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Books 71 - 80
My life with Jacqueline Kennedy
Gallagher Mary Barelli

Reading this book in its entirety, one can fully understand the complexities of Jacqueline Kennedy's life and personality.
The author, Mary Gallagher, was uniquely situated to understand the real woman beneath the goddess-figure that the world has made of Jacqueline Kennedy, having been her personal secretary for eight years. She joined her in 1954 shortly after her marriage to Senator John F.Kennedy staying with her through the White House years.

Perfect Villains, Imperfect Heroes [Robert F.Kennedy's war against organized crime]
Goldfarb Ronald

When the newly elected president John F.Kennedy appointed his younger brother attorney general, there was a firestorm of criticism. Not only was the nepotism blatant, but Robert Kennedy had never tried a case in court. In addition, he was considered ruthless, highly politicized, and intemperate.
Ironically, this young man, widely thought to be unqualified, went on to become one of the most active, effective attorneys general in history.
Goldfarb tells the tale of how, under Kennedy's hands-on direction, law-enforcement agencies came together, pioneering new laws were crafted to fight organized crime and corruption.

President of the Other America
[Robert F.Kennedy & the Politics of Poverty]
Schmitt Edward R.

Robert Kennedy's abbreviated run for the presidency in 1968 has assumed almost mythical proportions in American memory. His campaign has been romanticized because of its tragic end, but also because of the foreign and domestic crises that surrounded it. Yet while most media coverage initially focused on Kennedy's opposition to the Vietnam War as the catalyst of his candidacy, another issue commanded just as much of his attention. That issue was poverty. Stumping across the country, he repeated the same anti-poverty themes before college students in Kansas and Indiana, loggers and women factory workers in Oregon, farmers in Nebraska, and business groups in New York. Although his calls to action sometimes met with apathy, he refused to modify his message. "if they don't care" he told one aide "the hell with them".

Questions of Controversy : The Kennedy Brothers
Ayton Mel

Intense controversy surrounds the lives of the Kennedy brothers : John, Robert and Edward Kennedy have all been the subject of close scrutiny for the latter part of the 20th century.
Based on his meticulous research, Mel Ayton attempts to sort fact from the fiction and to establish the truth about the three Kennedy brothers.

R.F.K. - A Photographer's Journal
Benson Harry

As a friend, advisor and attorney general to his brother, John F.Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy stood at the heart of Washington politics.
Harry Benson's images capture unprecedented intimate family outings and outdoor adventures with friends alongside every moment of Kennedy's brief but unforgettable. presidential run, from his announcement of his candidacy on St Patrick's day,1968 and the fervour and excitement of his days on the campaign trail, and all the way through his shocking assassination in Los Angeles and the long funeral procession to Arlington Cemetery.

RFK - His Life and Death
Jacobs Jayl

Book written just after Robert Kennedy's assassination. It is a brief history of his life by Jay Jacobs, with an eyewitness account of the last 36 hrs by Kristi N. Witker.

RFK Must Die
[The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy]
O'Sullivan Shane

"RFK Must Die : the Assassination of Bobby Kennedy" is a new investigative documentary by Shane O'Sullivan, author of "Who killed Bobby?", that examins the events of that night and presents compelling evidence that Sirhan did not act alone.  Witnesses placed Sirhan several feet in front of Kennedy yet the fatal shot came from one inch behind. And even under hypnosis, Sirhan has never been able to remember the shooting.
Leading psychiatrists believe he was a "Manchurian Candidate", hypnotically programmed to kill Kennedy or act as a decoy for the real assassin.

Robert F.Kennedy and the 1968 Indiana Primary
Boomhower Ray E.

Marking the 40th anniversary of Kennedy's Indianapolis speech, this books explains what brought the politician to Indiana that day, and explore the characters and events of the 1968 Indiana Democratic presidential primary in which Kennedy, who was an underdog, had a decisive victory.

Robert Kennedy - Brother Protector
Hilty James W.

James Hilty offers an important new study of RFK as lifelong defender and promoter of his brother, President John Kennedy. This fascinating perceptive biography reveals a man struggling in his brother's shadow as he strives to confirm his own individuality as campaign manager, attorney general, and younger brother/confidant.

Robert Kennedy - His life
Thomas Evan

Evan Thomas shows RFK as a human being, to bring to life an extraordinarily complex man who was at once kind and cruel, devious and honest, fearful and brave.
Thomas has unusual access to his subject's life. He is the first biographer since A.Schlesinger to see RFK's private papers, and he interviewed all of Kennedy's closest aides and advisers.

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