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Books 91 - 100
Sons of Camelot
[The Fate of an American Dinasty]
Leamer Laurence

"Sons of Camelot" is the compelling story of the Kennedy sons and grandsons in the aftermath of the assassination of President john F.Kennedy.
It is the mot intimate biography ever written about the Kennedys, with the cooperation of family and friends at a moment when they are ready to talk with insight and depth about their lives. Among the many stunning portraits in the book is the definitive account of John F.Kennedy Jr's life, including interviews with his ten closest friends, none of whom has ever talked to an author before.
Based on five years of rigorous research and unprecedented cooperation from the five surviving sons of Robert Kennedy , the four Shriver sons, Maria Shriver, and other Kennedys, "Sons of Camelot" is not only the most authoritative account,  it is by far the most revealing book ever writtem about these lives.
Falling far short of teh great ambitions their patriarch, Joseph P.Kennedy, envisioned for his family, the lives of his youthful progeny are instead characterized by overwhelming drama full of exalted aspirations, notable achievements, and the most spectacular mishaps, excesses and tragedies.

Sweet Caroline
Andersen Christopher

The sole surviving member of Camelot's first family, Caroline Kennedy, has remained largely a mistery till now. In this book Christopher Andersen draws on important sources - many speaking here for the first time- to provide a full, compelling portrait of Caroline, the young wife and mother left to carry on in her legendary family's name.

Ted Kennedy - An American Icon
[A tribute to the Lion of the Senate]

This book features a collection of stories and photos of Ted Kennedy from the pages of USA TODAY and other Gannett newspapers. The stories are grouped into categories covering different eras of the late Senator's remarkable life and career.

Ted Kennedy - Scenes from an epic life
The Boston Globe

In this unique collection, archival materials and fresh interviews combine to create a richly detailed portrait of the man known to many as Uncle Ted. Vibrant photographs, most never before published in book form (and many unseen for decades), as well as essays and quotations illustrate the man and the statesman from a perspective that is both intimate and objective.

Ted Kennedy - The dream that never died
Klein Edward

For most of his life, Ted Kennedy played a kaleidoscope of roles - from destructive thrill seeker to constructive lawmaker; from straying husband to devoted father and uncle.
In this book "Ted Kennedy - The dream that never died", celebrated Kennedy biographer Edward Klein at last reconciles these contradictions, painting a stunningly original, up-to-the-moment portrait of Ted Kennedy and his remarkable late-in-life redemption.
Drawing on a vast store of original research and unprecedented access to Ted Kennedy's political associates, friends and family, Klein takes the reader behind the scenes to reveal many secrets.

Ted Kennedy - Triumphs and Tragedies
David Lester

Here is a straightforward look, written in 1975, at one of the most controversial figure in American politics in that period, when Ted Kennedy was still hoping to become a President of United States.

The Classic Album of the Kennedy Family
Shaw Mark

Wonderful Photo album of Kennedy family!

The eloquent Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Adler Bill

Forty years ago, when the nation was coming out from under a period of mourning, Bill Adler edited "The Kennedy Wit" and in so doing helped the world remember a man and a president, not just a sorrowful event. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's death, he has edited yet another book of quotas celebrating life - this time the life of Jackie.
The accompanying DVD documentary is considered by many to be the definitive film biography of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and was produced by CBS News Production for Arts&Entertainment Network.

The Enemy Within
Kennedy Robert F.

This book is a report on the work of the Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labour or Management Field, highlighting some of the typical problems and abuses that were discovered. It is based on the record of the investigations conducted by the Committee's professional staff, the sworn testimony taken before the Committee, and the official reports of the Committee to the United States Senate.
"Mr Kennedy exposed himself and his family to terrible danger for three years... an example of courage that calls for more imitation if we are to delay any surrender to the mob" [New York Times]

The Final Hour - The JFK Jr Tragedy
Pecker Albert

This book attempts to illustrate what the final hour of JFK Jr may have been like through recalling the exciting flying experience of a less prominent private pilot, with some 20 plus years of flying experience. This book should answer many of the questions about what happened that tragic night.

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