. The amazing thing about the story is that every bit of it hangs together without straining the reader's sense of credulity. The novel features excellent writing, and the authors weave the plot together towards a conclusion that is startling and believable.
This was a big budget movie in the 1960s featuring Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster.

Shooting Kennedy : JFK and the culture of images
Lubin David M.

David Lubin is Professor of Art at Wake Forest University. In this book he speculates on the iconic images of the Kennedys, using them to illuminate the entire American cultural landscape. He draws from a spectacularly varied intellectual and visual terrain to show how the public came to identify personally with the Kennedys and how, in so doing, they came to understand their place in the world.

Taking Charge - The Johnson White House Tapes, 1963-1964
Beschloss Michael R.

This book, edited by Michael R.Beschloss, whom "Newsweek" has called "America's leading presidential historian", brings you into the room with an American political legend, still hated and revered a quarter century after his death. We hear Lyndon Johnson as he schemes and blusters, rewards and punishes, tells tales of Washington,D.C., and Texas, and reveals a bedrock core of unshakable political beliefs.
The only President to record his private conversation from his first day in office, LBJ ordered the pates to be locked in a vault until year 2023. But new they have been unsealed, providing a close-up look at a President taking power such as we have never done before.

Texas in the Morning
Duncan Brown Madeleine

Madeleine Duncan Brown fills in a huge gap in our understanding of President Lyndon Baines Johnson with whom she had a long-term love affair. Johnson was one of the most complex figures in American history and the often severe conflict in his character and actions makes him most difficult to understand.

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