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Books 91 - 100
The Assassins
Donovan Robert J.

Robert John Donovan (August 21, 1912-August 8, 2003) was a Washington correspondent, author and presidential historian. He was the author of "PT-109" book.
He published in 1962 this book "The Assassins" about seven men who made decisions to kill US Presidents : three succeeded, four failed, all died themselves. Here are the fascinating, almost unbelievable stories of these men.
The following year, 1963, L.H.Oswald killed President J.F.Kennedy.

The Awful Grace of God
[Religious Terrorism, White Supremacy and the unsolved murder of Martin Luther King Jr]
Wexler Stuart and Hancock Larry

This book chronicles a multi-year effort to kill Martin Luther King Jr by a group of the nation's most violent right-wing extremist. Impeccably researched and thoroughly documented, this book examines a network of racist militants who were united in a holy cause to kill King.
"The Awful Grace of God" offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date study of the king assassination and presents a roadmap for future investigation.

The Battler with JFK and Other Individuals of Note
Fay Paul B. "Red" Jr

The book is about Paul B.Fay (Red's father) who had six children and twenty two grandchildren. He took his family to the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. He owned and operated a heavy construction company called The Fay Improvement Company, was generous to a fault and loved his gold game. He was influential in the growth of San Francisco and served as President of the wonderful Pacific Union Club.
There are sixty-three chapters in the book which highlights his encounters with the following individuals : Jack Kennedy, Bob McNamara, Bobby Kennedy, Rowland Evans, Ethel Kennedy, Ambassador Joseph Kennedy,Charles Lindbergh, Byron "Whizzer" White, Jesse Owens, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Kenneth Galbraith, David Brinkley and General Dwight Eisenhower, to name a few.
Paul B."Red" Fay Jr wrote the best selling book "The Pleasure of His Company", that chronicles his personal friendship with John F.Kennedy dating back to their time in P.T. Boats in the Pacific in World War II. 

The complete Marilyn Monroe

A collection of newsreel stories (B&W-28 minutes).
A collection of trailers for Marilyn's films (B&W/Color 45 minutes).
A complete collection of Marilyin Monroe's studio performances (24 songs).

The day Lincoln was shot
Bishop Jim.

This book is the complete record of the dramatic events that occurred on the day Mr Lincoln was shot in Ford's Theatre : the chapters start at 7 AM, April 14,1865 and close at 7AM, April 15, 1865.  The book opens with the President emerging from his bedroom, worried about a dream in which he saw himself dead, and ends with the Surgeon General placing two silver dollars on the President's eyelids.

The Fog of War
Morris Errol

**Academy Award Winner - 2003 Best Documentary Feature**
Former Secretary of Defense, under President Kennedy and President Johnson, Robert S. McNamara was one of the most controversial and influencial political figures of the 20th century. Now -for the first time ever - he sits down one on one with award-winning director Errol Morris to offer a candid and intimate journey through some of the most seminal events in contemporary American history.

The Innocent Man Script : Cui Bone - To Whose Advantage?
Durham T.Mack

Novel about JFK Assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Kennedy Assassination
Jensen J.Arthur

A historical novel by J.Arthur Jensen.

The Kennedy Plan  [A play]
Jensen J.Arthur

In this play of historical fiction, J.Arthur Jensen presents the story of Joseph Kennedy's service as Ambassador to England prior to and during the early months of World War II. This dramatization illustrates that negotiation rather than military conflict might have been used to address the Nazi threat.
In 1938, with tensions rising in Europe, President Franklin Roosevelt appointed Joseph P. Kennedy to be the United States Ambassador to the Court of St. James with instructions to support efforts to maintain the peace. Kennedy learned that much of the political tension was rooted in Nazi anger over the Treaty of Versailles-- the treaty which twenty years earlier had concluded the Great War. After he assessed the political choices, Kennedy supported Prime Minister Chamberlain's effort to maintain European peace by allowing the re-unification of the German people of the Sudetenland with Nazi Germany but he realized that the key to long term European peace was to create a mechanism for legal migration of Jews out of Germany. Kennedy lobbied for a plan which had been previously explored by British and American diplomats: allow Jewish migration to multiple different countries. Christened "the Kennedy Plan" by the press, the plan quickly brought condemnation from non-Jews who did not want new Jewish immigration and from Jews who favored only immigration to Palestine. As Hitler demonstrated the power of his new Luftwaffe and German Panzers, Kennedy urged negotiation and compromise. Voices to maintain peace were overwhelmed by voices for war and we are left to wonder if the Nazi threat was handled properly by the governments of the west. Might negotiation have avoided the massive loss of life that resulted from the Second World War?

The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe
Wolfe Donald H.

Donald H.Wolfe has written a startling portrait of the twentieth century's greatest film star that not only redefines her place in entertainment history but also reveals what the author thinks have been the secret conspiracy that surrounded her during her last days.

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