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Books 111 - 120

The killing of Robert F.Kennedy

Moldea Dan E.

An Investigation of Motive, Means and Opportunity.
On June 5,1968  Robert F.Kennedy was fatally shot in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles; his death the following day stunned a nation still recovering from JFK's assassination five years earlier.

The Last Campaign

Clarke Thurston

The definitive and exhilarating account of Robert Kennedy's 1968 campaign for President.
As Thurston Clarke recounts so effectively, Kennedy stirred huge crowds, who would often tear his clothes, and moved even the most hard-bitten of journalists and other intimate observers.

The Last Patrician

Knox Beran Michael

In this provocative reassessment of one of the most controversial figures of twentieth-century American politics, M.Knox Beran shows how Bobby was shaped by values of the aristocratic class to which he had been brought up to belong. He was one of the patricians - until he realized that the welfare state they had helped to create at home and the empire they had helped to found abroad were undermining some of America's most cherished traditions.

The Other Man- A Love Story

Bergin Michael

Her name was Carolyn Bessette and she was torn between two men: John Kennedy Jr, America's most eligible bachelor, and Michael Bergin, a male model and fast-rising international star.
When Carolyn made her choice, she broke Michael's heart - but it was not the end of their relationship... It was the beginning of the compelling final chapter in a tragic story about the human heart.

The other Mrs Kennedy


Jack's wife had the beauty and the fame, but Bobby's wife had the power.
This book is an intimate and revealing look at the hidden life of Ethel Skakel Kennedy.

The politics of hate
[From John Kennedy to Bobby Kennedy]

Daily Express Special

A memorial to two brothers, compiled and produced by the editorial department of Daily Express-London, on June 8,1968.

The Sins of the Father : Joseph Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded.
Kessler Ronald

This book is the definitive new biography of Joseph P.Kennedy. Based on extensive research and interviews with Kennedy family members and their intimates speaking on the record for the first time, it offers an outstanding personal history- and provides shocking revelations about one of the most influential figures of our time.

Times to Remember
Fitzgerald Kennedy Rose

This is the book of Memoirs of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, the mother of U.S. 35th President, John F.Kennedy.

To seek a Newer World
Robert F.Kennedy

This low-priced paperback book was published by Bantam Books just after the unexpected announcement of Senator Robert Kennedy's candidacy to US Presidency, and answering the increased public demand for an up-to-the-minute definition of his stand on the major campaign issues.

Torn Lace Curtain - Life with the Kennedys
Saunders Frank

Frank Saunders was hired to be Joe Kennedy's personal chauffeur - but his real job was much, much more...
Someone had to ward off the press and the curious public. Celebrity guests often needed a physical escort from the house. The frayed nerves of the Senators' wives had to be calmed. The grandchildren needed babysitting. Mr Kennedy needed physical therapy, Rose Kennedy needed a scapegoat. The whole family needed a friend.
As that friend, Frank Saunders stood by the Kennedy family in the darkest hours of the tragedy-filled sixties - a decade that witnessed the assassinations of John and Robert, Ted's airplane crash, Chappaquiddick, and finally the death of the man who had hired him, Joe Kennedy.
From his nine years' experience as Mr Kennedy's "chauffeur", Frank Saunders has given us a sometimes tender, sometimes bittersweet, always poignant glimpse of the "lace curtain" Irish family that became America's royalty.

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