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Books 151 - 160
West Wirginia Tough Boys
[Vote Buying, Fist Fighting and A President Namd JFK]

Davis F.Keith


After all these years since 1960, several of the political kingpins and civic leaders from West Virginia's past, including Raymond Chafin, Claude Ellis and Dan Dahill, candidly reminisce about growing up in poverty stricken West Virginia, getting started in politics, and eventually working with the Kennedy family during the presidential primary.
Vote-buying, intimidation and free liquor. It's politics as it will never be again. It's the tale of "West Virginia Tough Boys".

What the President does all day [Memorial Edition]

Hoopes Roy


This book, first published in 1962 by the John Day Company, explains in 90 photographs and brief text what the President of the United States does all day.
His day, any day, is filled with the pressure of meeting with his Cabinet, greeting high officials from foreign lands, preparing important bills for Congress, travelling at home and abroad, working at his desk, reporting to the people and sharing a moment of relaxation with his family.
Because this book is a tribute to the office of the Presidency and more particularly to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, this Memorial Edition of the complete hardcover book
was reprinted by Dell Publishing Company in memory of the late President.

Why England Slept
Kennedy John F.
Written by John F.Kennedy in 1940 when he was still in College and reprinted in 1961, when he was President, this book is an appraisal of the tragic events of the thirties that led to World War II.
It is an account of England's unpreparedness for war and a study of the shortcomings of democracy when confronted by the menace of totalitarianism.
Young John Kennedy

Schoor Gene


The reader will find this biography a fascinating study of the 35th President. Private conversations, letters, humorous and tragic glimpses of school and home life, paint a vivid portrait of John F.Kennedy... a young man destined to make history.

Young Man in the White House

Levine I.E.


Beginning with his childhood struggle to overcome illness and match te achievements of a remarkable older brother, the book tells of his heroism as a World War II PT-Boat skipper and describes his personal growth as an individual. It gives a graphic account of his determined effort to inject a new spirit of idealism into the American people and to preserve the peace of the world.


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