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D - My Miscellaneous books related to JFK

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Books 51 - 60

Marilyn - Three Volume Set Box

De Dienes Andre

This is Taschen Verlag's sumptuous, oversized (50x40 cm) three volume anthology of Andre De Dienes photographs of early Marilyn Monroe. A 2002 first edition containing one hardbound book, one volume of magazine cover reproductions and a facsimile of Marilyn's diary all housed in a facsimile of Andre De Dienes' Kodak photographic paper box.

Marilyn - The last take

Brown Peter Harry & Barham Patte B.

This book, based on thousands of newly discovered documents, hours of newly available footage from her final film, and over 300 revealing new interviews, is a detailed and astonishing account of what really happened during the last fourteen weeks in the life of Hollywood's legendary sex goddess.

Marilyn among friends

Shaw Sam & Rosten Norman

The photographer Sam Shaw introduced Norman Rosten to Marilyn Monroe in 1955. Their relationship grew : Marilyn's analyst, Dr Ralph Greenson, described Rosten as one of her "closest friends". She married another of his friends, Arthur Miller, and from then saw a great deal of Norman and his wife Hedda.
Photographer Sam Shaw met Monroe on the set of "Viva Zapata" when she was an out-of-work contract player. Shaw was to take many famous photographs of Marilyn, but he too became her friend and over many years took the kind of photographs that only friends can.
As her closest friends, both the author and the photographer are uniquely placed to reveal the real Marilyn. This book conveys its subject with greater authority, candour and, above all, affection than any previous book.

Marilyn Monroe

Leaming Barbara

Barbara Leaming's book is a complex, sympathetic portrait that will forever change the way we view the most enduring icon of American sexuality.
Told for the first time in all its complexity, this is a compelling portrait of a woman at the centre of a drama with immensely high stakes, a drama in which some of the other players are some of the most fascinating characters from the worlds of movies, theatre and politics.

Marilyn Monroe - La Vita, il Mito
Mercurio G. - Petricca S.

Wonderful book about the Life and the Myth of Marilyn Monroe.
Italian version.

Marilyn Monroe - L'eterno mito della bellezza
Verlhac Anne

This is the Italian version of the book "Marilyn Monroe: A Life in Pictures".
This  book brings together all of the most iconic images of the legendary bombshell. Glamorous shots by celebrity photographers mix with casual snapshots and childhood portraits to span Marilyn's luminous but too-short life. Hundreds of evocative images, both lush and poignant, are interwoven with quotations by and about Marilyn to create an elegant collective portrait like no other. Aesthetically arresting throughout, this volume illuminates the life of a legend, both onscreen and off.

Marilyn Monroe - Unseen Archives
Clayton Marie

Even many years after her death, Marilyn Monroe is still one of the greatest legends of the twentieth century. This book cahrts Marilyn's fascinating life, from her unhappy childhood, through her years as a superstar, to her tragic and untimely death in 1962. The collection of photographs documents the important events in her life.

Marilyn Monroe [Tesori e Ricordi di una diva che incanto' il mondo]
Glatzer Jenna

Italian Version of "The Marilyn Monroe Treasures" book.
With her ineffable combination of girlish innocence, glamorous sex appeal, and palpable presence on the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe bears an unmatched legacy marked by beauty, style, and mystique. This book, both a compelling biographical narrative and a collector’s delight, is a unique and meaningful addition to the Marilyn library. Featuring a number of unseen photographs, such as a soldier’s snapshots of Marilyn entertaining the troops in Korea, as well as many unpublished pieces of memorabilia, including an exquisite watercolor rose that Marilyn painted as a gift for President John F. Kennedy’s birthday, this book is a lavishly illustrated feast of beautiful imagery and ephemera from the life of one of the world’s most beloved stars.

Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller
Maerker Christa

Italian Version.
This is the story of the relationship between Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, who met for the first time in 1951 and married on June 29 1956.

Marilyn Monroe Films - Set 1


Set with 7 Marilyn's movie (italian version) :
1. Fermata d'autobus
2. Niagara
3. Gli uomini preferiscono le bionde
4. A qualcuno piace caldo
5. La magnifica preda
6. La tua bocca brucia
7. The final day

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