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Books 121 - 130
Strategia di Pace
John F.Kennedy
Italian Version.
Collection of all JFK's speeches, when he was still a US Senator.
The Best Year of Their Lives: Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon in 1948
Morrow Lance
In 1948, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were ambitious young congressmen in postwar Washington, all of them at a crucial turning point in their personal lives and public careers. Their future presidencies would dominate American public life from 1961 to 1974 and define one of the country's most turbulent eras. In this tightly-framed portrait, journalist Lance Morrow explores the passions, ambitions and demons that drove these men, and reflexts on the shadow they cast on American culture and memory.
The Burden and The Glory
Kennedy John Fitzgerald
(edited by Allan Nevins)
The Hopes and Purposes of President Kennedy's second and third years in office as revealed in his public statements and addresses
The Bystander 
[John F.Kennedy and the struggle for Black Equality]
Bryant Nick
In this book, the first comprehensive history of Kennedy's civil rights record over the course of his entire political career, Nick Bryant shows that Kennedy's shrewd handling of the race issue in his early congressional campaigns blinded him as president to the intractability of the simmering racial crisis in America. By focusing on mainly symbolic gestures, Kennedy missed crucial opportunities to confront the obstructionist Southern bloc and to enact genuine reform.
The Dark Side of Camelot
Hersh Seymour
In this groundbreaking book, award-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh shows us a John F.Kennedy we have never seen before, a man insulated from the normal consequences of behaviour long before he entered the White House. His father, Joe, set the pattern with an arrogance and cunning that have never been fully appreciated: Kennedys could do exactly what they wanted, and could evade any charge brought against them. Kennedys wrote their moral code.
The Election of 1960 and the Administration of JFK

Schlesinger Arthur M. Jr.
The event that played the greatest role in the 1960 presidential election was the growth of television during the preceding decade. The developing medium allowed voters to know more about the candidates - the incumbent Republican Vice President Richard Nixon and Democratic senator John F.Kennedy - than in any previous election. This book discusses the famous presidential debates, each party's advertising campaigns and the other elements that made 1960 a key election year in American political history.
The Greatest Speeches of President JF Kennedy
edited by
Dudley Brian R.
Included are these renowned speeches :
- "We stand today on the edge of a New Frontier"
- "Ask not what your country can do for you..."
- "We seek peace-but we shall not surrender"
- "We choose to go to the moon"
- "An already clear and present dander"
- "Let us...step back from the shadow of war"
- "We face a moral crisis as a country and as a people"
The Humor of JFK
compiled by
Booton Herndon
The astonishing thing about the natural humor of John F.Kennedy was that it proved to be, again and again, a thing of delight to friend and adversary alike.
It was impossible to resist the magnetism of his comic spirit, or not to be charmed by his polished cajolery.
The most persuasive of his humorous pleasantries are collected in these pages.
The Kennedy Baby
[The loss that transformed JFK]
Levingston Steven
A sensitive portrait of how a profound tragedy changed one of America’s most prominent families.
Their marriage is the subject of countless books. His presidency has been pored over minute by minute by historians. They lived their lives in the public eye and under a microscope that magnified all of their flaws, all of their scandals, all of their tragedies. Now Steven Levingston, nonfiction editor at the Washington Post, presents a devastating story in unprecedented detail, about a child John and Jackie Kennedy loved and lost.
On August 7, 1963, heavily pregnant Jackie Kennedy collapsed, marking the beginning of a harrowing day and a half. The doctors and family went into full emergency mode, including a helicopter ride to a hospital, a scramble by the President to join her from the White House, and a C-section to deliver a baby boy, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, five and a half weeks early with a severe respiratory ailment. The baby was so frail he was immediately baptized.
Over the next thirty nine hours the nation watched and waited. The vigil was spread across the front pages of the newspapers; the country watched the life of Patrick unfold on the evening news. Within the Kennedy family, the drama was transforming the president and his marriage. Both he and Jackie, long known for their cool exteriors, were brought together by a shared sadness and love as they never had been. Although baby Patrick succumbed after 39 hours, his father was born anew through the tragedy.
THE KENNEDY BABY is a vivid drama of a national tragedy and private trauma for the Kennedy family, taking readers through the lead up to the birth, the ordeal in the hospital, and JFK’s personal growth through his hardship and the progress toward a changed marriage – a breakthrough all the more acute in light of the tragedy that loomed only months away.
The Kennedy Mystique - Creating Camelot
Goodman Jon
This book combines arresting photography and perceptive analysis to tell the whole story of the love affair between the Kennedys and the camera, a far more complex and sophisticated relationship than we might suppose. Camelot insiders and media experts like Jackie's social secretary Letitia Baldrige, White House correspondent Hugh Sidey, historian Robert Dallek and Life magazine photo editor Barbara Baker Burrows provide rare perspective on 150 remarkable images- as historical records, as publicity, and as symbols.
The Kennedy Reader
edited by
David Jay
Here is a collection of some of the best and best known writing in existence by and about John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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