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Books 101 - 110

The Kennedy men : three generations of sex, scandals and secrets

Bly Nellie

Scandalistic book about Kennedy family.

The Kennedy Men 1901-1963 : the Laws of the Father

Leamer Laurence

In this book, Laurence Leamer chronicles the Kennedy men and their struggle to create the most powerful family in the United States.

The Kennedys : A New York Times Profile

Salisbury Harrison E.

This book tells the remarkable story of this outstanding family as it was reported, analyzed and photographed by America's leading newspaper, The New York Times.
Through feature articles, news items, biographical sketches, commentaries, editorials and photographic surveys - all included just as they appeared in the pages of the newspaper - THE KENNEDYS offers its readers an exciting and unusual chronicle of the family as it ascended to the center of the world stage.
Special thanks to my friend Todd Hoffman, who gave me this book!

The Kennedys - America's Emerald Kings

Maier Thomas

Drawing on groundbreaking research both here and abroad, Maier shows how their Irish Catholic immigrant heritage was far more central to the Kennedy experience than they or any previous chroniclers have allowed. John F.Kennedy's historic climb to the White House  - as the first and only religious minority ever elected to the American presidency ' is only a fraction of this story.

The Kennedys : an American drama

Collier Peter & Horowitz David

The Kennedys are the most photographed, written about, admired, hated and controversial family in American history. But for all the words and pictures, the real story was not told until Peter Collier and David Horowitz spent years researching archives and interviewing family members and people close to the Kennedys. An immediate classic, this book brings the story of 4 generations of "America's family" fully into view.

The Kennedys - Portrait of a family

Avedon Richard

In the early 1960s, Richard Avedon was commissioned by "Harper's bazaar" to create "Observations", a column that consisted of a series of nine photographic essays.
The subject of the first essay was John F.Kennedy and his family, who sat for formal black-and-white portraits just three weeks prior to Kennedy's presidential inauguration. Six images appeared in the magazine's February 1961 issue.
That same day, Avedon created more informal color portraits of Kennedy and his family at the Kennedy compound in Palm Beach.
During his lifetime, Richard Avedon donated more than 200 images to the Smithsonian Institution, including all of the photographs of the Kennedy family sitting for "Harper's Bazaar".
Smithsonian curator Shannon Thomas Perich has culled more than 75 images for this book, making these stunning photographs available for view for the first time.

The Kennedys -1900-1961 The Early Years


From Joseph Kennedy's rise on Wall Street and then in government, through John Kennedy's presidency to Edward Kennedy's fall at Chappaquidick and eventual withdrawal from the 1980 presidential race, "The Kennedys" explores the building of the Kennedy legend, a story in part created and then brilliantly promoted by the family itself, a story whose afterglow  still captures the American imagination.

The Kennedys -1962-1980 The Later Years


Part two.
Following extensive interviews with family members, friends and first-hand witness to the many chapters of the Kennedy saga, and using a wealth of still photographs and archival footage, this production is the first comprehensive documentary look at the shaping of the Kennedy fortune and dynasty by the family's patriarch and master builder, Joseph P.Kennedy. His expectations for his sons - Joseph Jr, John, Robert and Edward- would drive each of them to heights he could never each himself.

The Kennedys at War 1937-45

Renehan Edward J. Jr

In an engaging narrative grounded in impeccable scolarship, Edward J.Renehan Jr provides a dramatic portrait of years marked by family tensions, heartbreaks adn heroics. It was during the second World War that tragedy began to haunt the family - Joe Jr's death, the untimely widowhood of Kathleen (a.k.a. "Kick"), Rosemary's lobotomy. But it was also the time in which John F.Kennedy rose above the structures of the clan and became his own man.

The Kennedys in Hollywood

Quirck Lawrence J.

This book bridges three generations of America's royal family by comprehensively exploring their sometimes shocking, often tragic, and always fascinating infatuation with the Hollywood scene. From the expansion of Joe's business interests into film production in the 1920 and his torrid affair with actress Gloria Swanson, through Jack's numerous liaisons with such stars as Gene Tierney, Angie Dickson and Marilyn Monroe, to Maria Shriver's marriage to Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Jr's relationship with Daryl Hannah, author Larry Quirck examines the Kennedy-Hollywood connection in revealing detail.

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