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Books 131 - 140
The Kennedy Tapes
May Ernest R. & Zelikow Philip D.
Inside the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Oct.62 : the United States and the Soviet Union stood face to face, each brandishing enough nuclear weapons to obliterate the other's civilizations. For two weeks an executive committee, formed around elements of President Kennedy's National Security Council, debated what to do, twice coming to the brink of attacking Soviet military units in Cuba. Through it all, audio tape was rolling. These are the full, authenticated, transcripts of those recordings.
The Kennedy-Khrushchev Letters
Fensch Thomas
In the early 1960s, Nikita Khrushchev initiated a correspondence with John Kennedy in an effort to bridge gaps between the two leaders and between U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A.
The two leaders exchanged letters from 1960 until John Kennedy's assassination in 1963; these letters were kept Top Secret until almost the year 2000.
 This volume contains 120 letters between John Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev and they should be an invaluable aid toward understanding the years of the Kennedy administration and the Khrushchev regime.
The Kennedys and Cuba

White Matk J.

The Declassified Documentary History.
In this intriguing assemblage of documents, drawn from the State Department, the Kennedy Libray, private papers, and the Assassination Records Review Board, and including newly released materials, Mark White traces the attitude and actions of the Kennedys in their fateful dealings with Castro and Cuba.
The Making of a Catholic President
[Kennedy vs Nixon 1960]

Casey Shaun A.

The 1960 Presidential election, ultimately won by John F.Kennedy, was one of the closest and most contentious in American history. The country had never elected a Roman Catholic president, and the last time a Catholic had been nominated - New York Governor Al Smith in 1928 - he was routed in the general election. From the outset, Kennedy saw the religion issue as the single most important obstacle on his road to the White House. In this book, Shaun Casey tells the fascinating story of how the Kennedy campaign transformed the "religion question" from a liability into an asset, making him the first (and still only) Catholic president.
The Making of the President 1960

White Theodore H..

More than a year before the election of John F.Kennedy, Theodore H.White began to explore the secret planning and private aspirations of seven men, each of whom, in his own way, found his dreams tormented by the power that might be his in the White House. By spring, Mr White had begun to follow the open candidates as they plodded through the snows and early jousting of the primaries. Continuing through the conventions, the campaigns and the final drama of election night, he fashioned a work of contemporary history that highlights the decisions, the acts, the accidents, that created an American President, and also the cold political realities of a country upon whose decision the world of freedom waited.
The Memories - JFK 1961-1963


Stoughton Cecil & Clifton Chester V.

In 1961 President John Kennedy's friend and Military Aide, General Chester V.(Ted) Clifton assigned Captain Cecil Stoughton of the Army Signal Corps to the full-time job of keeping a photographic record of President Kennedy's days in the White House. Captain Stoughton had extraordinary opportunities to photograph, to remember JFK as President, as father, as husband, as a great human being in moments of crisis and tension, of joy and relaxation.

The Pleasure of his company

Fay Paul B. Jr
Paul B.Fay Jr and John Kennedy served together as PT Boat officers both in training and action. After the war the two men were associated as friends and campaigners. In 1961 Red Fay was appointed Under Secretary of the Navy and served until 1965.
In this book, Fay delivers just what the title promises : the marvelous fun of being with JFK in his least formal, most unguarded moments.

The Presidential Portfolio - JFK

Kenney Charles
This book features more than 250 photos and documents from the JFK Presidential Library and Museum that capture the essence, style, and excitement of the Kennedy presidency.
It includes an extraordinary 60-minute audio CD of JFK on the phone and at work.

The President's team
(The 1963 Army-Navy game and the assassination of JFK)

Connelly Michael
The Naval Academy football team of 1963 was branded a "team of destiny" by its coach, Wayne Hardin. With Heisman Trophy winner Roger Staubach at quarterback and a talented group of athletes on both side of the ball, the Midshipmen indeed seemed destined for greatness that season. After winning 8 of their first 9 games, the Midshipmen were scheduled to head to Philadelphia in late November for the annual Army-Navy game, the highlight of any season for both service academies.
Although as Commander in chief of all the armed services President Kennedy was expected to be impartial in the contests between the military academies, it was clear where the former PT109 Lieutenant placed his allegiances.
Kennedy's firsthand relationship with Midshipmen footballers dated back to 1960, when as president-elect he met with Heisman winner Joe Bellino and the other stars of the fourth-ranked Midshipmen. Six weeks later, Bellino and 3,500 other members of the Naval Academy Brigade led the march in President Kennedy's inauguration parade.
Over the next several years, the president remained a keen follower of the strong navy team.
Then, the tragic events of November 22,1963 readjusted the priorities of every American citizen. The assassination of a beloved president left the nation shocked and saddened. The 44 men of the Navy football team, both as athletes and as men dedicated  to serving their country, took the news particularly hard but decided to dedicate the rest of their season to the fallen president.

The remarkable Kennedys

McCarthy Joe
This book was written in 1960, before the election of JFK to President, by Joe McCarthy, a former war correspondent and a top reporter and writer of non-fiction. It is the story of John Kennedy - his early life in a close-knit, ambitious family, his initiation into a political career he never wanted, and his rapid- some say too rapid- rise to national fame.

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